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Continuous Delivery is a software engineering approach that allows for the faster and more efficient deployment of software in a reliable and automated manner. As organizations increasingly adopt Agile and DevOps practices, the demand for professionals skilled in Continuous Delivery is on the rise. If you are looking to upgrade your skills or start a career in Continuous Delivery, taking online courses and earning certifications can be a great step in the right direction. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Continuous Delivery courses and certifications available online, to help you make an informed decision and take your career to new heights.

1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification that covers various aspects of Continuous Delivery. This certification validates your expertise in implementing and managing continuous delivery systems on AWS. The course provides comprehensive knowledge of leveraging AWS services and tools for continuous integration, deployment, monitoring, and scaling. With the increasing demand for AWS professionals, this certification can give your career a significant boost.

2. Jenkins Certified Engineer

Jenkins is one of the most popular open-source automation servers widely used for continuous integration and delivery. The Jenkins Certified Engineer certification is designed for individuals who have a deep understanding of Jenkins and can effectively use its features to improve software delivery processes. This certification demonstrates your expertise in building scalable and secure Jenkins environments, making you a sought-after professional in the Continuous Delivery domain.

3. Docker Certified Associate

Docker, an open-source containerization platform, plays a crucial role in enabling Continuous Delivery. The Docker Certified Associate certification provides you with the knowledge and skills required to effectively use Docker for containerization and orchestration. By earning this certification, you showcase your ability to develop, deploy, and manage applications using Docker, making you a valuable asset for organizations practicing Continuous Delivery.

4. Udacity’s DevOps Nanodegree Program

Udacity offers a comprehensive DevOps Nanodegree Program that includes modules on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. This program provides hands-on experience with popular tools and technologies used in the DevOps ecosystem, including Git, Jenkins, Docker, and more. By completing this Nanodegree program, you will possess the necessary skills to implement and manage Continuous Delivery pipelines effectively.

5. Coursera’s Continuous Delivery & DevOps

Coursera offers a specialization called Continuous Delivery & DevOps, which consists of a series of courses covering various aspects of Continuous Delivery. This specialization is offered by the University of Virginia and provides learners with knowledge and practical experience in continuous integration, automated testing, infrastructure automation, and more. By completing this specialization, you will be well-equipped to implement Continuous Delivery practices in real-world scenarios.

6. Pluralsight’s Implementing Continuous Delivery

Pluralsight offers a comprehensive course titled “Implementing Continuous Delivery,” which covers the fundamental concepts, tools, and practices required to successfully implement Continuous Delivery. This course provides a deep dive into topics such as version control, continuous integration, automated testing, and deployment strategies. By completing this course, you will gain practical knowledge that can be immediately applied in your Continuous Delivery projects.

7. LinkedIn Learning’s Continuous Delivery with Jenkins

LinkedIn Learning offers a course called “Continuous Delivery with Jenkins,” which focuses on leveraging Jenkins for implementing Continuous Delivery pipelines. This course covers topics such as configuring Jenkins, integrating version control systems, automating builds and tests, and deploying applications. By completing this course, you will develop a strong foundation in using Jenkins to establish efficient and reliable Continuous Delivery workflows.

8. Google Cloud’s Professional DevOps Engineer Certification

Google Cloud offers the Professional DevOps Engineer certification, which covers various aspects of DevOps, including Continuous Delivery. This certification demonstrates your ability to design, build, and manage scalable and reliable applications on the Google Cloud Platform. By earning this certification, you showcase your expertise in implementing Continuous Delivery practices using Google Cloud tools and services.

9. Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Microsoft offers the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification, which validates your skills in implementing DevOps practices using Microsoft Azure technologies. This certification covers topics such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Release Management. By earning this certification, you become proficient in leveraging Azure DevOps tools to achieve efficient and reliable Continuous Delivery.

10. IBM’s Continuous Delivery Badge Program

IBM offers a Continuous Delivery Badge Program that provides a wide range of learning resources and certifications related to Continuous Delivery. The program covers topics such as Agile methodologies, automated testing, release management, and deployment automation. By completing the various certifications offered in this program, you can demonstrate your expertise in Continuous Delivery using IBM technologies.


Continuous Delivery is a critical aspect of modern software development practices. By investing in online courses and certifications, you can enhance your skills and differentiate yourself in the job market. The 10 courses and certifications mentioned in this article cover a broad range of Continuous Delivery topics and are offered by reputable organizations. Whether you decide to pursue certification in a specific platform or gain a comprehensive understanding of Continuous Delivery concepts, taking these courses can significantly contribute to your professional growth and open up new opportunities in the field. So take the leap and start your Continuous Delivery journey today!