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Blue Prism Certified Professional Developer Courses and Certifications Online


Blue Prism is a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software that enables organizations to automate repetitive tasks and streamline their business processes. As the demand for skilled RPA developers increases, obtaining a Blue Prism Certified Professional Developer Certification has become a valuable asset for professionals in this field. In this article, we will explore the 10 best Blue Prism Certified Professional Developer Courses and Certifications available online, providing you with a comprehensive guide to further enhance your skills and career prospects.

1. Blue Prism Developer Certification

Blue Prism’s official Developer Certification program offers an extensive curriculum designed to equip candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop, deploy, and maintain Blue Prism solutions. The certification covers various aspects of RPA development, including process automation, best practices, exception handling, and security considerations. It provides a solid foundation to kickstart your career as a Blue Prism developer.

2. Udemy – Blue Prism Master Developer Certification Course

Udemy, a popular online learning platform, offers a comprehensive course to prepare you for the Blue Prism Master Developer Certification. This course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the Blue Prism platform, guiding you through the entire development life cycle. With hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you will gain proficiency in building complex automations using Blue Prism.

3. LinkedIn Learning – Blue Prism Essential Training

LinkedIn Learning offers a comprehensive training course that covers the fundamental concepts and features of Blue Prism. This course is ideal for beginners who want to get started with RPA and Blue Prism. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of Blue Prism’s capabilities and be ready to tackle more advanced topics.

4. Coursera – Blue Prism RPA Developer Specialization

Coursera offers a specialization program in Blue Prism RPA Development, consisting of a series of courses that cover key concepts and practical applications of Blue Prism. This specialization provides in-depth knowledge of Blue Prism’s features, such as process development, debugging, and exception handling. By completing this specialization, you will be well-prepared to take on complex automation projects.

5. Robotic Process Automation with Blue Prism

This online course, available on edX, focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of Blue Prism’s features and capabilities. It covers topics such as process creation, data manipulation, exception handling, and advanced Blue Prism concepts. The course offers hands-on exercises and real-world examples to reinforce your learning and practical skills.

6. Simplilearn – Blue Prism Certification Training Course

Simplilearn offers a comprehensive Blue Prism Certification Training Course that covers the entire range of Blue Prism’s features. This course includes hands-on practical sessions, case studies, and real-life projects to help you gain practical experience. With dedicated support from industry experts, you will be guided throughout your learning journey.

7. Blue Prism Developer Learning Trail

Blue Prism provides a Developer Learning Trail on their official website, which consists of a series of modules and resources designed to guide you through various aspects of Blue Prism development. This self-paced learning trail covers topics such as application modeling, process documentation, and integration. It is an excellent resource for self-learners who prefer a structured and guided learning approach.

8. Automation Anywhere University – Blue Prism Certified Developer Exam Preparation

Automation Anywhere University offers an online training program specifically designed to prepare you for the Blue Prism Developer Certification exam. This program covers all the essential topics, including process development, debugging, and exception handling. With practice quizzes and mock exams, you can assess your readiness for the certification exam and identify areas for improvement.

9. Blue Prism Developer Training by RPA Academy

RPA Academy provides a comprehensive Blue Prism Developer Training program that caters to both beginners and experienced professionals. This program covers all aspects of Blue Prism development and includes hands-on exercises, real-life case studies, and interactive sessions. With experienced instructors, you can receive personalized guidance and support throughout your training.

10. Blue Prism Developer Bootcamp by TechSherpas

TechSherpas offers a Blue Prism Developer Bootcamp program designed to provide intensive training on Blue Prism’s development capabilities. This program covers process creation, data manipulation, exception handling, and advanced topics in Blue Prism development. With a focus on practical skills, you will be well-prepared to handle real-world automation scenarios.


Obtaining a Blue Prism Certified Professional Developer Certification is crucial for professionals seeking to excel in the field of RPA development. The above-mentioned courses and certifications provide a wide range of options to enhance your skills and knowledge in Blue Prism. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, there is a course or certification program to cater to your learning needs. By investing your time and effort in acquiring these certifications, you will position yourself as a highly competent and sought-after Blue Prism developer in today’s competitive job market.