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Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm, revolutionizing the way we buy, sell, and trade digital assets. From artworks and collectibles to virtual real estate and music albums, NFTs allow us to own and prove ownership of unique digital items through blockchain technology. Given their growing popularity, it’s no surprise that the demand for NFT experts and professionals is on the rise. If you’re looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field of NFTs, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best NFT Non Fungible Tokens courses and certifications available online.

1. NFTs: Understanding, Creating, and Managing Non-fungible Tokens by Udemy

Udemy has always been a go-to platform for online learning, and their course on NFTs is no exception. This comprehensive course provides a solid foundation by teaching you everything you need to know about NFTs, including their history, technical aspects, and current market trends. You’ll also learn how to create, manage, and market your own NFTs, giving you practical skills to kick-start your career in NFTs.

2. Blockchain Basics for NFTs by Coursera

Coursera offers this insightful course that focuses on the basics of blockchain technology specifically for NFTs. It covers topics such as decentralized applications, smart contracts, and the Ethereum blockchain – the most popular platform for NFTs. Throughout the course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how blockchain technology powers NFTs and their unique characteristics.

3. Non-Fungible Tokens: A Beginner’s Guide to NFTs by Skillshare

Skillshare offers this beginner-friendly course that simplifies the concept of NFTs for those new to the field. The course covers the history and potential of NFTs, the process of creating and selling NFTs, and how to participate in NFT marketplaces. By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid foundation and be equipped with the knowledge to navigate the world of NFTs with confidence.

4. NFT Deep Dive by ConsenSys Academy

ConsenSys Academy, a leading provider of blockchain education, offers the NFT Deep Dive course. This course is designed for individuals with a technical background and delves into the intricacies of NFTs, including token standards, minting, metadata, and royalties. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of NFTs and the technical skills to create and manage your own.

5. Ethereum Development Course by B9lab

B9lab’s Ethereum Development Course is a top-notch program that covers the technical aspects of building NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to create your own smart contracts and implement NFT functionality. This course is tailored for developers who want to dive deep into the technicalities of NFTs and build groundbreaking applications.

6. NFT Art and Collectibles Course by Christie’s Education

Christie’s Education, renowned for its expertise in the art world, offers a specialized course focusing on NFT art and collectibles. This course explores the intersection of art and technology, providing a deep understanding of the NFT art market and its trends. You’ll learn about the history of NFT art, valuation methods, and legal and ethical considerations. This course is perfect for art enthusiasts and collectors looking to navigate the NFT art world.

7. NFTs: Creator’s Guide to Decentralized IP by 11:FS Academy

11:FS Academy’s course on NFTs offers valuable insights into the intersection of NFTs and intellectual property (IP). It covers topics such as copyright, licensing, and the implications of owning and creating NFTs. This course is essential for creators, artists, and content creators seeking to protect their work while leveraging the benefits of the NFT ecosystem.

8. The Business of NFTs by Khan Academy

Khan Academy, known for its high-quality educational content, has a course dedicated to the business side of NFTs. This course explores the economic aspects of NFTs, including pricing, market trends, and investment strategies. It also delves into the world of NFT marketplaces and the mechanics behind successful NFT projects. If you’re interested in the business side of NFTs, this course is a must.

9. Introduction to NFTs by BEF Academy

BEF Academy’s Introduction to NFTs course is a beginner-friendly program that provides a well-rounded understanding of the fundamentals of NFTs. It covers topics such as tokenization, NFT marketplaces, and the various applications of NFTs beyond art. With real-world examples and case studies, this course equips you with the knowledge needed to explore the vast potential of NFTs.

10. NFTs – A Cultural and Legal Perspective by The University of Hong Kong

For those interested in the legal and cultural aspects of NFTs, The University of Hong Kong offers a course that explores these dimensions. This interdisciplinary course covers cultural heritage, intellectual property rights, and ethical considerations related to NFTs. By examining the broader impact of NFTs, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of their implications in different societies and legal systems.


With the demand for NFT experts on the rise, acquiring the right knowledge and skills is crucial. These 10 courses and certifications provide a comprehensive understanding of NFTs from various perspectives – technical, business, artistic, and legal. Whether you’re a developer, artist, collector, or entrepreneur, these courses will equip you with the necessary tools to thrive in the booming world of NFTs. So choose the course that aligns with your goals and interests, and embark on your journey to become an NFT professional.