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Ghostwriting is a skilled craft that requires a deep understanding of the client’s needs, strong writing abilities, and the ability to adapt to various styles and tones. As the demand for ghostwriters continues to grow, many aspiring writers are seeking ways to enhance their skills and gain credibility in this niche market. Fortunately, there are several online courses and certifications available that cater specifically to ghostwriting. In this article, we will explore the 10 best ghostwriting courses and certifications online, equipping you with the knowledge and resources to excel in this unique field.

Courses and Certifications

1. Ghostwriting 101: Fundamentals for Success

Offered by the renowned American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, Ghostwriting 101 is a comprehensive course that covers the essential skills required to become a successful ghostwriter. Topics include understanding client expectations, mastering different writing styles, and effective communication with clients. This self-paced course is suitable for both beginners and experienced writers looking to refine their ghostwriting skills.

2. Writing for Others: Fundamentals of Ghostwriting

Hosted by the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, this online course provides a thorough introduction to ghostwriting. Through a series of interactive modules, participants will learn how to capture the voice and tone of different clients, handle confidentiality agreements, and manage client relationships. The course also touches on marketing and self-promotion strategies for aspiring ghostwriters.

3. Advanced Ghostwriting Techniques

For those who already have a foundation in ghostwriting and are looking to take their skills to the next level, the Advanced Ghostwriting Techniques course offered by the New York Institute of Art and Design is an excellent choice. This course delves into the intricacies of ghostwriting for different genres, such as memoirs, fiction, and non-fiction. It also explores the ethical considerations involved in ghostwriting and provides valuable tips for managing challenging clients.

4. Professional Ghostwriting Certification

The Professional Ghostwriting Certification program, developed by the Association of Ghostwriters, is a comprehensive certification that validates one’s expertise in the field. This program covers various aspects of ghostwriting, including manuscript analysis, writing techniques, client management, and marketing strategies. Completion of this certification sets you apart as a top-notch ghostwriter, boosting your credibility in the industry.

5. Secrets of Successful Ghostwriting

Led by an experienced ghostwriter, Secrets of Successful Ghostwriting offers valuable insights and practical tips to help aspiring ghostwriters flourish in their careers. This online course emphasizes the importance of establishing a strong professional network and provides strategies for finding clients and negotiating contracts. Participants will also gain an understanding of industry standards and learn how to set fair pricing for their services.

6. The Art of Ghostwriting

Hosted by prestigious online learning platform Udemy, The Art of Ghostwriting course provides a comprehensive overview of the ghostwriting process. From understanding the intricacies of client briefs to perfecting the art of collaboration, this course equips participants with the necessary skills to succeed in the industry. With practical exercises and case studies, participants gain hands-on experience in ghostwriting for different genres.

7. Negotiating Ghostwriting Contracts

Ghostwriting contracts can be complex, and understanding the key elements is crucial for both protecting your rights and ensuring client satisfaction. Negotiating Ghostwriting Contracts, an online course offered by the Freelancers Union, provides in-depth guidance on drafting contracts, pricing models, and copyright considerations. By mastering the art of contract negotiation, ghostwriters can establish themselves as trusted professionals in their field.

8. Professional Ghostwriting Ethics

Ghostwriting comes with ethical considerations that need to be navigated with care. Professional Ghostwriting Ethics, a course offered by the Professional Writers Alliance, explores the moral complexities of ghostwriting and provides guidance on maintaining transparency and integrity throughout the writing process. Participants will gain insights into handling confidentiality and ghostwriting disputes, ensuring they operate ethically while delivering high-quality work.

9. The Business of Ghostwriting

For aspiring ghostwriters looking to turn their passion into a profitable business, The Business of Ghostwriting, offered by the Ghost Writer, Inc., is a must-take course. This comprehensive program covers the business side of ghostwriting, including marketing strategies, client acquisition, and pricing models. Participants will also learn how to build a brand as a ghostwriter, both online and offline, to attract high-profile clients.

10. The Entrepreneurial Ghostwriter

The Entrepreneurial Ghostwriter, a course by the American Writers and Artists Inc., focuses on empowering ghostwriters to build successful freelance businesses. From creating a compelling portfolio to mastering social media marketing, this course provides valuable tips and strategies for standing out in a competitive market. Participants will gain insights into branding, pricing, and navigating the challenges of freelancing, equipping them for sustained success in the industry.


With the rising demand for ghostwriters, investing in professional development through courses and certifications is a wise move for aspiring ghostwriters. The 10 courses and certifications highlighted in this article offer a range of options, from foundational knowledge to advanced techniques, ensuring that writers can find the right fit for their needs. By enhancing their skills and credibility through these online programs, aspiring ghostwriters can position themselves for success in this specialized and rewarding field.