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Procrastination, the fine art of putting off tasks until the last possible moment, is a habit that many of us struggle with. Whether it’s a looming deadline or a personal goal that keeps getting pushed to the back burner, procrastination can hinder our productivity and progress. However, the good news is that there are numerous courses and certifications available online that can help us overcome this tendency and become more efficient and focused. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best procrastination courses and certifications that will equip you with the tools and strategies to conquer procrastination once and for all.

1. The Power of Mindful Productivity

Designed and taught by productivity expert, Dr. Melissa Gratias, “The Power of Mindful Productivity” course focuses on helping participants develop a mindful approach to work, taking control of their time and energy. Through various techniques and exercises, the course guides learners towards overcoming procrastination by becoming more aware of their habits and implementing strategies that promote focus and intentionality.

2. Overcoming Procrastination: How to Achieve Deep Work

Offered by renowned productivity coach, Daniel Jacobs, “Overcoming Procrastination: How to Achieve Deep Work” is a comprehensive course that delves into the science behind procrastination and provides practical tips on how to overcome it. With a combination of video lectures, exercises, and real-life case studies, this course aims to transform the way you approach work, allowing you to achieve deep focus and complete tasks with efficiency.

3. Mastering Time Management and Productivity

If you’re seeking a course that tackles procrastination from a broader perspective, “Mastering Time Management and Productivity” is an excellent choice. Taught by bestselling author and time management expert, Brian Tracy, this course covers various aspects of time management, productivity, and effective goal setting. By learning how to prioritize tasks and break them down into manageable steps, participants can overcome procrastination and make progress towards their goals.

4. Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed

For those who often feel overwhelmed by their workload and struggle to stay organized, “Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed” is an ideal course. Taught by expert instructor Alexis Haselberger, this course teaches participants how to streamline their tasks, create effective schedules, and stay motivated. By implementing strategies for managing distractions and breaking tasks into smaller, manageable units, you can overcome procrastination and regain control of your time.

5. The Science of Well-Being

Offered by Yale University, “The Science of Well-Being” is a popular online certification course that explores the science behind happiness and strategies for leading a more fulfilling life. While not exclusively focused on procrastination, this course helps participants understand the psychological factors that contribute to procrastination and provides valuable insights on how to increase motivation and overcome barriers that hinder productivity.

6. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

Procrastination can often manifest in scenarios where negotiations are involved. To equip yourself with the skills to overcome such procrastination in negotiation situations, consider taking the “Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills” course offered by the University of Michigan. By learning effective communication techniques, conflict management strategies, and negotiation tactics, you can tackle procrastination head-on and navigate critical negotiations with confidence.

7. Time Management Mastery: Do More, Stress Less!

Time management goes hand in hand with overcoming procrastination. In the “Time Management Mastery: Do More, Stress Less!” course, instructor Dave Crenshaw provides practical tools and techniques for effectively managing time, setting priorities, and minimizing distractions. By implementing these strategies, you can develop a proactive mindset, minimize procrastination tendencies, and accomplish more in less time.

8. Become a Speed Demon: Productivity Tricks to Have More Time

If you find yourself constantly struggling with tight deadlines due to procrastination, “Become a Speed Demon: Productivity Tricks to Have More Time” can provide invaluable insights. Taught by productivity expert Jonathan Levi, this course focuses on efficiency and time-saving tactics that can optimize your workflow. By learning to work smarter, not harder, you can break the cycle of procrastination and consistently meet deadlines with ease.

9. Achieving Personal Success

Personal development is often hindered by procrastination. “Achieving Personal Success” offered by the University of Pennsylvania helps participants develop self-awareness, set meaningful goals, and overcome obstacles that impede progress. By exploring topics like motivation, self-discipline, and resilience, this course empowers individuals to overcome procrastination and attain personal success in various areas of their lives.

10. The Power of Motivation: Inspire Yourself and Others

Motivation plays a vital role in combating procrastination. The “Power of Motivation: Inspire Yourself and Others” course, available on Udemy, delves into the theory and practice of motivation. By understanding the underlying psychological principles, participants can develop techniques to increase motivation, stay focused, and overcome the temptation to procrastinate.


Procrastination can hinder our productivity, impede personal growth, and contribute to unnecessary stress. Thankfully, with the abundance of online courses and certifications available today, we can equip ourselves with the necessary tools and strategies to overcome this habit. Whether it’s developing mindfulness, mastering time management, or understanding the science behind motivation, these top 10 procrastination courses and certifications offer a variety of options to help individuals conquer procrastination and achieve their goals. Embrace the opportunity to invest in yourself and take the first step towards a more focused, productive, and fulfilling life.