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Oracle is a leading provider of database software and technologies, and their certifications are highly valued in the IT industry. The Oracle 1Z0 1104 21 certification is specifically designed for developers who work with Oracle Application Express (APEX). This certification validates one’s skills in building reliable, high-performance, and scalable web applications using Oracle APEX.

To achieve this certification, it is important to have a solid understanding of Oracle APEX and its various components. Many professionals choose to enroll in online courses to enhance their knowledge and skills in this domain. In this article, we will explore the ten best online courses and certifications for Oracle 1Z0 1104 21.

1. “Oracle Application Express (APEX) Certification Training”

This comprehensive course offered by Simplilearn is designed to help participants become proficient in Oracle APEX. The course covers topics such as application design, security, deployment, and performance optimization. It also provides hands-on exercises and real-world projects to reinforce the learning.

2. “Oracle Application Express (APEX) for Beginners: Build a Web Application!”

For those new to Oracle APEX, this course offered on Udemy is an excellent choice. It focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Oracle APEX through hands-on projects. By the end of the course, participants will have built a fully functional web application using Oracle APEX.

3. “Advanced Oracle APEX Techniques: Take Your APEX Skills to the Next Level!”

This course, also available on Udemy, is designed for individuals who already have some experience with Oracle APEX and want to take their skills to the next level. The course covers advanced topics such as dynamic actions, plug-ins, and custom authentication. It also provides practical examples and best practices for building complex applications.

4. “Oracle APEX 20: Developing Web Applications”

Pluralsight offers this in-depth course that covers the essentials of Oracle APEX development. Participants will learn how to create database applications, design user interfaces, and secure their applications. The course also explores advanced topics such as building interactive reports and incorporating JavaScript into applications.

5. “Oracle APEX: Developing Applications from Scratch”

This course, available on LinkedIn Learning, is ideal for individuals who are new to Oracle APEX and want to learn how to build applications from scratch. Participants will gain hands-on experience in creating applications, managing user authentication, and implementing security measures. The course also covers best practices for maintaining and troubleshooting applications.

6. “Oracle APEX: From Beginner to Professional Masterclass”

For those looking for a comprehensive course that covers both the basics and advanced topics of Oracle APEX, this Udemy course is a great option. The course takes participants on a journey from beginner to professional, covering topics such as SQL and PL/SQL integration, master-detail relationships, and using web sources in applications.

7. “Oracle APEX: Creating a Mobile App from Scratch”

This unique course, offered by Udemy, focuses on building mobile applications using Oracle APEX. Participants will learn how to create responsive designs, implement mobile-specific features, and publish their applications to app stores. The course also covers best practices for optimizing performance and user experience in mobile applications.

8. “Oracle APEX for Data Analysts”

Designed for data analysts, this course offered on Oracle’s official training website is geared towards leveraging Oracle APEX for data analysis and reporting. Participants will learn how to create interactive reports, implement data visualization techniques, and integrate data from external sources. The course also explores advanced topics such as data security and performance tuning.

9. “Oracle APEX for Business Users”

This course, also available on Oracle’s official training website, is specifically designed for business users who want to utilize Oracle APEX to build applications and automate business processes. The course covers topics such as creating forms, generating reports, and designing workflows. Participants will gain the skills to create tailored applications that meet their business requirements.

10. “Oracle APEX Administration: System Monitoring and Maintenance”

For IT professionals responsible for the administration of Oracle APEX environments, this course offered on Oracle’s official training website is essential. The course covers topics such as system monitoring, performance tuning, and backup and recovery strategies. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and maintain Oracle APEX environments effectively.


Obtaining the Oracle 1Z0 1104 21 certification can significantly enhance one’s career prospects in the IT industry, and enrolling in online courses is an effective way to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. From beginner courses to advanced masterclasses, the ten online courses mentioned above offer a broad range of options for professionals looking to specialize in Oracle APEX. Whether you are a developer, data analyst, or business user, these courses will help you become proficient in Oracle APEX and enhance your professional capabilities.