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When it comes to design and engineering, Solidworks is a highly popular software that is used by professionals to create 3D models and simulations. As such, becoming certified in Solidworks can greatly enhance your career prospects in the field. The Certified Solidworks Associate (CSWA) certification is a valuable credential that validates your proficiency in using the software. If you want to pursue a CSWA certification, taking an online course can be a convenient and effective way to prepare. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best online courses and certifications for CSWA.

1. Udemy- Solidworks 2019 Training

Udemy offers a comprehensive course for Solidworks 2019 Training. This course covers all the essential topics required to pass the CSWA exam. With over 125 lectures and 15 hours of video content, this course provides a detailed explanation of Solidworks features and functions. The course also includes practice exercises and quizzes to help you sharpen your skills. The instructor is highly experienced in Solidworks and provides clear instruction throughout the course.

2. Coursera – Introduction to Solidworks

If you are new to Solidworks, then Coursera’s “Introduction to Solidworks” course is a perfect choice. This course is offered by the University of Colorado Boulder and is aimed at beginners. It covers the basics of Solidworks, including sketching, part modeling, assemblies, and drawings. The course also includes hands-on projects to reinforce your learning. Upon completion, you will have a strong foundation to pursue the CSWA certification.

3. LinkedIn Learning – Learning Solidworks

LinkedIn Learning offers a comprehensive course on Learning Solidworks, designed to help you master the software and prepare for the CSWA exam. The course covers a wide range of topics, including sketching, modeling, assemblies, drawings, and simulations. The instructor provides step-by-step instructions and practical tips to enhance your learning experience. With a flexible learning format, LinkedIn Learning allows you to complete the course at your own pace.

4. SolidProfessor – CSWA Certification Prep Course

SolidProfessor is a renowned online learning platform that specializes in Solidworks training. Their CSWA Certification Prep Course is specifically designed to help you succeed in the CSWA exam. The course includes in-depth lessons on sketching, part modeling, assemblies, and drawings. It also offers practice exams that closely resemble the CSWA exam, allowing you to assess your readiness. With high-quality video tutorials and a user-friendly interface, SolidProfessor is a great choice for CSWA preparation.

5. edX – Engineering Design and CAD with Solidworks

edX is a popular online learning platform that offers a comprehensive course on Engineering Design and CAD with Solidworks. This course is provided by the University of Texas at Arlington and covers the fundamentals of Solidworks, as well as advanced topics such as surface modeling and animations. The course includes hands-on projects and quizzes to reinforce your learning. Upon completion, you will have a deep understanding of Solidworks and be ready to tackle the CSWA exam.

6. Pluralsight – Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) Bootcamp

Pluralsight offers a bootcamp-style course for the CSWA exam. The Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) Bootcamp covers all the essential topics required for the exam, including sketching, part modeling, assemblies, and drawings. The course includes practice exercises and quizzes to help you assess your progress. Additionally, Pluralsight offers a certification practice exam to test your readiness for the CSWA certification. With experienced instructors and engaging content, this course is a valuable resource for aspiring CSWA professionals.

7. YouTube – CSWA Exam Prep

For those looking for a free and accessible resource, YouTube offers a wide range of CSWA exam preparation videos. Many content creators have shared their expertise on the exam format, tips, and tricks to help you pass with flying colors. While YouTube videos may not provide a structured course, they are a convenient way to supplement your learning journey. It is important to carefully select videos from reputable channels for accurate and reliable information.

8. Online Solidworks Tutorials

Apart from dedicated courses, there are numerous online Solidworks tutorials available that cover specific topics required for the CSWA exam. Websites like GrabCAD, SolidWorks Corp, and MySolidWorks offer extensive libraries of tutorials. These tutorials are typically in video format and provide step-by-step instructions for various tools and features within Solidworks. While they may not offer a comprehensive course, they can be a valuable resource to reinforce your understanding of specific topics.

9. CSWA Sample Exams

To gauge your readiness for the CSWA exam, it is important to practice with sample exams. Solidworks provides official CSWA sample exams that closely resemble the actual exam. These sample exams allow you to assess your knowledge and identify areas that require further study. By familiarizing yourself with the exam format and practicing under timed conditions, you can increase your chances of success.

10. CSWA Exam Prep Resources

In addition to courses and tutorials, there are various other resources available to aid your CSWA exam preparation. Solidworks’ official website offers study guides, sample questions, and recommended reading materials. These resources provide valuable insights into the exam content and can help you focus your preparation efforts. It is highly recommended to take advantage of these resources to ensure a well-rounded preparation.


Becoming a Certified Solidworks Associate (CSWA) can open up a world of opportunities in design and engineering. By enrolling in online courses and certifications, you can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the CSWA exam. Whether you prefer structured courses from platforms like Udemy and Coursera, or free resources like YouTube and Solidworks tutorials, there are ample options available. Remember to practice with sample exams and utilize other preparation resources to maximize your chances of success. So go ahead, choose the best course for you, and embark on your journey towards becoming a certified Solidworks professional.