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In today’s fast-paced world, automation has become an integral part of industries across various sectors. From manufacturing and healthcare to finance and marketing, automation plays a crucial role in streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. As a result, the demand for professionals with automation skills has skyrocketed. If you’re looking to enhance your automation knowledge or kickstart a career in this rapidly growing field, online courses and certifications can provide you with the necessary skills and expertise. In this article, we will explore the ten best automation courses and certifications available online, helping you make an informed decision about the right path for your professional growth.

1. Automation Anywhere University

Automation Anywhere University offers a comprehensive range of automation courses suitable for beginners and advanced learners alike. With courses like “Robotic Process Automation (RPA)” and “Mastering the Essentials of RPA,” learners can gain a deep understanding of automation concepts and learn the tools and techniques required for successful implementation. The courses are designed by industry experts and offer hands-on practice to ensure practical skill development.

2. UiPath Academy

UiPath Academy is another renowned platform for learning automation. With a wide array of courses and certifications, UiPath Academy caters to individuals with diverse levels of expertise. The courses cover topics such as “RPA Developer Foundation” and “UiPath Orchestrator,” providing learners with in-depth knowledge of UiPath’s automation software. The platform also offers a certification program that can validate your skills and enhance your credibility in the job market.

3. edX

edX is a popular e-learning platform that collaborates with leading universities and institutions worldwide to offer high-quality courses. When it comes to automation, edX provides numerous options, including courses from prestigious institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Columbia University. The offerings cover a wide range of automation-related subjects, such as “Introduction to Robotics and Automation” and “Automation and Instrumentation,” ensuring you find a course suitable for your needs and interests.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a widely recognized platform that hosts an extensive library of online courses. When it comes to automation, Udemy offers an impressive selection, catering to different levels of expertise and industry-specific requirements. From courses on specific automation tools like “Selenium WebDriver” to comprehensive courses on “Python for Automation,” Udemy provides flexibility in choosing the most relevant courses to meet your learning goals.

5. Coursera

Coursera is a platform renowned for providing courses from top institutions globally. With its automation course offerings, Coursera ensures learners have access to high-quality content and expert instruction. From courses like “Introduction to Robotic Process Automation” to “Industrial Automation and Control,” Coursera covers various aspects of automation. Additionally, they offer specialization programs that allow learners to deepen their knowledge in specific areas of automation.

6. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides a vast array of courses, including automation, to help professionals upskill and stay relevant in their fields. With courses on popular automation tools like “Blue Prism” and “Automation Testing,” LinkedIn Learning equips learners with practical skills that can be immediately applied in real-world scenarios. The platform offers flexible learning options, allowing you to learn at your own pace and access the content from anywhere.

7. IBM Automation Academy

As a leader in automation technology, IBM offers a dedicated platform, the IBM Automation Academy, to educate individuals on automation capabilities. With courses like “Introduction to Robotic Process Automation” and “Automation Skills Foundation,” learners can gain insights into IBM’s automation technologies and best practices for implementation. The platform also provides valuable resources and case studies to help learners understand automation in various industries.

8. Pluralsight

Pluralsight offers a wide range of automation courses and paths designed to meet the needs of different skill levels. With courses like “Getting Started with Test Automation,” “Implementing Automated Business Processes,” and “Automating AWS with Python,” Pluralsight covers diverse automation topics. The platform also provides valuable assessments and skill measurement tools to track your progress and ensure effective learning.

9. Udacity

Udacity specializes in providing nanodegree programs, and their automation courses are no exception. With nanodegree programs like “Intro to Self-Driving Cars” and “AI for Business Leaders,” Udacity offers comprehensive automation training for individuals who want to dive deep into automation and related fields. The platform’s partnership with industry leaders ensures that learners receive up-to-date and industry-relevant automation education.

10. Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is an excellent platform for individuals interested in automation using Microsoft technologies. With learning paths like “Azure Automation Engineer,” “Power Automate,” and “Power Platform Functional Consultant,” Microsoft Learn equips learners with the skills needed to automate business processes using Microsoft tools and platforms. The platform offers a structured learning experience through modules and hands-on labs.


Automation plays a vital role in today’s technologically advanced world. By acquiring automation skills through online courses and certifications, you can open up numerous career opportunities and stay ahead of the curve. The ten platforms discussed in this article offer a wide range of automation courses suitable for beginners and advanced learners alike. Whether you prefer to learn specific automation tools or delve into broader automation concepts, these courses can provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to excel in the field of automation. Remember to choose the courses that align with your interests and career goals, and embark on your automation journey with confidence.