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Kinetic typography is an art form that combines motion and text to create engaging and visually appealing videos. It has become incredibly popular in recent years, with more and more businesses, content creators, and individuals using it to enhance their messages and captivate their audiences.

If you want to learn how to create stunning kinetic typography videos, there are numerous online courses and certifications available that can help you master this unique skill. In this article, we will explore the 10 best kinetic typography courses and certifications online, providing you with options that suit various skill levels and learning preferences.

1. Udemy: Kinetic Typography: Make Engaging Motion Graphics Videos

Udemy offers a wide range of courses, and their “Kinetic Typography: Make Engaging Motion Graphics Videos” course is an excellent option for beginners. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to kinetic typography, covering topics such as typography principles, animation techniques, and using typography to convey emotion. It also includes hands-on exercises and projects to help you practice your newly acquired skills.

2. Skillshare: Kinetic Typography: Animate with the Basics in After Effects

Skillshare is another popular platform that offers a variety of creative courses, and their “Kinetic Typography: Animate with the Basics in After Effects” course is perfect for those who want to learn using Adobe After Effects. This course teaches you the essential techniques of kinetic typography, including keyframing, syncing motion to audio, and creating dynamic text animations. With step-by-step tutorials and project-based learning, you’ll quickly gain proficiency in creating captivating kinetic typography videos.

3. Coursera: Motion Typography: Impactful Animation with After Effects

For those seeking a comprehensive and academically rigorous course, Coursera’s “Motion Typography: Impactful Animation with After Effects” offered by CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) is an excellent choice. Taught by renowned faculty members, this course covers a broad range of topics, including the history and theory of kinetic typography, advanced animation techniques, and creating impactful typography-based narratives. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate from CalArts, showcasing your expertise in the field.

4. LinkedIn Learning: Creating Animated Characters in After Effects

If you already have some experience with kinetic typography and want to take your skills to the next level, LinkedIn Learning’s “Creating Animated Characters in After Effects” course is a fantastic option. While this course primarily focuses on character animation, it also explores techniques related to kinetic typography. You’ll learn advanced motion techniques, lip syncing, and integrating character animation with typography, allowing you to create more dynamic and engaging kinetic typography videos.

5. Domestika: Kinetic Typography: Create a Spectacular Text Animation Course

Domestika is a platform known for its high-quality creative courses, and their “Kinetic Typography: Create a Spectacular Text Animation Course” certainly lives up to that reputation. This course takes a project-based approach, guiding you through the creation of a stunning kinetic typography video from start to finish. You’ll learn essential techniques such as animating text, utilizing presets, and adding special effects, ensuring that your kinetic typography projects stand out.

6. SkillSuccess: Kinetic Typography: Kinetic Typography Animation Made Easy

If you’re looking for a concise and beginner-friendly course, SkillSuccess’ “Kinetic Typography: Kinetic Typography Animation Made Easy” is an excellent option. This course covers the basics of kinetic typography and guides you through hands-on exercises using Adobe After Effects. With easy-to-follow instructions and practical assignments, you can quickly grasp the fundamentals of kinetic typography and start creating your own animations.

7. Pluralsight: Kinetic Typography Techniques in Photoshop

For those who prefer using Adobe Photoshop for their design and animation needs, Pluralsight’s “Kinetic Typography Techniques in Photoshop” course is a fantastic choice. This course focuses on utilizing Photoshop’s powerful tools to create captivating kinetic typography videos. You’ll learn how to animate text, apply effects, and optimize your designs for various platforms, making it an excellent option for designers who want to expand their repertoire.

8. Tuts+ Course: Kinetic Typography in After Effects

Tuts+ offers a wide range of comprehensive video courses, and their “Kinetic Typography in After Effects” course is a great resource for intermediate learners. This course delves into advanced techniques, teaching you how to create complex kinetic typography animations using Adobe After Effects. From animating text along paths to incorporating video and audio elements, this course will broaden your knowledge and boost your skills as a kinetic typography creator.

9. Academy Class: Premiere Pro for Kinetic Typography Animation

If you prefer using Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and want to explore kinetic typography, Academy Class’s “Premiere Pro for Kinetic Typography Animation” course is a perfect fit. This course focuses on utilizing Premiere Pro’s powerful tools and features to create dynamic and engaging kinetic typography videos. With hands-on exercises and expert guidance, you’ll learn how to sync motion to audio, apply effects, and enhance your typography animations using Premiere Pro.

10. YouTube Tutorials and Online Communities

In addition to structured courses and certifications, YouTube tutorials and online communities are excellent resources for learning kinetic typography. Many experienced creators and experts regularly share their knowledge and techniques through free video tutorials and forums. Exploring YouTube channels such as Mt. Mograph, School of Motion, and King Tuts+ can help you discover valuable insights, tips, and tricks from industry professionals.


In conclusion, mastering kinetic typography opens up a world of creative possibilities for enhancing your videos and visual content. The internet provides a wealth of courses and certifications that cater to all skill levels, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace and according to their specific preferences.

Whether you choose courses on platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Domestika, SkillSuccess, Pluralsight, Tuts+, Academy Class, or explore free resources on YouTube, the key is to practice consistently and apply your newfound knowledge to real-world projects.

By investing time and effort into learning kinetic typography, you’ll acquire a valuable skill set that can set you apart and enable you to create stunning and impactful videos that captivate your audience.