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Fractions are an essential part of mathematics, and understanding them is crucial for a variety of academic and professional pursuits. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or simply interested in mastering fractions, taking an online course or obtaining a certification is a fantastic way to deepen your understanding and enhance your skills. In this article, we will explore the ten best fractions courses and certifications available online, offering comprehensive programs that cater to learners of all levels and objectives.

1. Introduction to Fractions – Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a renowned platform for online learning, offers a free introductory course on fractions. Designed for beginners, this course takes learners through the fundamentals of fractions, including identifying fractions, simplifying them, and performing basic arithmetic operations. The course also includes exercises and quizzes to help reinforce learning and allow for self-assessment.

2. Fraction Foundations – Coursera

Coursera hosts a self-paced course called “Fraction Foundations” that is perfect for individuals who want a more structured and in-depth understanding of fractions. Developed by the University of Chicago, this course introduces learners to concepts such as equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and converting fractions to decimals. With interactive materials and practice problems, this course provides a comprehensive foundation in fractions.

3. Mastering Fractions – Udemy

Udemy offers an extensive course titled “Mastering Fractions,” which is suitable for individuals seeking a mastery of fractions in real-world applications. This course covers advanced topics such as fraction multiplication and division, as well as fractions in algebraic expressions. The course includes practical examples and problem-solving exercises to ensure learners are well-prepared to tackle fraction-related challenges.

4. Teaching Fractions, Grades 3-5 – Stanford Online

For educators looking to enhance their ability to teach fractions effectively, Stanford Online offers a specialized course called “Teaching Fractions, Grades 3-5.” This course focuses on strategies and best practices for imparting fraction concepts to elementary school students. Covering topics like fraction equivalence, addition, and subtraction, this course equips educators with practical tools to facilitate engaging and meaningful fraction instruction.

5. Applied Fraction Concepts – edX

edX presents a course titled “Applied Fraction Concepts” for learners interested in understanding fractions within real-world contexts. Developed by the University of Texas at Austin, this course explores the relevance of fractions in everyday scenarios such as cooking, shopping, and measurement. By relating fractions to familiar situations, learners gain a deeper appreciation for the practicality and importance of fractions in their daily lives.

6. Fractions for Life and Work – Alison

Alison’s “Fractions for Life and Work” course is a free option that introduces learners to fractions and their applications in various professional fields. This course covers topics like fraction arithmetic, percentages, and ratios. Additionally, it explores how fractions are used in industries such as finance, construction, and culinary arts. With a focus on real-world applications, this course helps learners understand the significance of fractions in different career paths.

7. Fraction Mastery – MathPlanet

MathPlanet offers “Fraction Mastery,” an interactive course equipped with video lessons, guided exercises, and quizzes. This course is designed to support learners of all levels, from beginners to those seeking a refresher. By combining visual learning with interactive tasks, “Fraction Mastery” fosters a strong understanding of fractions and prepares learners for more advanced mathematical concepts.

8. Fraction Basics for Adults – Math-U-See

“Fraction Basics for Adults” on Math-U-See is tailored specifically to adult learners who want to build a solid foundation in fractions. This course covers fundamental skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. It also offers real-world examples and practical exercises to ensure learners can confidently apply their fraction knowledge beyond the classroom.

9. Fractions Made Easy – eMathInstruction

eMathInstruction’s “Fractions Made Easy” course is designed to simplify fractions and make them accessible to learners of all levels. Through video lessons, guided examples, and practice problems, this course aims to demystify the complexities of fractions. By breaking down fraction concepts into manageable steps, learners gain confidence in their abilities to work with fractions effectively.

10. Fractions in Action – Math Goodies

Math Goodies presents “Fractions in Action,” a free online course providing a comprehensive understanding of fractions through interactive lessons and quizzes. This course covers topics such as equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, and fraction word problems. With its user-friendly interface and interactive elements, “Fractions in Action” makes learning about fractions engaging and enjoyable.


Mastering fractions is essential for anyone looking to excel in mathematics or apply them in real-world scenarios. Fortunately, the availability of online courses and certifications makes learning about fractions more accessible than ever. Whether you are a beginner, an educator, or someone seeking to refresh their knowledge, these ten courses provide a range of options to suit your needs. From introductory courses to specialized programs, these online resources offer comprehensive instruction, interactive materials, and practical applications of fractions. By investing your time in these courses, you can confidently navigate the world of fractions and unlock a variety of academic and professional opportunities.