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EPLAN Electric P8 is a highly efficient software solution for designing and documenting electrical engineering projects. As the demand for professionals skilled in using this software continues to grow, the availability of online courses and certifications has significantly increased. Whether you are a beginner looking to gain a solid foundation or an experienced user seeking advanced training, there are numerous options available to help you master EPLAN Electric P8. In this article, we will be discussing the ten best EPLAN Electric P8 courses and certifications online to help you make an informed decision about your learning journey.

1. Udemy – EPLAN Electric P8 from Scratch

Udemy offers an extensive course titled “EPLAN Electric P8 from Scratch,” which is perfect for beginners. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the software, covering topics such as drawing fundamentals, component libraries, macros, and project management. With over ten hours of video content and hands-on exercises, this course ensures practical knowledge and proficiency in EPLAN Electric P8.

2. LinkedIn Learning – Learning EPLAN Electric P8

LinkedIn Learning offers a well-structured course on EPLAN Electric P8, suitable for both beginners and intermediate users. It covers a wide range of topics, including schematic creation, panel layout, creating reports, and automating tasks with Python scripting. With informative videos and downloadable exercise files, this course allows learners to develop real-world skills and apply them to their projects.

3. Simpliv – EPLAN Electric P8 Basic Training

Simpliv’s EPLAN Electric P8 Basic Training course is designed for individuals with no prior experience in using the software. It covers the basics of creating and editing electrical schematics, setting up projects, and generating reports. This course employs real-world examples and practical exercises to enhance learning and enable participants to create professional-quality electrical designs.

4. Coursera – EPLAN Electric P8 Essential Training

Coursera offers an intensive EPLAN Electric P8 Essential Training course that caters to individuals with some prior knowledge of the software. This course delves deeper into topics such as PLC control, 3D panel layout, and generating PLC codes. With quizzes, graded assignments, and a final project, learners can assess their progress and apply their acquired skills effectively.

5. Udemy – EPLAN Electric P8 Advanced Training

For experienced EPLAN Electric P8 users looking to further enhance their skills, Udemy provides an advanced training course. The course covers advanced functions like design rule settings, multi-language projects, revision management, and database integration. With practical examples and real-world scenarios, learners can gain a deeper understanding of the software’s capabilities and optimize their design processes.

6. LearnEPLAN – EPLAN Electric P8 Masterclass

LearnEPLAN offers an extensive masterclass course on EPLAN Electric P8 for professionals seeking to become true experts in the software. This course covers advanced topics such as customizing forms, implementing automation, using data exchange formats, and managing large-scale projects. With expert instructors and personalized support, learners can tackle complex challenges and become proficient in using EPLAN Electric P8.

7. edX – EPLAN Electric P8 for Electrical Design

edX provides an in-depth course on EPLAN Electric P8 for electrical design, suitable for engineering professionals. This course focuses on creating electrical schematics, panel layout design, and generating reports for industrial projects. It also covers aspects like data exchange between EPLAN and other engineering tools for seamless integration. Through interactive exercises and case studies, learners can gain industry-relevant skills and enhance their career prospects.

8. IGE+XAO – EPLAN Electric P8 Basic Certification

IGE+XAO offers a basic certification program for EPLAN Electric P8, recognized by professionals in the industry. This certification validates the understanding and skill level of the candidates in using the software for electrical design. With a comprehensive syllabus and an online examination, achieving this certification enhances employability and demonstrates expertise in EPLAN Electric P8.

9. AUCOTEC – EPLAN Electric P8 Advanced Certification

AUCOTEC provides an advanced certification program for EPLAN Electric P8, catering to experienced professionals. This certification focuses on assessing the advanced features and capabilities of the software, including project management, automation, and integration with other engineering tools. Achieving this certification acknowledges the proficiency in utilizing the full potential of EPLAN Electric P8 and opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

10. EPLAN Software & Services – EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE)

EPLAN Software & Services offers the prestigious EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE) certification program for individuals who want to establish themselves as experts in EPLAN Electric P8. This certification covers extensive knowledge of the software, including advanced functionalities, customization, project management, and integrations. The ECE certification is highly valued by employers and serves as a testament to the individual’s expertise and commitment in EPLAN Electric P8.


Mastering EPLAN Electric P8 has become crucial in the electrical engineering field, and the availability of online courses and certifications has made it easier than ever to gain the required skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, there are numerous options available to suit your needs and level of expertise. From comprehensive courses to industry-recognized certifications, each option offers unique benefits and learning outcomes. By investing in these resources, you can enhance your understanding of EPLAN Electric P8 and unlock new career opportunities in the field of electrical engineering.