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OpenFOAM is a highly popular and powerful free and open-source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software package that allows users to simulate a wide range of fluid flow phenomena. With its versatility and wide range of applications, mastering OpenFOAM can significantly boost one’s career prospects in the field of engineering and fluid dynamics. Fortunately, there are numerous online courses and certifications available that can help aspiring professionals and enthusiasts enhance their skills and knowledge in OpenFOAM. In this article, we will explore the ten best OpenFOAM courses and certifications available online.

1. OpenFOAM® Foundation

The OpenFOAM® Foundation offers an official and comprehensive online course for beginners called “Introduction to OpenFOAM” that covers the fundamentals of the software. The course provides a detailed overview of the numerical methods used in OpenFOAM and guides participants through the installation and customization processes. By the end of the course, students will gain a solid understanding of OpenFOAM and its application in various fields.

2. CFD Direct

CFD Direct, the architects of OpenFOAM, provide an assortment of online training courses and certifications for individuals wishing to advance their skills in OpenFOAM. Their courses include topics like “OpenFOAM Programming” for those interested in developing custom solvers and utilities, “Turbulence Modeling” for understanding complex turbulent flows, and “Polyhedral Mesh Generation with OpenFOAM” to explore meshing techniques. Each course is designed to cater to specific needs and provides valuable insights into using OpenFOAM effectively.

3. SimScale

SimScale, a cloud-based platform for simulating engineering projects, offers an introductory training course called “CFD with OpenFOAM” that covers the basics of fluid dynamics simulations using OpenFOAM. The course covers topics such as meshing, boundary conditions, and post-processing, enabling participants to become proficient in simulating and analyzing fluid flows.

4. Udemy

Udemy, a popular online learning platform, hosts various OpenFOAM courses created by industry experts. One highly-rated course is “Learn OpenFOAM by Coding in C++” which focuses on enhancing coding skills by teaching participants how to develop custom solvers in OpenFOAM. Another notable course is “Turbulent Flows With OpenFOAM” which delves into advanced turbulence modeling techniques. These courses provide hands-on experience and are suitable for individuals looking to deepen their understanding of OpenFOAM.

5. OpenFOAM in Action

“OpenFOAM in Action,” an online course by Wikki Ltd., provides practical training for using OpenFOAM in real-life engineering scenarios. The course covers topics like automotive and aerospace aerodynamics, heat transfer, and multiphase flows, showcasing how OpenFOAM can be applied to solve industry-orientated problems. Participants will gain valuable experience in critical problem-solving and analysis techniques.

6. Coursera

Coursera, a renowned online learning platform, hosts a variety of OpenFOAM courses provided by leading universities and institutions. “CFD Simulations With OpenFOAM,” offered by ICOS Platform, covers the basics of computational fluid dynamics using OpenFOAM, including meshing, solving equations, and visualizing results. This introductory course is ideal for beginners and provides a strong foundation for further exploration of OpenFOAM.


FEATFLOW, a comprehensive suite for solving engineering and scientific problems, offers an online training course called “Introduction to FEATFLOW and OpenFOAM” that focuses on numerical simulation of fluid flow problems. This course provides a step-by-step guide to using OpenFOAM, starting from basic case setup to advanced simulations. By the end of the course, participants will be capable of conducting complex fluid flow simulations using OpenFOAM.

8. CFD Training

CFD Training, an organization specializing in computational fluid dynamics, offers an OpenFOAM training course for engineers and scientists seeking to enhance their expertise. The course covers topics like meshing, turbulence modeling, and multiphase flows, providing a comprehensive understanding of using OpenFOAM for various real-world applications. CFD Training’s course is ideal for professionals looking to develop practical skills in using OpenFOAM effectively.

9. Engineering Training Solutions

Engineering Training Solutions provides a comprehensive online OpenFOAM training course that covers the fundamentals of CFD and its applications. The course focuses on hands-on training, allowing participants to practice various aspects of OpenFOAM, such as meshing, setting boundary conditions, and analyzing simulation results. Engineering Training Solutions’ course equips learners with the essential skills needed to undertake complex CFD simulations using OpenFOAM.

10. The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers an online CFD course called “Computational Fluid Dynamics Using OpenFOAM,” aimed at providing a deep understanding of fluid flow simulation using OpenFOAM. This university-accredited course covers topics like finite volume discretization, turbulence modeling, and multiphase flows, with a strong emphasis on practical implementation. Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course, amplifying their credentials in the field.


Mastering OpenFOAM can open doors to numerous opportunities in the field of engineering and fluid dynamics. With the availability of online courses and certifications, individuals can easily enhance their skills and knowledge from the comfort of their own homes. From the official OpenFOAM® Foundation course to platforms like CFD Direct, SimScale, Udemy, and Coursera, the options are plentiful. Whether you are just beginning your OpenFOAM journey or looking to expand your expertise, these courses offer a professional and informative path to success in the world of CFD simulations. Invest in your career and embark on an OpenFOAM learning journey today!