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10 Best Ltspice Courses and Certifications Online


With the increasing demand for circuit simulation software, LTspice has become a popular choice among students, engineers, and hobbyists alike. LTspice, developed by Linear Technology Corporation, now a part of Analog Devices, allows users to analyze and simulate electronic circuits before implementation. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn LTspice from scratch or an experienced user aiming to enhance your skills, online courses and certifications can provide you with the necessary knowledge and expertise. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best LTspice courses and certifications available online.

1. LTSpice: Getting Started (Udemy)

If you are completely new to LTspice, this course offered by Udemy is an excellent starting point. The instructor, Kfir Lev-Ari, takes you through the basics of LTspice, including installation, drawing circuits, performing simulations, and analyzing results. The course is designed for beginners and provides hands-on exercises to reinforce learning.

2. Mastering LTspice (My-SPICE-of-Life)

My-SPICE-of-Life offers the “Mastering LTspice” course, which is aimed at individuals who already have a basic understanding of LTspice but want to delve deeper into its advanced features. This course covers topics such as subcircuits, parametric sweeping, modeling, and Monte Carlo analysis, equipping participants with the skills needed to tackle complex circuit simulations.

3. LTspice: Simulating Ideas & Prototypes (Udemy)

For those looking to explore LTspice for prototyping and validating circuit ideas, this Udemy course is a perfect fit. Instructor Daniel Kleine-Albers shares his expertise on using LTspice to simulate various circuit designs and troubleshoot common issues. Learners will gain valuable insights into circuit behavior and develop the ability to predict how different components will respond.

4. LTspice from Scratch: Step by Step (Udemy)

Udemy’s “LTspice from Scratch” course is designed with beginners in mind. Instructor Soliman Abdelaziz guides students through a comprehensive curriculum, starting with the basics and gradually progressing to more advanced topics such as AC analysis, digital circuits, and specialized components. By the end of the course, learners will have a solid foundation in LTspice.

5. LTspice and Switch Mode Power Supply Design (Udemy)

If you are interested in mastering the application of LTspice for switch mode power supply (SMPS) design, this Udemy course is worth considering. The instructor, Ravi Jadhav, provides in-depth knowledge of SMPS design principles and demonstrates how to use LTspice for analysis and optimization. Participants will gain valuable insights into SMPS circuits and learn how to efficiently design power supplies.

6. Circuit Simulation with LTSpice (Coursera)

Offered by the University of Colorado Boulder on Coursera, this course focuses on circuit simulation using LTspice. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate users, the course covers key concepts, such as transient analysis, frequency response, and noise analysis. The interactive assignments throughout the course allow learners to apply the knowledge they have acquired.

7. Learn Electronics with LTSpice (Udemy)

Led by instructor Chris Gammell, this Udemy course aims to teach electronics principles using LTspice. Participants will gain a solid understanding of concepts such as Ohm’s law, capacitors, diodes, and transistors, all while simulating circuits in LTspice. This course is perfect for those seeking a practical approach to learning electronics and LTspice simultaneously.

8. LTspice Training (Linear Technology)

Linear Technology, the original developers of LTspice, offers their own official LTspice Training course. Although initially designed for their staff and authorized distributors, this training course is available to the public for free. It covers LTspice’s general usage, fundamental circuit simulation techniques, and advanced features like behavioral modeling. The course materials include presentations, demos, and exercises.

9. LTspice Courses (LTspice Simulator)

LTspice Simulator offers a collection of LTspice courses on their website, catering to different skill levels and specific application areas. From basic tutorials to advanced topics like power electronics and RF circuits, these courses provide an extensive range of learning options. The tutorials are accompanied by practical examples and simulations, ensuring a hands-on learning experience.

10. LTspice Simulations: Step by Step (SP, E, & ACADEMY)

SP, E, & ACADEMY’s “LTspice Simulations: Step by Step” course focuses on practical applications of LTspice. It covers a diverse range of topics, including analog and digital circuits, semiconductor devices, op-amps, and audio electronics. The course offers a step-by-step approach to create, simulate, and analyze LTspice circuits to gain deep insights into their behavior.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, investing time in LTspice courses and certifications can greatly enhance your circuit simulation skills and allow you to design and optimize electronic circuits with confidence. The courses listed in this article offer comprehensive training, empowering learners to tackle complex simulations and troubleshoot circuit designs effectively. From the basics to advanced techniques, these online resources provide an excellent opportunity to master LTspice and boost your engineering capabilities.