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Command line skills are essential for any IT professional or aspiring developer. By mastering the command line, you can efficiently navigate your operating system and execute powerful commands that streamline your workflow. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced user seeking to enhance your skills, enrolling in an online command line course or earning a certification can be a great way to level up your expertise. In this article, we will explore the 10 best command line courses and certifications available online that can help you master this valuable skill.

1. Linux Command Line Basics

If you are new to the world of command line interfaces, the Linux Command Line Basics course offered by edX can be an excellent starting point. This free online course covers essential Linux commands, file manipulation, and navigating the file system, enabling you to become proficient in using the command line efficiently.

2. PowerShell for Beginners

For Windows users, Microsoft’s PowerShell for Beginners course on Microsoft Learn is a fantastic resource. This beginner-level course guides you through PowerShell basics, including cmdlets, scripting, and automation. Grasping PowerShell not only enhances your command line skills but also equips you with valuable automation abilities.

3. Unix/Linux Shell Scripting

If you are already comfortable using the command line and wish to learn shell scripting, the Unix/Linux Shell Scripting course on Udemy can be an excellent choice. Covering in-depth concepts like loops, conditionals, and variables, this course helps you automate complex tasks on Unix or Linux systems.

4. Windows Command Line Administrator

For those seeking to become proficient in Windows command line administration, the Windows Command Line Administrator course on Pluralsight is a comprehensive option. This course guides you through various Windows command line tools and techniques, empowering you to handle system administration tasks effectively.

5. Linux Academy’s AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification

Command line skills are crucial when working with cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Linux Academy offers an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification course that covers advanced command line usage within AWS environments. By obtaining this certification, you can demonstrate your expertise in managing cloud infrastructure using the command line.

6. CompTIA Linux+ Certification

Those aspiring to prove their command line skills and expertise in Linux systems can pursue the CompTIA Linux+ certification. This globally recognized certification covers essential Linux command line, system administration, and security concepts. Earning this certification can enhance your career prospects in the IT industry.

7. Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

For Linux professionals, the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification is highly regarded. This certification validates your command line skills and expertise in managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. With its hands-on approach, the RHCE certification equips you with real-world command line experience.

8. Git and GitHub – The Complete Git and GitHub Course

Command line skills are indispensable when working with version control systems like Git. Udemy offers a comprehensive course, “Git and GitHub – The Complete Git and GitHub Course,” which covers not only Git commands but also collaboration using GitHub. Mastering Git through the command line ensures that you have full control over your versioning workflow.

9. Learn The Command Line

For beginners looking for a concise and hands-on introduction to the command line, Codecademy’s “Learn The Command Line” course is highly recommended. This interactive course covers essential commands, file navigation, and script execution. The hands-on exercises make it easy to grasp the concepts while giving you practical experience.

10. Bash Scripting and Shell Programming

If you are specifically interested in shell scripting and automation using bash, the “Bash Scripting and Shell Programming” course on Udemy is an excellent choice. This comprehensive course covers everything from basics to advanced concepts like regular expressions, command substitution, and text processing, enabling you to become a proficient shell programmer.


Command line skills are indispensable for any IT professional or developer aspiring to excel in their careers. The 10 courses and certifications discussed in this article offer a variety of options to suit beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Whether you choose to start with Linux command line basics or delve into shell scripting or specialize in specific platforms like AWS, these courses and certifications will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently navigate the command line and accomplish tasks effectively. Invest in your professional growth today by enrolling in one of these excellent online command line courses or earning a certification that aligns with your goals.