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Psychic abilities have always fascinated and captivated people all over the world. Whether you believe in the world beyond what we can see or are simply curious about the mysteries of the mind, psychic courses and certifications can be a great way to explore these intriguing subjects. Fortunately, with the rise of online education, you can now access some of the best psychic courses and certifications from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we will present 10 of the top online options available, allowing you to enhance your psychic abilities and expand your understanding of the psychic realm.

1. Psychic Development Academy

The Psychic Development Academy offers a comprehensive online course that covers all aspects of psychic development. This course is suitable for beginners looking to explore their psychic potential as well as more experienced individuals seeking to deepen their skills. With lessons on topics such as psychic protection, energy healing, and mediumship, this course provides a well-rounded education in psychic development.

2. Psychic Mediumship Certification

If you are particularly interested in becoming a psychic medium, the Psychic Mediumship Certification offered by Psychic School may be the perfect choice for you. This course focuses specifically on developing your ability to connect with spirits and communicate messages from the other side. Through various exercises and practical assignments, you will learn how to channel spirit energy and deliver accurate and meaningful messages.

3. Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards have long been a popular tool for gaining insights and guidance. The Intuitive Tarot Card Reading course offered by Tarot Academy allows you to learn how to interpret the cards intuitively and tap into your natural psychic abilities for a more powerful reading experience. With step-by-step guidance and practice exercises, you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to perform detailed tarot card readings.

4. Psychic Clairvoyant Certification

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that are not visible to the naked eye. If you are interested in developing this psychic skill, the Psychic Clairvoyant Certification course provided by Psychic Clairvoyant School is a fantastic option. Through a series of practical exercises, meditations, and lessons on understanding symbolism, you will learn how to expand your visionary abilities and gain insight into the unseen world.

5. Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing

Energy healing and chakra balancing are essential skills for any aspiring psychic. The Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing course offered by Mystic Healing School provides a thorough understanding of the energy body, chakras, and their influence on physical and emotional well-being. You will learn various techniques to cleanse, balance, and heal the energy centers, allowing you to enhance your psychic abilities and promote a sense of inner harmony.

6. Remote Viewing Mastery

Remote viewing is the ability to perceive distant or hidden targets using only the power of the mind. The Remote Viewing Mastery course offered by Remote Viewing Online is designed to help you develop this skill to its fullest potential. Through guided exercises and practical applications, you will learn how to access and interpret information beyond the limitations of time and space, expanding your awareness and psychic abilities.

7. Psychic Investigator Certification

For those interested in applying psychic abilities to solve mysteries and investigate the unknown, the Psychic Investigator Certification course offered by Psychic Investigation Academy is an excellent choice. This course combines psychic development with investigative techniques, teaching you how to use your psychic skills to gather information, conduct remote viewing sessions, and provide accurate insights in various investigative scenarios.

8. Astrology Foundations

Astrology has been used for centuries as a way to gain insight into personality traits, life events, and future trends. The Astrology Foundations course offered by Astrology Academy provides a comprehensive education in astrology, teaching you how to interpret birth charts, understand planetary influences, and offer accurate astrological readings. This course is suitable for both beginners and those with some prior knowledge of astrology.

9. Angel Therapy Practitioner Certification

If you are drawn to the angelic realm and its guidance, the Angel Therapy Practitioner Certification offered by Angel Healing School may be an ideal choice. This course teaches you how to connect and work with angels for healing and guidance purposes. Through exercises, meditations, and practical assignments, you will learn how to access angelic energies, deliver angel card readings, and provide angelic healing to others.

10. Past Life Regression

Exploring past lives can provide valuable insights into your current experiences and relationships. The Past Life Regression course offered by Past Life Academy gives you the tools and techniques to explore your past lives and assist others in doing the same. Through guided hypnosis and regression exercises, you will be able to uncover past memories, release unresolved issues, and gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey.


Embarking on a journey of psychic development and exploration can be both enlightening and empowering. With the availability of online courses and certifications, you have the opportunity to learn from some of the best experts in the field, all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience, these top 10 psychic courses and certifications offer a diverse range of options to suit your interests and goals. So why wait? Take the first steps towards unlocking your psychic potential and embark on an exciting journey into the mysterious world of the psychic realm.