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In today’s ever-changing world of employment law, staying updated with the latest regulations and practices is crucial for professionals working in human resources, legal departments, or as business owners. With the convenience of online learning, individuals can now access the best employment law courses and certifications from the comfort of their homes or offices. Whether you’re looking to enhance your knowledge in specific areas of employment law or seeking a comprehensive understanding of the subject, here are the top 10 employment law courses and certifications available online.

1. Harvard University – Employment Law

Regarded as one of the top institutions for legal education, Harvard University offers an online employment law course suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. The course covers a wide range of topics, including discrimination, wages and hours, wrongful termination, and various other employment-related laws. Delivered by esteemed faculty, this program ensures a comprehensive understanding of the complex legal framework governing the workplace.

2. Stanford University – Employment Law Certificate

Stanford University offers a highly regarded online certificate program in employment law. The comprehensive curriculum covers significant aspects of employment law, such as workplace discrimination, wage and hour laws, and employee benefits. Designed for individuals working in HR, legal departments, or those interested in pursuing a career in employment law, this course provides a solid foundation in the field.

3. Cornell University – Employment Law for HR Professionals

Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations offers an online program specifically designed for HR professionals seeking a deeper understanding of employment law. This course explores federal employment laws, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). By examining real-world case studies and providing practical insights, this program equips HR professionals to make informed decisions within legal boundaries.

4. University of California, Berkeley – Employment Law Fundamentals

The University of California, Berkeley’s online employment law program provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles and practices in the field. Delivered by experienced faculty, the course covers topics such as employee classification, discrimination, wage and hour laws, and workplace safety. This program is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to gain a solid foundation in employment law to confidently navigate the complexities of the workplace.

5. Coursera – Employment Law: A Comprehensive Guide

Coursera, a leading online learning platform, offers a comprehensive guide on employment law. This self-paced course covers various topics, including equal opportunity laws, employee rights, workplace policies, and international employment regulations. With practical case studies and interactive quizzes, participants can test their understanding and apply the knowledge gained to real-world scenarios.

6. Udemy – Employment Law Compliance Training

Udemy provides a practical and accessible online employment law compliance training course. This program caters to HR professionals responsible for ensuring legal compliance within their organizations. Participants will learn about key federal laws, regulations, and practices to maintain a compliant workplace. The course also delves into other essential areas, such as hiring practices, employee contracts, and termination procedures.

7. Alison – Diploma in Employment Law

Alison offers an online diploma program in employment law suitable for individuals looking for a comprehensive understanding of the subject. This course covers topics like employment contracts, workplace safety, employee rights, and discrimination laws. With self-paced modules and assessments, participants can learn at their own convenience while gaining valuable insights into employment law practices.

8. National Business Institute – Employment Law: Advanced Issues and Answers

The National Business Institute’s online course on employment law focuses on advanced issues and solutions for legal practitioners and HR professionals. Delivered by industry experts, this program covers topics like sexual harassment, workplace investigations, employee privacy, and retaliation claims. With practical strategies and legal updates, this course is ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in dealing with complex employment law cases.

9. HR Certification Institute – Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

The HR Certification Institute offers the prestigious Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification, which includes an employment law component. This certification validates HR professionals’ knowledge and skills in employment law, labor relations, and other HR disciplines. With study materials, practice exams, and a globally recognized credential, this program provides a comprehensive understanding of employment law and enhances professional credibility.

10. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – SHRM-CP Certification

The Society for Human Resource Management offers the SHRM-CP certification, which includes an employment law component. Ideal for mid-level HR professionals, this certification validates knowledge in HR competencies, including employment law, business acumen, and HR strategic planning. With extensive study materials and access to a community of HR professionals, this certification program equips individuals with the necessary skills to navigate complex employment law issues.


As the field of employment law continues to evolve, professionals need to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and practices. Online employment law courses and certifications provide convenient and comprehensive opportunities to enhance knowledge in this critical area. Whether you’re an HR professional, legal practitioner, or business owner, investing in these top 10 employment law programs will ensure that you possess the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of employment law and make informed decisions within legal boundaries.