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Lyric writing is a craft that requires both talent and skill. While some individuals possess a natural knack for composing captivating lyrics, others may benefit from proper guidance and training. Fortunately, in today’s digital age, there are numerous online lyric writing courses and certifications available. These courses provide aspiring lyricists with the opportunity to enhance their lyrical abilities and gain valuable insights from industry professionals. In this article, we will explore the ten best lyric writing courses and certifications online, giving you a head start on your journey towards becoming a master lyricist.

1. Berklee Online: Lyric Writing Workshop

Berklee College of Music stands among the most prestigious music institutions globally, and their Lyric Writing Workshop is no exception. In this course, students learn the essential techniques for crafting compelling lyrics, exploring topics like melody, structure, and storytelling. Through assignments and critiques from experienced music professionals, you’ll develop both your technical and creative lyric writing skills.

2. Coursera: Songwriting: Writing Lyrics and Music

Coursera offers a comprehensive course in songwriting that covers both lyrics and music composition. Taught by Pat Pattison, a renowned songwriter and professor at Berklee, this course allows you to delve deep into the art of writing lyrics. By analyzing famous songs across various genres, you’ll learn the secrets behind their success and apply those principles to your own work.

3. SongTown: Mastering Melody Writing

Building upon the foundation of lyric writing, SongTown’s Mastering Melody Writing course takes an in-depth look at creating captivating melodies that perfectly complement your lyrics. By exploring techniques like phrasing, rhythm, and hooks, you’ll learn how to craft melodies that resonate with your audience, elevating the impact of your lyrics.

4. FutureLearn: Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

FutureLearn’s course on lyric writing provides a comprehensive overview of various lyrical approaches, ranging from storytelling to abstract expression. Through real-world examples and practical exercises, you’ll develop a versatile toolkit of lyric writing techniques that can be applied to multiple genres and styles.

5. Udemy: Lyric Writing Essentials: How to Write Songs

Udemy’s Lyric Writing Essentials course focuses on songwriting as a whole, including both lyrics and music composition. Through practical exercises, you’ll learn how to generate ideas, structure your songs, and create impactful lyrics that resonate with listeners. This course also touches upon the business side of the music industry, providing tips on marketing your songs and building a successful career.

6. The Song Foundry: Creative Writing for Songwriters

The Song Foundry offers an innovative approach to lyric writing through their Creative Writing for Songwriters course. By exploring concepts from traditional creative writing and literature, you’ll learn how to infuse emotion, imagery, and storytelling into your lyrics. This course provides unique insights and techniques that can help you stand out as a lyricist.

7. Lynda.com: Writing Song Lyrics

Lynda.com’s Writing Song Lyrics course, taught by industry veteran Pat Pattison, is the go-to resource for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of crafting impactful lyrics. You’ll learn to write lyrics that evoke emotion, navigate chord progressions, and incorporate rhymes and metaphors effectively. The course also covers techniques for collaborating with other musicians, a valuable skill in the music industry.

8. Skillshare: Songwriting: How to Write a Hit Song

Skillshare offers a course that focuses on the delicate art of writing hit songs. With industry professionals as instructors, you’ll gain valuable insights into the techniques behind successful chart-topping songs. From catchy hooks to memorable lyrics, this course provides practical tips and strategies that can boost your chances of achieving commercial success.

9. MasterClass: Ryan Tedder Teaches Songwriting

MasterClass provides an exclusive opportunity to learn songwriting directly from Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder. Through a series of video lessons, Tedder shares his personal experiences, industry insights, and creative techniques. This course offers a unique glimpse into the mind of a successful songwriter and can inspire you to push the boundaries of your lyric writing abilities.

10. NYVS: Writing Lyrics to Music

NYVS’s Writing Lyrics to Music course is designed for aspiring lyricists interested in collaborating with other musicians and composers. The course covers essential topics like melody writing, song structure, and choosing the right lyrics to complement a given musical composition. By the end of the course, you’ll have gained the skills necessary to collaborate effectively and create impactful songs.


Whether you’re a beginner lyricist looking to refine your skills or an experienced songwriter seeking fresh perspectives, these ten online lyric writing courses and certifications offer valuable resources and guidance. From renowned music institutions like Berklee College of Music to exclusive lessons from industry professionals, there’s a course to suit every aspiring lyricist’s needs. So, take the leap and enroll in one of these courses to unlock your lyrical potential and set yourself on a path towards success in the world of songwriting.