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In today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving business landscape, agile leadership is essential for success. By embracing an evidence-based management (EBM) approach, leaders can make more informed decisions and effectively drive their organizations forward. If you’re looking to enhance your professional agile leadership skills and gain industry-recognized certifications, this article will provide you with a list of the 10 best online courses and certifications available.

1. Professional Agile Leadership Essentials (PAL-E)

The Professional Agile Leadership Essentials (PAL-E) course, offered by Scrum.org, is designed to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to lead agile teams effectively. This course covers topics such as servant leadership, creating high-performing teams, and facilitating organizational change. Upon completion, participants can take the PAL-E certification exam to validate their agile leadership skills.

2. Certified Agile Leadership (CAL)

The Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) certification, provided by the Scrum Alliance, is a highly regarded credential for agile leaders. This certification program offers two levels: CAL I and CAL II. CAL I focuses on the basics of agile leadership, while CAL II delves deeper into advanced leadership concepts. By earning the CAL certification, you demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and agile leadership excellence.

3. Agile Leadership Certification (ICP-ALP)

The Agile Leadership Certification (ICP-ALP) course, offered by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), is an immersive learning experience designed to develop agile leadership skills. Participants learn how to create thriving agile organizations, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and address complex challenges effectively. The ICP-ALP certification serves as a testament to your ability to lead in agile environments.

4. Agile Leadership for Turbulent Times

The Agile Leadership for Turbulent Times course, available on Udemy, provides leaders with the tools and strategies needed to navigate and thrive in today’s volatile business landscape. This course focuses on agile leadership principles, effective change management, and fostering resilience in uncertain times. After completing this course, participants receive a certificate of completion as recognition of their agile leadership skills.

5. Evidence-Based Management (EBMgt) Foundations

The Evidence-Based Management (EBMgt) Foundations course, offered by Scrum.org, is specifically designed to help individuals and organizations make better decisions based on evidence. This course covers topics such as framing goals, measuring progress, and making data-driven decisions. By earning the EBMgt Foundations certification, you demonstrate your proficiency in evidence-based management.

6. Certified Agile Leadership for Executives (CAL-E)

The Certified Agile Leadership for Executives (CAL-E) certification, also provided by the Scrum Alliance, is tailored to meet the needs of senior executives and leaders. This program equips executives with the knowledge and skills required to lead agile transformations at an organizational level. The CAL-E certification demonstrates your ability to champion agile initiatives and drive change at the highest level.

7. Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM)

While not specifically focused on agile leadership, the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) certification, offered by Scrum Alliance, is highly beneficial for leaders in agile environments. By deepening your understanding of Scrum and expanding your facilitation skills, you will be better equipped to lead agile teams and support their growth. The A-CSM certification validates your expertise in Scrum and agile practices.

8. Leading Agile Teams

The Leading Agile Teams course, available on Coursera, provides leaders with practical guidance on leading and managing agile teams effectively. This course covers topics such as team dynamics, effective communication, and creating a culture of trust and collaboration. By completing this course and the associated assessments, you can earn a certificate to showcase your agile leadership capabilities.

9. Agile Leadership Training for Senior Managers

The Agile Leadership Training for Senior Managers course, offered by Business Agility Academy, is specifically designed for senior leaders seeking to drive agile transformations in their organizations. This program focuses on agile leadership principles, change management strategies, and empowering teams. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate that recognizes their agile leadership expertise.

10. Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I) – Value Stream Consulting

The Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I) – Value Stream Consulting course, provided by Value Stream Consulting, delves into the fundamentals of agile leadership and value stream consulting. Through interactive learning experiences, participants gain the necessary skills to drive agile transformations and optimize value delivery. Successful completion of this course earns participants the PAL I certification.


As the business landscape continues to evolve, professional agile leadership and evidence-based management become increasingly crucial for success. By investing in online courses and certifications, you can enhance your skills, validate your expertise, and stay ahead in today’s dynamic work environment. Whether you choose to pursue the Professional Agile Leadership Essentials (PAL-E), the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL), or any other course mentioned in this article, you will be well-equipped to lead agile teams and drive organizational growth. Start your journey towards professional agile leadership excellence today.