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For many individuals, the fear of flying can be a significant barrier, causing anxiety and distress when it comes to air travel. However, with the right resources and support, this fear can be overcome. Online fear of flying courses and certifications offer a convenient and accessible way to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and ultimately conquer this fear. In this article, we will explore the 10 best fear of flying courses and certifications available online, providing valuable insights into each program’s content, instructors, and benefits.

1. Fear of Flying Online Course by SOAR

The Fear of Flying Online Course by SOAR is highly recommended for anyone looking to tackle their fear of flying head-on. Developed by aviation professionals and licensed therapists, this comprehensive program provides a deep understanding of the science behind anxiety and fear. Through a series of informative videos, interactive exercises, and personalized support, participants learn practical techniques to manage their anxiety during each phase of a flight.

2. Fearless Flight Online Course by Turbulence Forecast

Turbulence Forecast’s Fearless Flight Online Course is designed to empower individuals by teaching them the essential skills needed to overcome their fear of flying. This program provides detailed explanations of flight-related topics, including turbulence, noises, and takeoff/landing procedures. With its informative videos, expert interviews, and progress-tracking tools, the Fearless Flight Online Course equips participants with knowledge and confidence to fly without fear.

3. Fear of Flying Diploma Course by Centre of Excellence

The Fear of Flying Diploma Course offered by Centre of Excellence is a comprehensive and accredited program perfect for individuals who prefer a structured learning approach. This course covers various topics, such as understanding turbulence, airplane mechanics, and practical coping strategies for fear management. With audio downloads, case studies, and an immersive learning experience, participants gain practical skills to conquer their fear of flying.

4. Online Fear of Flying Program by FlyHome

FlyHome’s Online Fear of Flying Program is specifically designed to alleviate anxiety associated with flying. This program combines cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques with virtual reality exposure therapy to simulate real flight experiences. Through interactive exercises and guided virtual flights, participants gradually desensitize their fear responses, leading to increased confidence and a more enjoyable flying experience.

5. Overcome Your Fear of Flying Online Course by The Freedom to Fly

The Freedom to Fly’s “Overcome Your Fear of Flying” Online Course offers a comprehensive and practical approach to overcoming fear and anxiety related to air travel. Through informative videos and live webinars, participants gain insights into fear management techniques, relaxation exercises, and airborne stress reduction methods. With personal support from instructors and a community of fellow participants, this course creates a supportive environment for individuals to conquer their fear.

6. Fear of Flying Course by The Anxiety and Stress Management Institute

The Fear of Flying Course provided by The Anxiety and Stress Management Institute focuses on the psychological aspects of fear and anxiety associated with flying. This program equips participants with coping strategies, such as cognitive restructuring and relaxation techniques, to manage their fear effectively. Additionally, the course offers tips for dealing with panic attacks during flights, ensuring a smoother travel experience.

7. Virtual Fear of Flying Online Course by SkyGuru

SkyGuru’s Virtual Fear of Flying Online Course takes a unique approach to alleviate fears related to flying. This program combines online learning modules with the SkyGuru app, which provides real-time flight data and expert insights during a virtual flight experience. Participants gain a better understanding of aviation procedures and receive guidance on managing their fear through the immersive SkyGuru app.

8. Fear of Flying Course by Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic’s Fear of Flying Course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the aviation industry and aims to dispel common myths about flying. Taught by professional pilots, psychologists, and cabin crew members, this course offers practical techniques for managing anxiety and stress related to air travel. Graduates of the program also have the opportunity to take a short flight, putting their newfound knowledge to practice.

9. Conquer Your Fear of Flying Online Course by Fearless Flyer

Fearless Flyer’s “Conquer Your Fear of Flying” Online Course is a step-by-step program that helps individuals overcome their fear of flying in stages. Starting with understanding the root causes of fear and identifying individual triggers, the course gradually guides participants towards practical fear management techniques. With downloadable resources and ongoing support, Fearless Flyer ensures a supportive and transformative learning experience.

10. Fear of Flying Online Course by Captain Stacey Chance

Captain Stacey Chance’s Fear of Flying Online Course offers a unique perspective, as it is created by an experienced airline pilot. With detailed explanations of flight procedures, aviation safety, and turbulence myths, this course aims to educate and empower individuals to face their fears confidently. Additionally, Captain Chance provides personalized support and assistance to participants throughout their journey of overcoming their fear of flying.


If you suffer from a fear of flying, don’t let it limit your travel opportunities. With the convenience of online courses and certifications, you can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and overcome your fear. From comprehensive programs developed by aviation professionals to innovative courses that combine cognitive-behavioral techniques with virtual reality exposure, these 10 courses offer a range of options to suit different learning preferences and styles. Take the first step towards conquering your fear of flying and embark on a journey of confidence and freedom in the skies.