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Adobe InDesign is a powerful tool used by professionals in the design industry to create stunning layouts for print and digital media. Whether you’re a graphic designer looking to upskill or an aspiring creative looking to break into the industry, mastering InDesign is a must. One of the most convenient ways to learn InDesign is through online courses and certifications. In this article, we will explore the top 10 InDesign courses and certifications available online, helping you choose the best option to suit your learning style and career goals.

1. Adobe InDesign CC – Essential Training

This course, available on LinkedIn Learning, provides a comprehensive and hands-on approach to learning Adobe InDesign CC. Taught by an expert instructor, the course covers the fundamentals of InDesign, including creating and managing documents, working with text and graphics, and designing layouts for both print and digital media. The course also includes real-world projects and exercises to ensure a practical learning experience.

2. Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) – InDesign CC Exam Guide

For those looking to earn a professional certification in InDesign, the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) – InDesign CC Exam Guide is an excellent resource. This online course, offered by Udemy, comprehensively covers all the topics and objectives of the ACE exam. You will learn advanced techniques and tools for designing layouts, working with typography, and managing print and digital output. By the end of the course, you will be well-prepared to pass the ACE exam and earn your certification.

3. InDesign Fundamentals: Typography and Color

Typography and color play a crucial role in design, and this course, available on CreativeLive, focuses on mastering these elements within Adobe InDesign. By understanding typography and color theory, you will be able to create visually appealing layouts that effectively communicate your message. The course includes hands-on exercises and real-world projects, helping you build a strong foundation in design fundamentals.

4. Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training

Once you have mastered the basics, it’s time to take your InDesign skills to the next level with this advanced training course, available on Udemy. This course dives deep into topics such as working with master pages, creating interactive documents, and automating repetitive tasks. You will also learn advanced typography techniques and strategies for efficient workflow management. The course is taught by an experienced instructor and includes practical exercises to reinforce your learning.

5. InDesign Secrets

InDesign Secrets is a popular online resource for InDesign users, offering a wealth of tips, tricks, and tutorials. While not a traditional course or certification, InDesign Secrets provides valuable insights and techniques that can enhance your InDesign skills. The website features a blog, podcasts, webinars, and a premium membership that gives you exclusive access to advanced tutorials and techniques.

6. Adobe InDesign CC – Essentials Training Course

This comprehensive training course, available on Envato Tuts+, takes you from beginner to advanced user in InDesign. It covers everything from basic document setup and layout design to advanced features like data merging and creating interactive PDFs. With clear and concise video tutorials, downloadable project files, and quizzes to test your understanding, this course offers a well-rounded learning experience.

7. InDesign CC 2019 MasterClass

For a comprehensive and in-depth learning experience, the InDesign CC 2019 MasterClass is an excellent choice. This course, available on Udemy, covers all the essential features and tools of InDesign, including advanced typography, working with images and color, and exporting files for different media. Led by an industry expert, the course includes real-world projects and practical exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned.

8. InDesign CC Essential Training

Ideal for beginners, this course, available on Lynda.com, provides a solid foundation in InDesign. It covers the basics of document setup, layout design, text and typography, and working with images. The instructor guides you through step-by-step tutorials, and there are quizzes and practice files available to reinforce your learning. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with essential InDesign skills to create professional-looking designs.

9. Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) – InDesign

If you’re a student or educator looking to validate your InDesign skills, the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) – InDesign certification is the perfect choice. This online course, available on Udemy, prepares you for the ACA exam by covering all the exam objectives, including working with text and graphics, creating layouts, and managing output. With hands-on exercises and quizzes, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to pass the exam and earn your certification.

10. InDesign CC Essential Training 2021

Lastly, this course, available on LinkedIn Learning, offers a fresh and up-to-date approach to learning InDesign CC 2021. It covers the latest features and enhancements, including the improved font browsing experience, streamlined effects panel, and easier sharing and collaboration options. With clear instructions and real-world examples, this course ensures you are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to succeed in your design projects.


Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, these 10 InDesign courses and certifications provide invaluable resources to enhance your skills and expand your career opportunities. From comprehensive training programs to focused tutorials on specific topics, there is a course to suit every learning style and level of expertise. By investing in your InDesign education through online courses and certifications, you can gain a competitive edge in the design industry and unlock new possibilities for your creative endeavors. So, choose the course that aligns with your goals and embark on a rewarding journey towards mastering InDesign.