Here’s my fancy headline to inspire you to read this post

There’s so much happening in this post that I couldn’t think of a better headline to inspire you to read this letter than that….so there ya go.

3 important things to share with you in this very personal post (plus a great story at the bottom):

ONE: what I learned from our last Sold-Out Seminar that’s cool and helpful for you (this is six-figure support).

TWO: what you’ll get from me over the next few months (you’re gonna dig it).

THREE: get to your big WHY and you’ll get gold (you’ll see what I mean below).

Sold-Out Seminar Secrets Live Event…The Recap


So we just finished our biggest, most powerful, most profitable (way beyond six figures), and most enjoyable event of our existence…Sold-Out Seminar Secrets.

We had just under 100, awesome, heart-centered, hungry, passionate, and deeply committed Enlightened Entrepreneurs in attendance.

And just a few of the many highlights were:

*** My dad (Dr. David Simon) making a special guest appearance on Thursday night to talk about what he’s experiencing as he embraces his own mortality (yes, tissues were in full circulation).

*** Getting the whole room up and dancing to “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas as my staff ran around in Bee Costumes (this was hilarious)…yes, pictures will be coming soon.

*** The laser hot-seat sessions where one woman, for the first time EVER, shared her very emotional story about bringing down the Berlin Wall and risking her life to take a stand for freedom (thanks Vinca…that was so powerful).

*** And of course, the content was so fun and cutting-edge as we covered things like: the only 4 ways to fill up your events, my exact scientific system for inspiring 30-50% of your room to say YES to your next-step offerings, how to create your own 1-4 hour intro events that are inexpensive to produce and make awesome money, and the 9 hidden ways to make more money from every event you produce.

There were a lot of reasons why this event was our best one yet.

Here are a few:

1) We went super narrow and deep with who this event was for: spiritually centered, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who wanted to put on their own seminars.

… As a result, we attracted those exact people and were able to create an experience that was customized to meet their needs.

This is a fundamental ingredient of a great event. Go narrow and deep.

Make sense?

2) I used my own “Invitation Selling System” to the T, and I didn’t get creative or deviate.

When you are a creative being, the tendency is to keep wanting to try new things. Sometimes that is really great. Yet when a system works, it works…and you just have to stick to it if you want to get results.

3) We didn’t hide anything from the participants.

Meaning, we told everyone that we were going to deliver a massively powerful experience AND that we were going to be selling stuff to them. Lisa Sasevich (who showed up to rock our world with an awesome talk as well) calls this “Partnership From The Start“.

You don’t have to be sneaky and slimy to make great money in business. You simply need to be honest and authentic. Well, you also need to learn how to market and sell with heart and power (but that’s another story).

Look, we were there to serve AND to invite the right people to keep learning and growing with us. And guess what….with that energy and intention, it happened.

… I’ll share more about the event, plus photos and videos, in the near future. We’ll still unwinding from the amazingness (yes, that’s a word) of it all….so more to come soon.

Where We’re Going Now

Now that this event is over, here’s the scoop…

We don’t have ANYTHING else planned for you.

No launches. No events. No nothing.

In fact, we even canceled stuff.

… Because we have two core intentions for the rest of the year:

1) Spend time with the people we love (in my case, it’s my family).

2) Figure out what we want to do next.

I’m sharing this with you for a few reasons.

ONE: because my plan is to really get back into the creative zone and share some cool content and stories with you over the next few months. That will be fun for both of us…yes?

TWO: because I want to know what you want us to talk about / do for you.

We’ve got a clean slate now. How can we serve you in the greatest way?

Geez, at this point. I’ve got some many things I could teach you I don’t even know where to start. haha.

So if something comes to mind, please share it below.

Do You Really Want Things To Take Off?

Let me tell you a little story.

One month before this last event, I was totally stuck and depressed.

… The situation with my dad felt too hard to deal with, I was struggling to run the business, I felt alone, tired, and utterly deflated.

I stayed in this funk for a few weeks…and it was painful.

… Yet I knew that this energy would pass, if I allowed it.

And after a few well-timed experiences, including getting powerful guidance from the amazing Jeffrey Van Dyke and also clearing my mind in the desert for a few days, something profound happened.

My “WHY” became HUGE!

I realized that the reason for me to step up and kick butt at this event was so that I could fully detach and really focus on my family.

