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Microstrategy, a leading business intelligence and analytics software company, offers a wide range of courses and certifications to help individuals and businesses enhance their skills and knowledge in using Microstrategy tools effectively. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started with Microstrategy or an experienced professional seeking to upskill, there are numerous online courses and certifications available that can cater to your specific needs. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best Microstrategy courses and certifications online, providing you with valuable insights into each program to help you choose the right one for your career advancement.

1. Microstrategy Certified Business Intelligence Developer

This certification is designed for individuals who have a strong foundation in the Microstrategy platform and want to enhance their skills as a business intelligence developer. The course covers topics such as data modeling, report creation, dashboard design, and advanced analytics using Microstrategy tools. By earning this certification, you can demonstrate your proficiency in developing and deploying enterprise-level business intelligence solutions.

2. Microstrategy Certified Analyst

If you aspire to become an expert in data analysis using Microstrategy, the Certified Analyst course is the ideal choice. This program focuses on teaching you how to leverage Microstrategy tools to analyze large datasets effectively, create interactive dashboards, and generate insightful reports. The certification is suitable for data analysts, business analysts, and anyone involved in data-driven decision-making processes.

3. Microstrategy Certified Designer

The Certified Designer course aims to equip individuals with the skills needed to design visually appealing and user-friendly dashboards using Microstrategy Visual Insights. This program covers topics such as dashboard layout, data visualization techniques, and best practices for designing impactful dashboards. Upon completion, you will be able to create stunning dashboards that enable users to gain valuable insights from their data effortlessly.

4. Microstrategy Data Discovery

Data discovery plays a crucial role in uncovering hidden patterns and trends within your data. The Microstrategy Data Discovery course provides comprehensive training that enables participants to explore data visually, discover relationships, and uncover valuable insights. By mastering data discovery techniques, you can make data-driven decisions with confidence and drive business growth.

5. Microstrategy Certified Administrator

For those responsible for managing and maintaining Microstrategy deployments, the Certified Administrator course is a must-have. This program covers topics such as server architecture, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting techniques. By becoming a certified Microstrategy Administrator, you can ensure the smooth operation and optimal performance of your Microstrategy environment.

6. Microstrategy Mobile

Mobile business intelligence is on the rise, and organizations are increasingly relying on mobile apps to access critical business data anytime, anywhere. The Microstrategy Mobile course provides insights into developing mobile-optimized business intelligence applications using the Microstrategy platform. You will learn how to design and deploy mobile analytics solutions that empower users with real-time insights on their smartphones and tablets.

7. Microstrategy Architect

The Microstrategy Architect course is designed for individuals who want to gain expertise in designing and implementing scalable and high-performance Microstrategy systems. The program covers topics such as project design, schema objects, multi-source data models, and best practices for performance optimization. By mastering these skills, you can ensure your Microstrategy solutions are architecturally sound and deliver optimal performance.

8. Microstrategy Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is a critical component of any successful business intelligence strategy. The Microstrategy Advanced Analytics course offers in-depth training on statistical analysis, data mining, predictive modeling, and data visualization techniques. By leveraging advanced analytics capabilities, you can unleash the full potential of your data and make data-driven predictions and informed business decisions.

9. Microstrategy Big Data Analytics

In today’s era of big data, organizations are grappling with enormous volumes of data generated from various sources. The Microstrategy Big Data Analytics course equips individuals with the skills needed to leverage Microstrategy tools to analyze and derive insights from big data. The program covers topics such as Hadoop integration, data preparation, data blending, and predictive analytics on big data. By mastering big data analytics, you can unlock the hidden potential of your vast data repositories.

10. Microstrategy Developer

For individuals looking to kickstart their career in Microstrategy development, the Microstrategy Developer course is an excellent starting point. This program provides a comprehensive introduction to the Microstrategy ecosystem, covering topics such as data modeling, report creation, dashboard design, and basic administration tasks. By completing this course, you will have a solid foundation in Microstrategy development and be well-prepared to take on more advanced courses and certifications.


By investing time and effort in Microstrategy courses and certifications, you can enhance your skills, gain industry-recognized credentials, and unlock new career opportunities. Whether you are interested in business intelligence development, data analysis, dashboard design, or advanced analytics, Microstrategy offers a range of programs to cater to your specific needs. From beginners to experienced professionals, there is a course for everyone. So, take the first step towards becoming a Microstrategy expert and start your learning journey today.