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If you have ever found yourself captivated by the artistry and entertainment of clowns, you may have wondered how they perfect their craft. From comedy to juggling to acrobatics, the world of clowning offers a wide range of skills and techniques to master. Whether you are an aspiring clown or simply want to explore the captivating world of clowning, taking online courses and certifications can be a great way to learn and hone your skills. In this article, we will share the 10 best clowning courses and certifications available online, helping you find the perfect avenue to dive into this delightful craft.

1. Clown Conservatory Certificate Program – Circus Center

Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory Certificate Program offers a comprehensive and immersive training experience for those interested in becoming professional clowns. Combining physical comedy, clowning techniques, and ensemble building, this program equips students with the skills needed to create captivating performances. With renowned instructors and a strong focus on character development, graduates of this program emerge with a solid foundation in clowning.

2. The Joy of Comedy – Coursera

Available on Coursera, The Joy of Comedy course delves into the essence of comedic timing, improvisation, and understanding the psychology behind laughter. Led by Professor Steve Kaplan, a renowned comedy coach, this online course provides valuable insights into how comedians and clowns create humor and engage their audiences. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer, this course offers practical techniques to strengthen your comedic abilities.

3. Clowning 101 – Udemy

For aspiring clowns looking for a beginner-friendly course, Clowning 101 on Udemy provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of clowning. Taught by professional clown and instructor Leif E. Smith, this course covers the basics of clown makeup, physical comedy, character development, and performance techniques. With step-by-step instruction and demonstrations, students gain a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of clowning.

4. The Clown’s Way – CreativeLive

The Clown’s Way, offered on CreativeLive, invites students to explore their inner clown and embrace their unique comedic voice. Led by renowned clown and performer Christopher Bayes, this course focuses on the art of physical comedy, improvisation, and connecting with an audience. With practical exercises and insightful discussions, students learn how to channel their creativity into memorable and engaging performances.

5. Clown Masterclass – Udemy

For those seeking a more advanced clowning course, Clown Masterclass on Udemy offers an in-depth exploration of the craft. Taught by internationally acclaimed clowndelier Adam Gertsacov, this course covers advanced clowning techniques such as slapstick, prop manipulation, and character development. With practical assignments and personalized feedback, students gain the expertise required to elevate their clown performances to a professional level.

6. Introduction to Circus Skills – OpenLearn

Circus skills play a crucial role in clown performances, and OpenLearn’s Introduction to Circus Skills course provides a solid foundation in these essential techniques. From juggling to stilt-walking to trapeze, this course covers a wide range of circus skills that can enhance a clown’s repertoire. By mastering these skills, clowns can add a touch of spectacle and awe to their performances, captivating their audiences in new and exciting ways.

7. The Physical Comedy Course – Udemy

Physical comedy is at the heart of clowning, and The Physical Comedy Course on Udemy offers a comprehensive guide to mastering this art form. Led by professional clown Kevin Brooking, this course focuses on developing physicality, comedic timing, and using the body as a tool for storytelling. Through a series of exercises and demonstrations, students discover the secrets behind creating laughter through physical performance.

8. Introduction to Juggling – Skillshare

Juggling is a classic component of clown performances, and Skillshare’s Introduction to Juggling course allows aspiring clowns to acquire this captivating skill. Taught by professional juggler Thom Wall, this course covers juggling techniques, prop manipulation, and how to create visually stunning routines. By mastering the art of juggling, clowns can add an extra dimension of entertainment to their acts, leaving their audiences spellbound.

9. Comedy Writing Masterclass – Udemy

Behind every great clown act lies the foundation of well-crafted comedy writing. The Comedy Writing Masterclass on Udemy, led by renowned comedian and writer Greg Dean, provides the necessary tools and techniques to develop hilarious and memorable comedic material. Through practical exercises and insightful lectures, students learn how to harness their creativity and create punchlines that leave audiences in stitches.

10. Introduction to Character Creation – Creators Academy

Creating captivating and memorable clown characters is crucial to successful clowning performances. The Introduction to Character Creation course offered by Creators Academy explores the art of bringing characters to life. From choosing costumes to developing mannerisms and quirks, this course guides students through the process of crafting unique and engaging clown personas that resonate with audiences.


Embarking on a journey in the world of clowning can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With the convenience and accessibility of online courses and certifications, aspiring clowns can now learn and develop their skills from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer, the ten courses and certifications mentioned above provide exceptional opportunities to dive into the art of clowning, master essential skills, and unleash your creativity. So, put on your red nose, grab your juggling balls, and enroll in one of these courses to embark on a whimsical adventure into the wondrous world of clowning.