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Freight brokerage is a booming industry that offers lucrative career opportunities for individuals looking to enter the logistics and transportation field. However, success in this competitive industry requires a solid understanding of the intricacies of freight brokering, as well as the ability to navigate through the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Fortunately, there are numerous online courses and certifications available that can equip aspiring freight brokers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. In this article, we will explore the 10 best freight broker courses and certifications available online, enabling you to make an informed decision about your education in this field.

1. Freight Broker Boot Camp

Freight Broker Boot Camp is an acclaimed online course that covers everything from the basics of freight brokering to advanced strategies and techniques. With over 60 hours of video content, interactive quizzes, and real-world case studies, this course offers a comprehensive learning experience. Led by Dennis Brown, a veteran freight broker with over 30 years of experience, Freight Broker Boot Camp provides practical insights and actionable advice to help you succeed in this industry.

2. Broker Elite Online Training Program

The Broker Elite Online Training Program is another highly regarded course designed for individuals aspiring to become successful freight brokers. Led by Jeff Roach, a prominent industry expert, this program provides in-depth training on all aspects of freight brokering, including sales and marketing strategies, customer relationship management, and contract negotiation. With its comprehensive curriculum and ongoing support, the Broker Elite Online Training Program equips students with the necessary skills to thrive in the freight brokerage business.

3. Freight Movers School

Freight Movers School is an established institution that offers a range of freight broker courses catering to beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Their comprehensive curriculum covers topics such as industry regulations, freight rate negotiation, and dispatch operations. Students can choose from various course options, including live online classes and self-paced modules, allowing flexibility in their learning journey. Upon completion, graduates receive an industry-recognized certification that enhances their credibility and employability.

4. Load Training

Load Training is a reputable online platform offering a comprehensive freight broker training program. Led by experts with extensive industry experience, this course covers key concepts like load boards, carrier contracts, and effective communication strategies. Load Training employs a blended learning approach that combines video lessons, quizzes, and practical assignments to ensure students gain a solid understanding of the freight brokerage business. With lifetime access to course materials and a supportive community, this program offers a valuable learning experience.

5. Freight Brokers Course

The Freight Brokers Course, offered by Barton Springs Group, is a comprehensive online training program that equips students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the freight brokerage industry. This course covers essential topics such as industry regulations, freight documentation, and building customer relationships. The program includes interactive video lessons, downloadable resources, and mentor support to enhance the learning experience. Upon completion, students receive a certificate of completion, demonstrating their proficiency in freight brokering.

6. Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is a renowned training provider specializing in freight broker and agent training. Their online courses cover a wide range of topics, including logistics management, freight sales, and carrier selection. The curriculum is designed to be user-friendly and emphasizes practical knowledge applicable to real-world scenarios. With their flexible learning options and expert guidance, Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is an excellent choice for individuals looking to kick-start their career as a freight broker.

7. Certified Transportation Broker (CTB)

The Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) program, offered by the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), is a highly respected certification in the freight brokerage industry. This self-paced online program covers various topics, including legal and regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and risk management. The CTB designation demonstrates a high level of expertise and professionalism, making it a valuable asset to individuals aiming for career advancement in the field of freight brokering.

8. Freight Broker Institute

The Freight Broker Institute offers an array of online training programs for aspiring freight brokers. Their courses cover a wide range of subjects, including freight brokering basics, marketing strategies, and freight contract negotiation. With a focus on practical skills development, these courses provide students with the necessary tools to succeed in the industry. Upon completion, students receive a recognized certificate that validates their competence as freight brokers.

9. TALTOA Freight Broker Training

TALTOA Freight Broker Training offers a comprehensive online program that aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the freight brokerage business. Led by seasoned industry professionals, this course covers essential topics such as load boards, customer acquisition, and freight rate negotiation. The program includes training materials, interactive quizzes, and unlimited support to ensure students receive a valuable learning experience.

10. Freight Broker School

Freight Broker School provides an online training program designed to prepare individuals for a successful career as freight brokers. This comprehensive course covers crucial aspects of the industry, including sales techniques, legal compliance, and financial management. With its interactive video lessons, quizzes, and real-world case studies, this program offers a practical and engaging learning experience. Graduates of Freight Broker School receive a certification that demonstrates their proficiency in the field of freight brokering.


Obtaining a freight broker certification or completing a comprehensive training course can provide aspiring individuals with a competitive edge in the freight brokerage industry. The 10 courses and certifications mentioned in this article offer valuable knowledge and practical skills necessary for success in the field. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, investing in your education through these online programs can pave the way for a rewarding and lucrative career as a freight broker. So, choose the course or certification that best suits your needs and embark on your journey to becoming a successful freight broker.