Meaning, the very same situation that was caused me to feel depressed became the reason that I had to really step up and make sh*t happen.

And with that new insight, the fire that got lit underneath me was like nothing I had ever experienced.

… And with that energy, I filled almost 50 seats in less than 30 days.

I unlocked a magic box with a golden key

Now I realize something that will become a huge guiding force in my teachings.

That when your “WHY” becomes clear, specific, and important enough, nothing will stop you from getting to where you want to go.

Which means that the reason you’re in business, doing what you do, serving who you do, is SO IMPORTANT!!

… Yet often lost.

Because you get bogged down by tactics, strategies, deadlines, employees, set-backs, etc.

And then the reason WHY you’re doing what you’re doing fades.

So to end this very long (sorry) letter to you, ask yourself the question:

“WHY are you doing what you are doing?”

And don’t just answer. Really get down to it.

What’s really driving you forward?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this, or anything else in this incredibly long rambling letter, right below.

Much love,


P.S. Thanks for being in this tribe. I feel grateful for you right now…

What I learned from the most successful event of my life…

Max John on stage 300x199 What I learned from the most successful event of my life...

Sharing the stage with John Assaraf!

That was, without a question of a doubt, the most powerful, TRANSFORMATIONAL, fun, and successful event of my entire life!

I mean WOW! Double WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!!!

Not only was it our BIGGEST and most PROFITABLE event to date, but it was also filled with the most love, gratitude, and connection from the people in attendance (the tribe). In fact, watch this short video from some of the people who were there to get a feeling of what really took place…

WOW! You see what I mean?

And because you probably weren’t one of the lucky few to be there in person, let me share with you some of the most valuable and juicy lessons I learned from this last Sold-Out Seminar Secrets event that will DEFINITELY support your business growth:

1) The fastest way to become a recognized global leader (and a successful entrepreneur) is to stand for something that you truly believe in, and be 1000% willing shout out your truth to all those who will listen. You see, most people are really passionate about what they do, yet they are so afraid to take a stand for what they believe in because they want to be liked by all (and thus, don’t want to turn anyone off).

Throughout the weekend, I watched as people became more and more confident about what they were doing and who they were here to serve until their presence, energy, and voice was so captivating, so powerful, and so attractive that it was  EASY to see why they would be successful from this point forward….at least to the people who were excited (and ready) to listen.

2) If you have a huge heart but you’ve been holding back because you’re afraid that business and love don’t mix….get over it. That holding back energy is what is preventing you from making the biggest difference. This was a big theme at the event, because so many people were told to hide themselves in business. They were told nonsense lies like: “You can’t have a big heart and make money. You have to be tough.”

I call B*LLSH*T!!

Once again, we saw people that had been trained to use certain tactics and follow certain guidelines to grow their business that weren’t in alignment with their core truth….and in the process, they lost their connection to their heart and soul. Yet when we gave them permission (and the right tools) to bring their loving & passionate energy back into their business, we watched these people LIGHT UP and become magnets to the people they serve.

In fact, one woman just sent me a note this morning that she has already generated $10,000 in new business IN JUST TWO DAYS from what she learned at our event….and to make that even sweeter, she’s never even had a $10,000 month!

3) You can’t build a business by being concerned about what other people will think of you. When you focus your energy and attention on what you’re afraid of, all you see are the opportunities to reinforce those fears.

Instead, become determined and focused on your vision to serve a specific tribe and move forward regardless of what some people might say. You are in business to serve your people, not impress your peers or satisfy your family. Sometimes you will get it right, sometimes you will get it wrong. That’s not the point.

The point is to create and follow your own vision. If you don’t, you will waste way too much time and energy worrying about what others think….and that’s no way to live your life or grow your business.

Lastly, it’s critically important to surround yourself with Enlightened Entrepreneurs, at all times. Most people think you’re crazy for doing what you do, for taking risks, for stepping into your power. We don’t.

When you are around people who inspire you, motivate you, teach you, and support you…you have permission to play a bigger game. You get courage. You get gusto. And that is EXACTLY what you need to make a difference in this world.

In fact, it’s absolutely imperative.

So….if you were at the event, please leave a comment to share your experience with the rest of the tribe. I’m sure everyone would love to hear your take-away.

If you didn’t make this round, please share your thoughts about this post…

Much love,