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When it comes to the health and well-being of animals, nutrition plays a crucial role. Proper nutrition ensures that animals receive the necessary nutrients for growth, optimal performance, and disease prevention. If you have a passion for animal nutrition and want to deepen your understanding or pursue a career in this field, online courses and certifications can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need. In this article, we will explore the 10 best animal nutrition courses and certifications available online.

1. Introduction to Animal Nutrition (Coursera)

Developed by the University of Florida, this comprehensive course on Coursera provides an excellent foundational understanding of animal nutrition. Taught by renowned professors, it covers essential concepts such as nutrients, digestion, metabolism, common animal feedstuffs, and diet formulation. This course is suitable for beginners and individuals interested in gaining a solid understanding of the principles of animal nutrition.

2. Animal Nutrition (Alison)

Alison’s Animal Nutrition course offers a comprehensive overview of the dietary needs of various animals. It explores the different types of nutrients required by animals and how these nutrients are obtained from various feed sources. Additionally, this course delves into the process of digestion and explains the repercussions of imbalanced diets. It is self-paced, making it suitable for those with a busy schedule.

3. Equine Nutrition & Feeding (Udemy)

Designed specifically for horse enthusiasts, this course focuses on equine nutrition and feeding practices. Whether you are a horse owner, trainer, or veterinary professional, you will gain valuable insights into the dietary requirements of horses and how to meet them. The course covers topics such as forage analysis, ration balancing, and the importance of vitamins and minerals in horse nutrition.

4. Canine and Feline Nutrition (Udemy)

If you have a particular interest in the nutrition of dogs and cats, the Canine and Feline Nutrition course on Udemy is an excellent choice. This course provides in-depth knowledge of the unique dietary needs of canines and felines. It covers topics such as nutrient requirements, commercial pet food evaluation, homemade diets, and nutrition-related diseases in dogs and cats.

5. Animal Nutrition and Digestion (FutureLearn)

FutureLearn’s Animal Nutrition and Digestion course, developed by the University of Nottingham, offers a comprehensive understanding of how animals digest food and utilize nutrients. This course explores the structure and function of the digestive system, the role of microorganisms in digestion, and the energy and protein requirements of animals. It is an intermediate-level course suitable for individuals with some prior knowledge of animal biology.

6. Certificate in Animal Nutrition (University of Guelph)

The University of Guelph’s Certificate in Animal Nutrition provides a deeper understanding of animal nutrition across various species. This online program covers topics such as feed composition, nutritional requirements, diet formulation, and feeding management. The certificate is recognized worldwide and is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their credentials in the field of animal nutrition.

7. Animal Feed and Nutrition (Harper Adams University)

Harper Adams University offers an online course on Animal Feed and Nutrition that is aimed at professionals in the animal feed sector, including farmers, feed formulators, and feed company representatives. The course covers key aspects of animal feed production, quality control, and nutritional value. It also addresses emerging trends and challenges in animal feed and nutrition.

8. Advanced Animal Nutrition (University of Illinois)

For those looking for more advanced studies, the University of Illinois offers an Advanced Animal Nutrition course. This course is specifically designed for individuals who already possess a foundational understanding of animal nutrition and want to delve further into this subject. It covers advanced topics such as nutrient requirements of different species, feedstuff evaluation, and nutritional modeling.

9. Diploma in Animal Nutrition (Harper Adams University)

Harper Adams University also offers a Diploma in Animal Nutrition, which provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field. This one-year online program covers diverse topics such as animal digestion, feed evaluation, diet formulation, and the impact of nutrition on animal performance and productivity. Upon completion of the diploma, learners will be well-equipped to pursue careers in animal nutrition and related fields.

10. Veterinary Nutrition (Cornell University)

Cornell University’s Veterinary Nutrition course is designed for veterinary professionals and individuals interested in pursuing a career in animal health. It covers the principles of normal and clinical nutrition in animals, focusing on disease prevention and management through proper nutrition. This course provides a solid foundation in veterinary nutrition and equips learners with essential skills to improve animal health outcomes.


Online animal nutrition courses and certifications offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your understanding and expertise in this vital field. Whether you are a pet owner, animal enthusiast, or a professional looking to advance your career, these courses provide a flexible and accessible way to expand your knowledge. By investing in your education through these top 10 animal nutrition courses and certifications, you can make a significant impact on the health and well-being of animals.