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10 Best Innovation Courses and Certifications Online

In today’s rapidly changing world, innovation is a key driver of success for businesses and organizations. The ability to think creatively, generate fresh ideas, and implement groundbreaking solutions is highly valued. If you are looking to enhance your innovation skills or start a career in this field, taking an online course or obtaining a certification can be a great way to broaden your knowledge and improve your credentials. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best online innovation courses and certifications that can help you take your innovation journey to new heights.

1. Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship – Coursera

This course, offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Coursera, is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of innovation and take your ideas from conception to successful implementation. It covers various topics, including problem-solving, design thinking, and business model canvas. The course is taught by renowned professors who provide engaging lectures and practical assignments to enhance your learning experience.

2. Design Thinking for Innovation – Udemy

Udemy offers this comprehensive course on design thinking, a human-centered approach to innovation. It introduces you to the key principles of design thinking and provides practical tools and techniques to transform your creative ideas into tangible solutions. The course consists of video lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies to inspire and guide you through the design thinking process.

3. Introduction to Innovation Strategy – edX

Offered by the Boston University School of Management on edX, this course focuses on developing innovative strategies to drive organizational growth. It covers topics such as disruptive innovation, open innovation, and strategic agility. Through lectures, discussions, and case studies, you will gain a deep understanding of the strategic aspects of innovation and learn how to create a culture of innovation within your organization.

4. Leading Innovation and Value Creation – LinkedIn Learning

Led by award-winning professor and entrepreneur Drew Boyd, this course on LinkedIn Learning provides a comprehensive framework for leading innovation in organizations. It explores various innovation strategies, such as idea generation, business model innovation, and customer-driven innovation. With practical exercises and insightful case studies, you will learn how to foster a culture of innovation and drive value creation.

5. Innovation Management: Winning in the Age of Disruption – Udacity

Udacity offers this in-depth course on innovation management, which is led by industry experts and seasoned practitioners. It focuses on strategies for managing innovation in the face of disruption and rapidly changing markets. The course covers topics such as ideation, prototyping, and business model innovation. Through interactive projects and real-world examples, you will gain the necessary skills and tools to navigate the challenges of innovation management.

6. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate – Stanford University

If you are looking for a comprehensive certification program, Stanford University offers an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate. This program consists of a series of online courses that cover various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship, including innovation management, design thinking, and venture financing. The courses are taught by Stanford faculty and industry experts, providing you with a unique learning experience and valuable insights into the world of innovation.

7. Leading with Innovation and Creativity – Harvard Business School Online

Harvard Business School Online offers this highly regarded course, which is designed to help leaders foster a culture of innovation and creativity within their organizations. It covers topics such as design thinking, cultivating entrepreneurial mindset, and leading innovation teams. Through interactive case studies and collaborative exercises, you will learn how to lead innovative initiatives and drive organizational growth.

8. Certified Innovation Professional (CInP) – Global Innovation Institute

If you are looking to obtain a professional certification in innovation, the Global Innovation Institute offers the Certified Innovation Professional (CInP) designation. This certification covers a broad range of innovation topics, including creativity, design thinking, and innovation management. By earning this certification, you will demonstrate your expertise in the field of innovation and enhance your career prospects.

9. Innovation Strategy for Competitive Advantage – FutureLearn

FutureLearn offers this insightful course on innovation strategy, which is designed to help organizations gain a competitive advantage through innovation. It explores different types of innovation, such as incremental innovation and radical innovation, and provides practical frameworks for developing an effective innovation strategy. The course incorporates real-world examples and engaging discussions to deepen your understanding of innovation strategy.

10. Certified Innovation Leader (CIL) – Innovation360 Group

The Certified Innovation Leader (CIL) certification offered by Innovation360 Group is designed for professionals seeking to become innovation leaders in their organizations. This certification covers a wide range of innovation-related topics, including innovation frameworks, innovation ecosystems, and innovation measurement. By obtaining this certification, you will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to drive innovation and lead transformative change.


Innovation is a crucial skill set in today’s fast-paced world, and taking online courses or obtaining certifications can greatly enhance your innovation capabilities and career prospects. The 10 courses and certifications mentioned in this article provide a comprehensive range of topics and learning opportunities to help you excel in the field of innovation. Whether you are a novice seeking to explore the basics of innovation or an experienced professional looking to master advanced innovation strategies, these online options are sure to meet your needs. So, take the leap and embark on your innovation journey today!