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Commvault is a leading provider of data management and protection solutions that help organizations efficiently store, protect, and use their valuable data. As businesses increasingly rely on data for decision-making and operations, there is a growing demand for professionals who possess the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and safeguard this critical asset. To meet this demand, Commvault offers a range of online courses and certifications that equip individuals with the expertise needed to optimize data management processes. In this article, we will explore the 10 best Commvault courses and certifications available online, providing you with insights into each program’s content, benefits, and career prospects.

1. Commvault Certified Professional

The Commvault Certified Professional (CCP) certification is designed for individuals who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of Commvault software. This certification validates the skills required to administer, protect, and manage data using Commvault’s solutions. The CCP program covers various topics, including installation and configuration, backup and recovery, virtualization, and disaster recovery. With this certification, professionals can demonstrate their proficiency in Commvault software, increasing their employability and career advancement opportunities in the data management field.

2. Commvault Certified Engineer

The Commvault Certified Engineer (CCE) certification is ideal for IT professionals who want to specialize in the technical aspects of deploying and supporting Commvault software. This certification goes beyond the basics covered in the CCP program, focusing on advanced topics such as troubleshooting, reporting, deployment planning, and performance optimization. By becoming a CCE, individuals gain the expertise to handle complex data management challenges, making them invaluable assets to organizations that utilize Commvault solutions.

3. Commvault Certified Master

The Commvault Certified Master (CCM) certification is the highest level of certification offered by Commvault. It is aimed at senior IT professionals who have extensive experience with Commvault software and want to demonstrate their mastery of the platform. The CCM program covers advanced topics like multi-tenancy, virtual infrastructure management, scalability, and integration with cloud platforms. Achieving CCM certification showcases an individual’s deep understanding of Commvault software and positions them as trusted advisors for organizations seeking to optimize their data management processes.

4. Virtual Classroom Training

Commvault’s virtual classroom training offers an interactive and immersive learning experience for individuals who prefer a more structured approach. These instructor-led sessions provide participants with the opportunity to interact with Commvault experts, ask questions, and collaborate with peers. The virtual classroom training covers core concepts and best practices related to Commvault software, and participants can choose from a range of courses tailored to their specific needs. This training method is particularly beneficial for those who thrive in a collaborative learning environment.

5. Self-Paced Online Courses

For individuals who prefer a flexible learning experience, Commvault offers self-paced online courses that allow learners to study at their own pace, whenever and wherever they choose. These courses are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of Commvault software, with modules that can be completed sequentially or selectively, based on individual requirements. Self-paced courses often include interactive simulations, quizzes, and hands-on exercises to enhance learning and reinforce key concepts.

6. Commvault Training Partners

Commvault has established partnerships with training providers to deliver high-quality courses and certifications globally. These training partners are authorized by Commvault to offer standardized training programs that align with the company’s curriculum and certification requirements. Training partners often provide additional resources, such as lab access and exam preparation materials, to enhance the learning experience. Enrolling in a Commvault training course through an authorized training partner can provide learners with access to expert instructors and a wealth of supplementary materials.

7. Commvault Maintenance Advantage Training

Commvault Maintenance Advantage Training is a program exclusively available to Commvault customers with an active maintenance agreement. This program helps customers maximize their investment in Commvault software by providing training resources that enable them to fully leverage the platform’s capabilities. Maintenance Advantage Training includes online courses and virtual classroom sessions that cover various aspects of Commvault software, allowing customers to enhance their expertise and improve their data management practices.

8. Commvault Technical Support Training

Commvault’s Technical Support Training program is designed to equip support professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively troubleshoot and resolve customers’ issues. This program covers topics such as log analysis, debugging, performance tuning, and problem-solving techniques specific to Commvault software. By completing the Technical Support Training program, individuals can better assist customers, ensuring their satisfaction and optimizing the usage of Commvault solutions.

9. Commvault Analytics and Reporting

Commvault Analytics and Reporting training is aimed at IT professionals who want to leverage the power of data analytics for data management optimization. This training program provides participants with insights into Commvault’s reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling them to generate actionable insights from data stored within the Commvault platform. By utilizing data analytics effectively, organizations can identify trends, improve operational efficiency, and make data-driven decisions.

10. Commvault Certified Appliance Engineer

Commvault offers a specialized certification program for individuals who want to become experts in managing Commvault backup appliances. The Commvault Certified Appliance Engineer (CCAE) certification validates the skills needed to design, implement, and manage Commvault backup appliances, ensuring efficient and reliable data protection. The CCAE program covers topics such as hardware configuration, network setup, storage provisioning, and disaster recovery planning specific to Commvault backup appliances.


Whether you are a data management professional looking to enhance your career prospects or an organization seeking to optimize its data management processes, Commvault’s online courses and certifications provide invaluable opportunities for skill development and specialization. From foundational certifications like the Commvault Certified Professional to advanced designations like the Commvault Certified Master, these programs cater to individuals at all stages of their data management journey. Choose the course or certification that aligns with your goals and start unlocking the full potential of Commvault software today.