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When it comes to learning a new language, online courses and certifications have become increasingly popular. The Igbo language, spoken by the Igbo people of Nigeria, is one such language that has gained attention. Whether you have Nigerian roots, are planning to visit Nigeria, or simply have an interest in African languages, learning Igbo can be a valuable experience. In this article, we will explore the 10 best Igbo language courses and certifications available online, providing you with options to enhance your language skills and cultural understanding.

1. Igbo101

Igbo101 is a comprehensive online course that takes learners through the basics of Igbo language and culture. With interactive lessons, quizzes, and audio recordings, this course offers a well-rounded learning experience. Designed for beginners, it covers vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and common phrases. The course also provides cultural insights to help learners understand the context of the language. Upon completion, learners receive a certification of completion, boosting their language credentials.

2. LearnIgboNow

LearnIgboNow offers a range of online courses suitable for beginners to advanced learners. Their courses are developed by native Igbo speakers, ensuring an authentic learning experience. The curriculum covers all aspects of Igbo language, including grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and writing. Interactive exercises and quizzes help reinforce learning. Additionally, LearnIgboNow offers certification upon completion of their courses, validating your language proficiency.

3. Transparent Language

Transparent Language provides an Igbo language course tailored for beginners. Their interactive and user-friendly platform offers lessons in vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and conversation skills. With speech recognition technology, learners can practice speaking Igbo and receive instant feedback. Transparent Language also provides cultural notes to enhance understanding. While no certification is offered, the comprehensive course equips learners with practical skills to communicate effectively in Igbo.

4. Mango Languages

Mango Languages offers an engaging Igbo language course that focuses on conversation skills. Through interactive dialogs, cultural insights, and practical exercises, learners can quickly develop their listening and speaking abilities. The course emphasizes real-world scenarios, allowing learners to apply their language skills in practical situations. Although Mango Languages does not provide certifications, their course is an excellent resource for those seeking conversational fluency in Igbo.

5. Udemy

Udemy hosts several Igbo language courses developed by experienced instructors. These courses cater to different proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced. With video lessons, exercises, and downloadable materials, Udemy offers a self-paced learning experience. Learners can choose courses that suit their specific goals, such as focusing on conversation skills or mastering grammar. While no certification is provided directly by Udemy, their courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to gain proficiency in Igbo.

6. Speak Igbo

Speak Igbo is an online platform specializing in teaching the Igbo language. Their courses cater to different levels, starting from absolute beginners to advanced learners. The curriculum covers vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversation practice. Speak Igbo offers interactive exercises, quizzes, and audio recordings to enhance learning. While no certification is offered, Speak Igbo provides invaluable resources for developing fluency in Igbo.

7. Memrise

Memrise is a popular language learning platform that offers an Igbo course developed by community members. This course focuses on useful vocabulary and phrases, allowing learners to quickly grasp essential conversational skills. With a gamified approach and spaced repetition technique, Memrise makes learning Igbo engaging and efficient. While no certification is provided, the platform is excellent for those looking to build vocabulary and develop fluency in a fun and interactive way.

8. Igbo Study

Igbo Study provides a structured online course for learning Igbo from scratch. Their lessons cover vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and conversation practice. The course materials are presented in a clear and concise manner, making it suitable for self-study. While Igbo Study does not offer certifications, their systematic approach and comprehensive content make this course a valuable resource for beginners seeking to become proficient in Igbo.

9. It’s Igbotic

It’s Igbotic offers an online Igbo language course designed for children and adults. With interactive lessons, quizzes, and cultural insights, learners can acquire a solid foundation in Igbo. The course focuses on basic vocabulary, sentence structures, and pronunciation. It’s Igbotic provides practice exercises and supplementary materials to reinforce learning. Although no certification is offered, this course is particularly suitable for individuals interested in introducing their children to the Igbo language and culture.

10. Naijalingua

Naijalingua offers a comprehensive online course for learning Igbo. Learners can choose from beginner to advanced levels, each covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation practice. The course provides lessons in an organized and interactive manner, allowing learners to progress systematically. Naijalingua does not offer certification directly, but the knowledge and skills gained from their courses can significantly boost your language proficiency.


Learning the Igbo language opens the door to understanding a rich and vibrant culture. With these 10 best Igbo language courses and certifications available online, you can embark on a fulfilling language-learning journey at your own pace. Whether you prefer a comprehensive course with certification or a conversational-focused approach, there are options to suit your goals and proficiency level. By investing time and effort into these courses, you will gain the necessary skills to communicate effectively in Igbo and immerse yourself in the Igbo culture.