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Google has revolutionized the way we access information and interact with technology. It is no surprise that Google has also made a significant impact on education. In order to help educators harness the power of Google tools, the company offers a range of courses and certifications through its Google Certified Educator program. These courses provide educators with valuable skills and knowledge to create innovative and engaging learning experiences for their students. In this article, we will explore the top 10 Google Certified Educator courses and certifications available online, helping educators take their professional development to the next level.

1. Google Certified Educator Level 1

The Google Certified Educator Level 1 course is designed to introduce educators to the essential tools and techniques for using Google tools in the classroom. This course covers a broad range of topics, including Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Google Docs. Completing this course and passing the exam will earn educators the Level 1 Google Certified Educator certification, demonstrating their proficiency in Google tools.

2. Google Certified Educator Level 2

Building on the knowledge gained in Level 1, the Google Certified Educator Level 2 course delves deeper into the advanced features of Google tools. Educators will learn how to leverage tools such as Google Forms, Google Sheets, and Google Slides to enhance student engagement and collaboration. By passing the Level 2 exam, educators can earn the Level 2 Google Certified Educator certification, showcasing their expertise in using Google tools for educational purposes.

3. Google for Education: Fundamentals Training

Ideal for educators new to Google tools, the Google for Education: Fundamentals Training provides a comprehensive overview of the tools and strategies for using Google in the classroom. From Google Classroom to Google Drive, this course covers everything educators need to know to effectively integrate Google tools into their teaching practices. Upon completion, educators will receive a certificate of completion to validate their newfound skills.

4. Google Certified Trainer

For educators looking to take their proficiency in Google tools to the next level, the Google Certified Trainer course is the perfect choice. This course equips educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to train others in using Google tools effectively. In addition to demonstrating an in-depth understanding of Google tools, educators will also need to complete a training skills assessment and submit a training video to earn the prestigious Google Certified Trainer certification.

5. Google Certified Innovator

The Google Certified Innovator program is designed for educators who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and innovation in the field of education. This program provides a platform for educators to collaborate, share ideas, and implement innovative projects that will have a lasting impact on education. To become a Google Certified Innovator, educators must submit a project proposal and participate in a rigorous selection process, showcasing their ability to drive positive change in education.

6. Google Certified Educator: STEM Skills

In today’s technology-driven world, it is crucial for educators to equip their students with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills. The Google Certified Educator: STEM Skills course provides educators with the tools and strategies to integrate STEM concepts into their curriculum using Google tools. From coding with Google Blockly to creating interactive science simulations with Google Sheets, this course empowers educators to inspire their students and cultivate a passion for STEM.

7. Google Applied Digital Skills: Teaching the Google Curriculum

Google Applied Digital Skills is a free online resource that offers ready-to-use curriculum materials for educators. The Teaching the Google Curriculum course provides educators with a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use the Applied Digital Skills curriculum. Educators will learn the best practices for integrating the curriculum into their lessons, promoting digital literacy, and enhancing critical thinking skills. Completion of this course equips educators with the knowledge and skills to leverage the Applied Digital Skills curriculum in their classrooms.

8. Google Certified Administrator

The Google Certified Administrator course is designed for IT administrators in educational institutions. This course covers advanced topics such as network security, data protection, and managing user accounts using Google tools. By earning the Google Certified Administrator certification, IT administrators demonstrate their expertise in effectively managing Google tools and ensuring the smooth operation of technology infrastructure in schools.

9. Google Certified Educator: Accessibility

Supporting diverse learners is a crucial aspect of education. The Google Certified Educator: Accessibility course enables educators to create inclusive and accessible learning environments using Google tools. Educators will learn how to leverage features such as closed captioning in Google Slides, speech-to-text in Google Docs, and various other accessibility tools to meet the unique needs of their students. This course empowers educators to ensure that every student can participate and thrive in the classroom.

10. Google Certified Educator: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has the power to transform the educational experience by providing immersive and engaging learning opportunities. The Google Certified Educator: Virtual Reality course equips educators with the skills and knowledge to integrate VR into their teaching practices. Educators will learn how to create virtual tours, develop interactive VR experiences, and explore possibilities for using VR across various subjects. By completing this course, educators can inspire their students and bring learning to life through the power of VR.


Becoming a Google Certified Educator opens up a world of possibilities for educators, empowering them to leverage Google tools to create innovative teaching and learning experiences. Whether it’s through the Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2 courses, the Google Certified Trainer or the Google Certified Innovator program, educators have access to a wide range of courses and certifications that cater to their professional development needs. By investing in these online courses and certifications, educators can enhance their skills, boost their career prospects, and most importantly, provide their students with the best possible educational experience. So why wait? Explore the top 10 Google Certified Educator courses today and unlock your potential as a Google-powered educator.