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Learning an American accent can be a valuable asset for individuals who want to advance their careers or simply enhance their communication skills. While there are various local courses available, online platforms offer the convenience of learning from home. In this article, we will explore the ten best American accent courses and certifications available online. These courses aim to help learners develop an authentic American accent through comprehensive lessons and practice exercises. Whether you are a non-native English speaker, an actor, or a professional looking to improve your accent, these courses can provide the guidance and training you need.

1. Udemy: American English Pronunciation

Udemy offers an extensive course titled “American English Pronunciation” taught by a certified American English teacher. This course covers all aspects of pronunciation, including sounds, stress, intonation, and rhythm. The instructor provides practical exercises and examples to improve your accent. Udemy also offers subtitles for better comprehension, making it accessible for non-native English speakers.

2. Coursera: Speak English Professionally

Coursera hosts a course called “Speak English Professionally” which focuses on improving oral communication skills for various professional contexts. This course includes modules dedicated to accent reduction and provides guidance on mastering American accent patterns. Participants will have the opportunity to practice speaking and receive feedback from instructors and peers.

3. Rosetta Stone: American English

Rosetta Stone, well-known for its language learning programs, offers an American English course suitable for learners of all levels. The program provides interactive exercises, pronunciation practice, and feedback on your speaking skills. Its immersive approach ensures a well-rounded understanding of American English pronunciation and usage.

4. SpeechSchool.tv: American Accent

SpeechSchool.tv provides a comprehensive “American Accent” course specifically designed for non-native English speakers. With a focus on key sounds and intonation patterns, this course aims to help learners achieve a natural American accent. The program uses video lessons to demonstrate the correct pronunciation and includes practical exercises to reinforce learning.

5. EnglishCentral: American English Pronunciation

EnglishCentral specializes in enhancing English language skills through personalized training. Their “American English Pronunciation” course offers interactive videos featuring native speakers to improve listening and speaking skills. Learners can also record their voice and receive instant feedback on pronunciation. EnglishCentral caters to learners of all levels and tailors the course to individual needs.

6. LinkedIn Learning: Mastering the American Accent

LinkedIn Learning provides a course titled “Mastering the American Accent” where learners can develop their understanding and speaking skills in American English. This course delves into sounds, stress patterns, rhythm, and intonation through video lessons and practice exercises. Participants will gain valuable insights into American pronunciation to improve their overall fluency.

7. Pronunciation Workshop: American English Pronunciation Training

Pronunciation Workshop’s “American English Pronunciation Training” course is designed to help non-native English speakers speak with confidence and clarity. The program covers all aspects of spoken English, focusing on reducing foreign accents. It includes interactive exercises and drills to practice pronunciation and intonation, leading to improved American English skills.

8. EnglishLive: American Accent Training

EnglishLive offers an “American Accent Training” course that enables learners to develop a natural sounding American accent. With personalized lessons, learners can focus on specific areas of improvement. The course comprises interactive video lessons, real-time conversations with instructors, and ample practice exercises. EnglishLive caters to all proficiency levels, making it suitable for beginners as well as advanced learners.

9. Speakmore: American Accent Training

Speakmore’s “American Accent Training” is an online course designed to help non-native English speakers improve their pronunciation and accent. The course employs a methodical approach to help learners understand the nuanced American accent. Participants can access training materials, exercises, and audio practice sessions to refine their accent.

10. American Accent Training Online

American Accent Training Online is a platform dedicated to helping individuals develop an authentic American accent. The website offers a comprehensive course with video lessons that cover various speech sounds, intonation patterns, and word stress. Participants can practice their accent through interactive exercises and receive feedback from experienced instructors.


Developing an authentic American accent is a valuable skill that can enhance both personal and professional communication. These ten online courses and certifications are well-curated to meet the diverse needs of learners seeking to improve their American accent. From comprehensive pronunciation training to personalized accent reduction, these platforms offer a range of resources to facilitate accent development. Whether you are a non-native English speaker or an actor seeking to perfect your accent, these courses provide the necessary tools and guidance to help you achieve your goals. So, why wait? Start investing in your accent today and unlock new opportunities for success.