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Ballet is a beautiful art form that requires precision, technique, and grace. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to enhance your skills, taking a ballet course or getting certified can be a great way to deepen your understanding of this exquisite dance form. The good news is that you don’t have to travel to a prestigious dance academy to receive top-notch training. With the increasing popularity of online learning platforms, you can now access high-quality ballet courses and certifications without leaving the comfort of your home. In this article, we will explore the 10 best ballet courses and certifications available online, providing you with the opportunity to nurture your passion for ballet and improve your abilities.

1. The Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is a renowned institution that offers a variety of online ballet courses and certifications. With over 100 years of experience in classical ballet education, the RAD provides comprehensive training materials for dancers of all levels. Their courses cover various aspects of ballet technique, including barre exercises, center work, and leaps and turns. By joining their online programs, you will have access to expert guidance and be able to progress through the syllabus at your own pace.

2. American Ballet Theatre

If you aspire to learn from the best, the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) offers fantastic online ballet courses and certifications. ABT has a rich history and is known for its world-class dancers and instructors. Their online programs cater to both beginners and advanced dancers, providing a structured curriculum to help you improve your ballet skills. From mastering the basics to refining your technique, ABT’s courses are designed to elevate your dance abilities and build a strong foundation in ballet.

3. Houston Ballet Academy

The Houston Ballet Academy is another prestigious institution that offers online ballet courses and certifications. With a focus on classical ballet technique, their programs offer detailed instruction and valuable insights into the art form. From ballet fundamentals to pointe work, the Houston Ballet Academy’s curriculum emphasizes proper alignment, flexibility, and fluidity of movement. Their online courses are taught by experienced and highly qualified instructors, guaranteeing a top-notch learning experience for aspiring ballet dancers.

4. Bolshoi Ballet Academy

For those seeking a more traditional approach to ballet training, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy offers online ballet courses and certifications that are based on the esteemed Vaganova method. The Vaganova method is known for its emphasis on precision, strength, and artistry. By enrolling in the Bolshoi Ballet Academy’s online programs, you will have the opportunity to learn from internationally acclaimed instructors and gain a deep understanding of the Russian ballet tradition.

5. Tiler Peck’s BalletNOW

Presented by the renowned New York City Ballet principal dancer, Tiler Peck’s BalletNOW offers online ballet courses and certifications that cater to dancers of all levels. With her exceptional talent and expertise, Tiler Peck provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to inspire and challenge dancers. From technique workshops to master classes, BalletNOW’s online programs offer a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most celebrated ballerinas.

6. Dance with Julian

Dance with Julian is an online platform that offers a wide range of ballet courses and certifications for dancers of all ages and skill levels. Their classes cover various dance styles in addition to ballet, such as contemporary and jazz. With experienced instructors and a user-friendly interface, Dance with Julian provides an engaging and interactive learning environment. Their comprehensive ballet courses ensure that you receive a well-rounded education in ballet technique and artistry.

7. Udemy

Udemy, a leading e-learning platform, offers a selection of ballet courses and certifications created by industry professionals. From ballet basics to advanced techniques, Udemy provides a wide range of options to suit beginners and experienced dancers alike. The platform allows you to learn at your own pace and offers lifetime access to course materials so you can revisit them whenever you need a refresher.

8. Coursera

Coursera is another trusted online learning platform that offers ballet courses and certifications. With partnerships with top-tier universities and institutions, Coursera provides high-quality ballet training options. Their courses delve into topics such as ballet history, choreography, and performance. By enrolling in Coursera’s ballet programs, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of ballet as an art form while refining your technical skills.

9. MasterClass

MasterClass is a unique online platform that offers courses taught by world-renowned experts in their respective fields. While they don’t have specific ballet courses, they do offer a ballet-inspired class taught by legendary ballerina Misty Copeland. In her class, Misty shares her insights, techniques, and personal journey, offering valuable lessons for aspiring ballet dancers. MasterClass provides the opportunity to learn from the best, offering an unparalleled learning experience.

10. YouTube

Last but not least, YouTube is a vast resource for ballet enthusiasts looking to learn and improve their dancing skills. Many ballet professionals and instructors create their own channels on YouTube, offering free tutorials, technique demonstrations, and practice routines. While not as structured as the previous options, YouTube provides a wealth of valuable information and guidance that can supplement your ballet education.


Embarking on a ballet journey or seeking to improve your existing skills is made accessible and convenient through the variety of ballet courses and certifications available online. From renowned institutions like the Royal Academy of Dance and the American Ballet Theatre to versatile platforms like Dance with Julian and Udemy, the options are abundant. Whether you choose a structured curriculum or prefer to learn from world-class ballerinas through platforms like MasterClass, there is something for everyone. So, embrace the opportunity to pursue your passion for ballet online, and let these exceptional resources guide you towards becoming the best ballet dancer you can be.