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Playwriting is a unique art form that requires a combination of creativity, storytelling skills, and technical understanding. Whether you’re an aspiring playwright or a seasoned writer looking to enhance your skills, taking a playwriting course online can be a great way to learn and grow as a playwright. In this article, we will explore the top 10 playwriting courses and certifications available online, offering you a wide range of options to choose from and help you reach your writing goals.

1. MasterClass: Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

If you’re a fan of Aaron Sorkin’s work and aspire to write compelling dialogue, this is the course for you. In this MasterClass, Sorkin shares his insights and techniques on how to craft engaging and impactful stories for the screen. With 25 video lessons, accompanying workbook, and the opportunity to receive feedback from your peers, this course provides a comprehensive learning experience.

2. Coursera: Introduction to Playwriting

Coursera offers an excellent playwriting course taught by Brighde Mullins, a renowned playwright and faculty member at the California Institute of the Arts. Through video lectures, readings, and writing exercises, you will learn the fundamentals of playwriting, including character development, dialogue, and structure. Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to submit your work to be reviewed by your peers.

3. Udemy: Playwriting 101 – From Idea to The Final Script

For beginners looking to dive into the world of playwriting, this Udemy course is an ideal choice. Taught by Jennifer Mattern, an experienced playwright, this course covers everything you need to know to go from an initial idea to a finished script. You will learn about plot development, creating compelling characters, and the technical aspects of playwriting. With downloadable resources and lifetime access to the course materials, you can learn at your own pace.

4. FutureLearn: Explore Playwriting – From Idea to Performance

FutureLearn offers a comprehensive playwriting course that takes you on a creative journey from developing an idea to seeing your work performed. With input from industry professionals and the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students, this course provides a dynamic and interactive learning experience. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the playwriting process and be ready to showcase your work.

5. The New School: Online Playwriting Workshop

The New School’s Online Playwriting Workshop is designed for both beginners and experienced writers. Taught by award-winning playwrights, the course combines video lectures, writing exercises, and critiques to guide you through the playwriting process. The workshop environment fosters a supportive community where you can receive feedback and collaborate with other aspiring playwrights.

6. edX: Script Writing: Write a Pilot Episode for a TV or Web Series

If you’re interested in writing for television or web series, this edX course is a fantastic choice. Taught by Sheryl J. Anderson, an accomplished television writer, this course will teach you how to create a compelling pilot episode. You will learn about character development, story structure, and the unique challenges of writing for the screen. By the end of the course, you will have a polished pilot episode ready to pitch.

7. Gotham Writers: Playwriting

Gotham Writers offers an online playwriting course that covers the essential elements of dramatic writing. From creating dynamic characters to constructing a well-structured plot, this course provides a solid foundation for aspiring playwrights. The course is taught by industry professionals and includes interactive writing exercises, readings, and discussions for a hands-on learning experience.

8. Drama Online: Fundamentals of Playwriting

Drama Online’s playwriting course is perfect for writers who prefer a self-paced learning experience. This course covers the basics of playwriting, including character development, dialogue, and stage directions. With access to a variety of scripts, exercises, and resources, you can explore different styles and techniques to enhance your writing skills.

9. University of California, Berkeley: Writing and Performing the One-Act Play

For those interested in the specific art form of one-act plays, this course offered by the University of California, Berkeley is an excellent choice. Through readings, discussions, and writing exercises, you will learn how to condense a compelling story into a concise one-act play. This course also provides insights into the performance aspects of the play, allowing you to explore the symbiotic relationship between writing and performing.

10. Stratford Festival: Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance

While not strictly a playwriting course, the Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance program offered by Stratford Festival can greatly benefit aspiring playwrights. By studying Shakespeare’s plays and exploring his techniques, you can gain valuable insights into character development, dialogue, and storytelling. Through interactive workshops, performances, and discussions, you will enhance your understanding of the craft of playwriting.


Taking an online playwriting course or certification can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration needed to excel in the world of playwriting. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced writer hoping to refine your craft, the courses and certifications mentioned in this article offer a diverse range of options to suit your needs. So, why wait? Enroll in a playwriting course today and embark on an exciting journey of creative expression and storytelling.