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If you are a student or a professional looking to enhance your mathematical skills, gaining proficiency in AP Calculus can provide immense benefits. With the rise of online learning platforms, it’s easier than ever to find high-quality AP Calculus courses and certifications that can be completed at your own pace. In this article, we will explore the 10 best online AP Calculus courses and certifications available, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision and take your calculus knowledge to the next level.

1. Coursera: Mathematics for Machine Learning

Coursera offers a comprehensive and highly regarded course titled “Mathematics for Machine Learning.” Although not specifically focused on AP Calculus, this course covers the fundamental concepts of calculus, such as derivatives and integrals, in the context of machine learning. By taking this course, you will not only develop a strong foundation in calculus but also understand its applications in data science and artificial intelligence.

2. Khan Academy: AP Calculus AB and BC

Although not a traditional certification program, Khan Academy’s AP Calculus AB and BC courses are widely known for their effectiveness in preparing students for AP exams. The courses are divided into various modules that cover topics such as limits, derivatives, integrals, and differential equations. Khan Academy provides a personalized learning experience with video tutorials and practice exercises, ensuring a solid grasp of the subject matter.

3. edX: Introduction to Calculus

edX offers an introductory course in calculus that caters to individuals who may not have prior experience in the subject. This course covers both differential and integral calculus through interactive lessons and assignments. With a focus on real-world applications, edX’s Introduction to Calculus provides a broader context for understanding the concepts and their significance.

4. MIT OpenCourseWare: Single Variable Calculus

MIT OpenCourseWare offers a single-variable calculus course that follows the curriculum used at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lectures, problem sets, and exams are available as free online resources, allowing self-paced learning. This course is particularly beneficial for those seeking a rigorous and in-depth understanding of calculus.

5. Udemy: AP Calculus AB and BC Exam Prep

Udemy’s AP Calculus AB and BC Exam Prep course is an excellent choice for individuals looking to specifically prepare for AP exams. This course covers all the essential topics included in the exams and provides detailed explanations of solutions to past exam questions. With quizzes and practice exams, you can evaluate your progress and feel confident going into the official AP Calculus exam.

6. Stanford Online: Calculus: Integration

Stanford Online’s Calculus: Integration course focuses on the concept of integration, including techniques such as substitution, integration by parts, and partial fractions. Taught by renowned professors, this course provides a deep understanding of integration while emphasizing its practical applications. By mastering integration, you will be equipped to solve a wide range of calculus problems.

7. Udacity: Introduction to Calculus

Udacity’s Introduction to Calculus course is suitable for beginners and covers topics such as limits, derivatives, and integrals. This course utilizes interactive quizzes, video lectures, and hands-on programming exercises to reinforce the concepts. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios, making the learning experience engaging and relevant.

8. Study.com: AP Calculus AB & BC: Exam Prep & Study Guide

Study.com offers an extensive AP Calculus AB & BC Exam Prep & Study Guide that focuses on exam-specific content. This course includes video lessons, flashcards, and practice tests to ensure comprehensive exam preparation. The flexibility of Study.com’s platform enables you to study at your own pace, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals.

9. Udemy: Calculus 1 – Fundamental Principles of Mathematics

Udemy’s Calculus 1 – Fundamental Principles of Mathematics is a well-rounded course that covers the foundational principles of calculus. Emphasizing conceptual understanding, this course takes a step-by-step approach to explain calculus concepts with clarity. By the end of the course, you will have a firm grasp of calculus and its applications in various fields.

10. Coursera: Calculus: Single Variable Part 1 – Functions

Finally, Coursera’s Calculus: Single Variable Part 1 – Functions course provides a comprehensive introduction to calculus through the lens of functions. The course covers topics such as limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration. With interactive quizzes and graded assignments, you’ll have the opportunity to practice and solidify your understanding of the material.


Investing in online AP Calculus courses and certifications can significantly enhance your mathematical skills and open doors to various career opportunities. Whether you prefer a comprehensive program like Coursera’s Mathematics for Machine Learning or a focused exam preparation course like Khan Academy’s AP Calculus AB and BC, there are numerous high-quality options available. By dedicating time and effort to mastering the concepts of AP Calculus, you can deepen your knowledge and gain a valuable credential that demonstrates your expertise in calculus. Take the leap today and embark on your journey to becoming a calculus pro.