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Darktable is a powerful open-source photography workflow software that allows photographers to edit, organize, and enhance their images. With a variety of features and tools, Darktable offers immense potential for photographers looking to take their editing skills to the next level. If you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer wanting to sharpen your Darktable skills, enrolling in an online course or earning a certification can be incredibly beneficial. In this article, we will explore the 10 best Darktable courses and certifications available online to help you enhance your photography workflow.

1. Darktable – The Complete Guide

This comprehensive course offered on Udemy is perfect for beginners and experienced photographers alike. It covers everything you need to know about Darktable’s interface, features, and editing capabilities. From importing and organizing your images to advanced techniques like color grading and retouching, this course provides a step-by-step approach to mastering Darktable. With over 5 hours of video lectures and practical assignments, this course ensures you gain hands-on experience and a deep understanding of Darktable’s functionality.

2. Darktable for Beginners

If you’re new to Darktable, this course on Skillshare is an excellent starting point. It focuses on the basics and walks you through setting up Darktable, importing images, and navigating the interface. You’ll learn how to apply basic edits, adjust exposure, and enhance your images using Darktable’s tools. This course is ideal for photographers who want to quickly grasp the essential features of Darktable before diving into more advanced techniques.

3. Mastering Darktable’s Editing Tools

For photographers who already possess a solid understanding of Darktable’s fundamentals and want to elevate their editing skills, this course by Pluralsight is a must-try. It provides an in-depth exploration of Darktable’s powerful editing tools, such as the tone curve, levels, and color zones modules. You’ll learn how to use these tools effectively to adjust contrast, color balance, and create stunning effects. This course is a valuable resource for photographers looking to refine their editing techniques and take full advantage of Darktable’s capabilities.

4. Darktable – The Ultimate Guide to Photo Editing

This extensive course on Udemy goes beyond the basics and delves into advanced editing techniques using Darktable. It covers topics like advanced color grading, black and white conversions, and targeted retouching. With a combination of theory and practical examples, this course equips you with the skills needed to transform your images into works of art using Darktable. Enrolling in this course will undoubtedly boost your abilities and help you develop your unique editing style.

5. Darktable for Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers can benefit from this specialized course on Udemy that focuses on using Darktable to enhance landscape images. From adjusting exposure and colors to applying local adjustments and sharpening techniques, this course covers it all. By following real-world examples and case studies, you’ll learn how to bring out the best in your landscape photos using Darktable. This course is a valuable resource for landscape photographers looking to optimize their workflow and create breathtaking images.

6. Darktable Workflow for Street Photography

Street photographers often require a different set of editing skills to enhance their images effectively. This course on Skillshare offers insights into using Darktable for street photography editing and workflow. You’ll learn techniques specific to street photography, such as converting to black and white, emphasizing urban colors, and adding drama to street scenes. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid grasp of Darktable tools that can help you make your street photography stand out.

7. Darktable Certification: Intermediate to Advanced

For those seeking official recognition of their Darktable skills, this intermediate to advanced certification offered by Darktable.org is the perfect choice. It includes a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of Darktable, from basic editing to advanced techniques specific to various genres. This certification program ensures you obtain a deep understanding of Darktable and validates your proficiency in using the software effectively.

8. Darktable Portrait Editing Masterclass

If you specialize in portrait photography, this masterclass on Udemy is tailored to your needs. It dives deep into using Darktable’s tools and features to enhance portraits, including skin retouching, color correction, and creating captivating effects. The instructor guides you through editing a variety of portrait images, teaching you the techniques to transform ordinary portraits into stunning works of art. This masterclass is essential for photographers looking to refine their portrait editing skills using Darktable.

9. Darktable for Astrophotography

Astrophotography demands specific editing techniques to bring out the beauty of celestial objects. This course offered on Udemy provides insights into using Darktable for astrophotography editing. From reducing noise and enhancing details to creating stunning starry skies, this course covers everything you need to know to create captivating astrophotographs using Darktable. By completing this course, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to bring your astrophotography to another level.

10. Darktable – Workflow for Professional Photographers

This course on Udemy is designed for professional photographers aiming to optimize their workflow using Darktable. It covers advanced techniques like batch processing, tethered shooting, and integrating Darktable with other photography tools. By implementing efficient workflow strategies and automation, this course helps you streamline your editing process, saving time and effort. Professional photographers will find immense value in this course, enhancing their workflow and boosting productivity.


Enrolling in an online Darktable course or earning a certification is an excellent way to expand your knowledge and improve your skills in photo editing. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced photographer aiming to master advanced techniques, there’s a course or certification to suit your needs. From comprehensive guides to specialized courses for specific genres, these 10 best Darktable courses and certifications ensure you acquire the expertise required to elevate your photography workflow and produce stunning images with Darktable. Invest in your artistic growth and start exploring these courses today.