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Drone photography has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering photographers a new and unique perspective for their shots. If you’re interested in exploring the world of aerial photography using drones, there are various online courses and certifications available that can help you develop the necessary skills. In this article, we will explore the 10 best drone photography courses and certifications online, providing you with valuable insights and opportunities to enhance your photography skills.

1. Drone Photography Basics

If you’re a complete beginner to drone photography, this course is a great starting point. It covers the fundamentals of aerial photography, including how to operate a drone, essential safety guidelines, and basic aerial photography techniques. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation to build upon in your journey towards becoming a skilled drone photographer.

2. Advanced Drone Photography Techniques

Once you’ve grasped the basics, it’s time to take your skills to the next level. This advanced course delves deeper into the world of drone photography, teaching you advanced techniques such as composition, lighting, and editing specifically tailored for aerial shots. You’ll also learn how to effectively use different camera settings and accessories to capture breathtaking images from above.

3. Drone Videography Mastery

While drone photography is undoubtedly impressive, mastering the art of drone videography opens up a whole new realm of creative possibilities. This course focuses on teaching you how to shoot, edit, and produce professional-quality aerial videos. From capturing smooth cinematic shots to mastering video editing software, this certification will equip you with the necessary skills to excel in the world of aerial videography.

4. Drone Safety and Regulation

As a drone photographer, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the regulations set by aviation authorities. This course provides a comprehensive overview of drone safety guidelines, flight regulations, and best practices to ensure both your safety and the safety of others. By obtaining this certification, you’ll be able to confidently navigate legal and safety issues that may arise while practicing your drone photography.

5. Aerial Mapping and Surveying

Not only can drones capture stunning images, but they can also be used for practical purposes such as aerial mapping and surveying. This course teaches you how to use drones for topographic mapping, land surveying, and creating 3D models. Whether you’re interested in working with construction companies or exploring environmental monitoring, this certification will open up new opportunities for your drone photography career.

6. Real Estate Photography with Drones

Real estate professionals are increasingly turning to aerial photography to showcase properties from a unique perspective. This course focuses on teaching you how to capture captivating aerial shots that effectively highlight the features of a property. You’ll learn how to compose aerial shots that showcase the property’s surroundings, enhance curb appeal, and capture breathtaking views to attract potential buyers.

7. Nature and Wildlife Drone Photography

Nature and wildlife photography enthusiasts can now take their passion to new heights with aerial drone photography. This course delves into the techniques and considerations required to capture stunning shots of landscapes, wildlife, and natural phenomena from unique angles. From aerial shots of migrating birds to capturing breathtaking sunsets, this certification will help you elevate your nature photography skills.

8. Commercial Applications of Drone Photography

Drone photography has wide-ranging applications across various industries. This course explores the commercial side of drone photography, teaching you how to monetize your skills and turn your passion into a profitable business. You’ll learn about the legal and ethical considerations of commercial drone photography, finding clients, pricing your services, and marketing your aerial photography business effectively.

9. Nighttime Drone Photography

Capturing the beauty of the night sky and city lights from a bird’s-eye view is a unique and mesmerizing experience. This course focuses on the intricacies of nighttime drone photography and teaches you how to master low-light conditions. From capturing stunning long-exposure shots to effectively utilizing light painting techniques, this certification will help you create breathtaking images after dark.

10. Editing and Post-processing for Drone Photography

The final step in creating stunning drone photographs is the editing and post-processing stage. This course provides you with invaluable insights into editing techniques specifically tailored for aerial photography. You’ll learn how to enhance colors, adjust exposure, remove unwanted elements, and create impactful compositions. Mastering the art of editing will take your drone photography to new heights.


Drone photography offers photographers a unique opportunity to capture stunning aerial shots, opening up a whole new world of creativity. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced photographer wanting to elevate your skills, the 10 best drone photography courses and certifications mentioned in this article are sure to provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in this exciting field. So, why wait? Embark on your aerial photography journey today and unlock the full potential of drone photography.