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In recent years, the practice of Nei Gong has gained popularity among individuals seeking to cultivate their inner energy and achieve physical and mental harmony. Nei Gong, which translates to “internal skill,” is an ancient Chinese practice that involves the cultivation, circulation, and refinement of Qi, or life energy. If you are interested in exploring the world of Nei Gong and harnessing its transformative power, enrolling in an online course or certification program can provide you with comprehensive guidance and expertise. In this article, we will explore ten of the best Nei Gong courses and certifications available online, each offering unique teachings, expert instruction, and a pathway to greater self-discovery.

1. Energy Arts: Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body

One of the most highly recommended Nei Gong courses is offered by Energy Arts. Their “Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body” program is renowned for its comprehensive and accessible teachings. With this course, you will learn fundamental Nei Gong practices, including energy breathing, standing postures, and energy connectivity exercises. The program is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners, and it provides a solid foundation for further exploration in Nei Gong.

2. Long White Cloud Qigong: Nei Gong Foundation Level 1

Long White Cloud Qigong offers a Nei Gong certification program designed to deepen your understanding of energy cultivation. The Nei Gong Foundation Level 1 course covers basic movements and exercises to enhance energetic connection and awareness. Additionally, it provides detailed instructions on meditation techniques designed to unlock the flow of Qi within your body. This program is perfect for those who seek a systematic and structured approach to Nei Gong practice.

3. Lotus Nei Gong Online Academy

Lotus Nei Gong Online Academy offers a variety of Nei Gong courses for all levels of practitioners. Their curriculum covers traditional teachings from both Chinese and Taoist lineages. From Foundation Level courses to advanced practitioner programs, Lotus Nei Gong Online Academy offers a well-rounded and authentic Nei Gong experience. Their instructors are highly experienced in Nei Gong practice and provide personalized guidance to help you deepen your practice.

4. Qigong Awareness: Level 1 Nei Gong for Healing

Qigong Awareness offers a Level 1 Nei Gong certification program that focuses on using energy cultivation for healing purposes. In this course, you will learn specific techniques to enhance your energetic sensitivity and use that sensitivity to facilitate healing within yourself and others. The program is suitable for individuals interested in incorporating Nei Gong into their healing practice or for those who wish to develop a deeper connection with their body’s energy systems.

5. College of Tao: Science and Wonders of Taoist Nei Gong

For those looking to delve into the scientific aspects of Nei Gong practice, the College of Tao offers an in-depth Nei Gong certification course. This program explores the physiological, psychological, and energetic aspects of Nei Gong, providing a comprehensive understanding of the practice. With a strong emphasis on scientific research and analysis, this course is ideal for individuals who appreciate an evidence-based approach to their Nei Gong training.

6. Embodied School of Tai Chi & Nei Gong: Nei Gong Foundations

The Embodied School of Tai Chi & Nei Gong offers a Nei Gong Foundations course that serves as a stepping stone to a deeper practice. This program focuses on building a strong foundation by guiding students through essential Nei Gong exercises with detailed explanations. Alongside the physical movements, instructors provide insightful information on the energetic principles behind each technique. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate practitioner, this course will equip you with a solid understanding of Nei Gong fundamentals.

7. Taoist Arts Center: Nei Gong Basics

The Taoist Arts Center offers a Nei Gong Basics course that introduces practitioners to the core principles of this ancient practice. Through a series of guided exercises, students learn to activate and circulate Qi, develop awareness of the body’s energetic pathways, and cultivate a deeper connection to their inner energy. The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, providing a well-rounded introduction to Nei Gong.

8. Alchemy Arts: Nei Gong – The Internal Skill of Qigong

Alchemy Arts offers a comprehensive Nei Gong online course that aims to strengthen the practitioner’s mind, body, and spirit. This program takes a holistic approach to Nei Gong, combining Qigong movements with breathwork and meditation. In addition to the physical practices, students gain insights into the psychological and spiritual aspects of Nei Gong. Whether you are interested in self-improvement or embarking on a career as a Nei Gong instructor, this course provides the essential knowledge and skills.

9. Rising Dragon Tai Chi: The Nei Gong Series

Rising Dragon Tai Chi offers a series of Nei Gong courses that focus on developing internal strength and energy awareness. This program takes an integrative approach, blending traditional Taoist practices with modern understanding. With each course, you will deepen your understanding of Nei Gong principles, refine your energetic sensitivity, and learn advanced techniques to cultivate Qi. The courses are designed for dedicated practitioners who wish to explore the depths of Nei Gong.

10. National Qigong Association: Certified Qigong Instructor Program

The National Qigong Association offers a Certified Qigong Instructor program that includes comprehensive Nei Gong training. This program is ideal for individuals who aspire to become certified instructors and share their knowledge of Nei Gong with others. The curriculum covers both theoretical and practical aspects of Nei Gong, including specific techniques, energetic principles, and instructional methodologies. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have the necessary skills and certification to teach Nei Gong professionally.


Embarking on a Nei Gong journey can be a transformative experience, leading to improved physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. Investing in an online course or certification program allows you to access expert guidance from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a beginner looking to establish a strong foundation or an experienced practitioner seeking to deepen your practice, these ten online Nei Gong courses and certifications offer valuable knowledge and support. With consistent dedication and proper guidance, you can unlock the profound benefits of Nei Gong and embark on a lifelong path of self-discovery.