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The Best Java Certification Courses and Certifications Online

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is widely used for developing web and enterprise applications, Android mobile apps, and even embedded systems. If you are interested in becoming a Java developer or want to enhance your skills in this language, obtaining a Java certification can greatly boost your career prospects. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Java certification courses and certifications available online to aid you in making an informed decision.

1. Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers (Udemy)

Udemy offers an extensive range of online courses, and their Java Programming Masterclass is one of the best options for both beginners and experienced Java developers. Created by Tim Buchalka, who has over 35 years of coding and teaching experience, the course covers everything you need to know about Java programming, from the basics to advanced concepts. With over 80 hours of video content, quizzes, coding exercises, and real-world projects, this course is an excellent choice for anyone looking to become a proficient Java developer.

2. Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer (Oracle University)

The Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Java SE 11 Developer certification is widely recognized and highly regarded in the Java development community. This certification validates your expertise in Java programming, demonstrating your ability to create robust applications using Java SE 11. The certification exam covers topics such as Java syntax, object-oriented programming, multithreading, and exception handling. Oracle University offers e-learning courses and practice tests to help you prepare for the exam and earn this valuable credential.

3. Java Certification – OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) (Whizlabs)

Whizlabs provides a comprehensive Java Certification course that prepares you for the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Java SE 8 Programmer certification exam. The course covers all the essential topics required to pass the exam, including Java basics, arrays, loops, classes, and interfaces. It also includes numerous quizzes and coding exercises to reinforce your understanding. Whizlabs offers a money-back guarantee, providing assurance that you are investing in a high-quality course that can lead to a successful certification.

4. Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals (edX)

Offered by Microsoft, the Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals course on edX is an excellent option for beginners. This self-paced course covers the fundamentals of Java programming, including variables, loops, arrays, and object-oriented programming concepts. It also explores software engineering principles, such as debugging, testing, and version control. Completion of this course can be a stepping stone towards more advanced Java certifications or a foundation for starting a career in Java development.

5. Java Certification Course (Simplilearn)

Simplilearn’s Java Certification Course is designed for both beginners and intermediate-level Java developers. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of Java programming, focusing on core Java concepts, Java 8 enhancements, lambda expressions, and more. It includes hands-on projects and assignments to apply your learning and gain practical experience. With this course, you can prepare for various Java certifications, including Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Java SE 8 Programmer and Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer I exams.

6. Complete Java Masterclass (CodeGym)

If you prefer a more interactive learning experience, the Complete Java Masterclass by CodeGym might be the perfect fit for you. This innovative course uses gamification techniques to teach Java programming. It consists of numerous interactive exercises and coding challenges designed to improve your problem-solving skills. The course covers Java syntax, object-oriented programming, collections, and more. Completing all tasks and challenges in this course will earn you a virtual Java Junior Developer certificate.

7. Java Programming (University of Helsinki)

The University of Helsinki offers a free online course on Java programming. Although it is not directly a certification course, it provides a solid foundation in Java programming. The course covers essential Java concepts, such as arrays, loops, methods, and objects. It also introduces more advanced topics like file handling and user interfaces. By completing this course, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a Java certification or advance your programming career.

8. Java Certification Training (Mindmajix)

Mindmajix offers a comprehensive Java Certification Training program that covers all aspects of Java programming, from basics to advanced topics. The course includes hands-on labs, project-based assignments, and real-life examples to help you apply your knowledge effectively. It also prepares you for various Java certifications, such as Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Java SE 11 Developer and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Java SE 8 Programmer. The practical approach of this course ensures that you develop a strong foundation in Java programming.

9. Java Certification: OCA/OCP Java SE 8 Programmer (Pluralsight)

Pluralsight provides a learning path that prepares you for the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Java SE 8 Programmer certifications. The learning path consists of multiple courses that cover different aspects of Java programming, including Java syntax, object-oriented programming, and Java APIs. Pluralsight’s comprehensive approach ensures that you acquire the skills and knowledge required to excel in the certification exams and become a proficient Java developer.

10. Core Java Certification Training (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Learning offers a Core Java Certification Training program that covers the fundamentals of Java programming. The course provides an in-depth understanding of core Java concepts, including data types, operators, arrays, and control flow statements. It also explores object-oriented programming principles, inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling. By completing this course, you will gain the necessary knowledge to pursue a Java certification and build a successful career in Java development.


Obtaining a Java certification can significantly enhance your career prospects as a Java developer. It demonstrates your proficiency in Java programming and validates your expertise to potential employers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Java developer, there are plenty of online certification courses available to fit your needs. By enrolling in one of these top 10 Java certification courses and certifications, you can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the Java development field. Choose the course that aligns with your goals and start your journey towards becoming a certified Java professional.