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Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers a range of features and functionalities to help businesses streamline their operations. As more and more companies adopt Salesforce, there is an increasing demand for professionals who can effectively implement and manage the platform. Salesforce DX (Developer Experience) is a set of tools and best practices that help developers build and deploy Salesforce applications more easily and efficiently. If you’re looking to enhance your skills and make a mark in the Salesforce ecosystem, here are 10 of the best Salesforce DX courses and certifications available online.

1. Salesforce Trailhead

Salesforce Trailhead is an interactive learning platform provided by Salesforce itself. It offers a vast selection of courses and modules covering all aspects of Salesforce, including Salesforce DX. The platform is designed to guide learners through a series of hands-on challenges and projects, allowing them to apply what they’ve learned in real-world scenarios. With Salesforce Trailhead, you can learn about Salesforce DX at your own pace and earn badges and certifications along the way.

2. Udemy – Salesforce DX Development

Udemy is a popular online learning platform that hosts a wide range of professional courses, including Salesforce DX Development. This course is aimed at developers who want to learn the basics of Salesforce DX and its key features. It covers topics such as Salesforce CLI, scratch orgs, and version control. The course includes hands-on exercises and real-world examples to help learners gain practical experience.

3. LinkedIn Learning – Salesforce DX: Getting Started

LinkedIn Learning offers a comprehensive course on Salesforce DX titled “Salesforce DX: Getting Started.” This course is suitable for developers who want to understand the fundamentals of Salesforce DX and how to use it to build scalable applications. The course covers topics such as source-driven development, automation, and continuous integration. Learners will also get hands-on experience with Salesforce CLI and version control systems.

4. Pluralsight – Salesforce DX Fundamentals

Pluralsight is a well-known online learning platform that offers a variety of high-quality courses. Their Salesforce DX Fundamentals course provides a deep dive into the concepts and tools of Salesforce DX. It covers topics such as scratch orgs, source control, and package development. The course also includes practical exercises and demos to reinforce learning.

5. Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

Salesforce offers a comprehensive certification program for professionals working with Salesforce DX. The Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer certification is aimed at developers who want to demonstrate their expertise in implementing and managing the development lifecycle on the Salesforce platform. The certification covers topics such as continuous integration, testing methodologies, and release management. Achieving this certification highlights your proficiency in Salesforce DX and can boost your career prospects.

6. Trailblazer Community Events

The Salesforce Trailblazer Community is a vibrant ecosystem of professionals and experts who share their knowledge and experiences. The community organizes various events and meetups where you can network with other professionals and learn from their expertise. Attending these events can provide valuable insights into Salesforce DX and help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

7. Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant

The Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant certification is another valuable certification offered by Salesforce. While not specifically focused on Salesforce DX, it covers aspects of the Salesforce platform that are closely related to Salesforce DX, such as deployment scenarios and change management. This certification can contribute to your overall understanding of Salesforce DX and enhance your career opportunities.

8. TrailheaDX

TrailheaDX is Salesforce’s annual developer conference that brings together developers, admins, and architects from around the world. The conference features a wide range of sessions, workshops, and keynotes focused on various aspects of Salesforce, including Salesforce DX. Attending TrailheaDX can provide you with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and hands-on experience with Salesforce DX.

9. Salesforce Developer Documentation

If you prefer self-guided learning, the official Salesforce Developer Documentation is a great resource to explore. It provides detailed information about Salesforce DX, including best practices, code samples, and implementation guides. The documentation covers various aspects of Salesforce DX, such as creating and managing scratch orgs, working with metadata, and deploying applications. By following the documentation, you can gain a thorough understanding of Salesforce DX and its capabilities.

10. Salesforce University

Salesforce University offers a range of training courses and certifications for individuals and organizations looking to expand their Salesforce skills. They provide courses tailored to specific roles, including developers, administrators, and consultants. Their courses cover various topics, including Salesforce DX. By enrolling in Salesforce University courses, you can learn from industry experts and obtain official certifications that validate your skills and knowledge in Salesforce DX.


In today’s digital landscape, Salesforce DX has become an essential skill for professionals working in the Salesforce ecosystem. Whether you’re a developer, administrator, or consultant, investing in Salesforce DX courses and certifications can greatly enhance your career prospects. The 10 resources mentioned in this article provide a range of options for learning Salesforce DX, from self-paced online courses to conferences and community events. By gaining expertise in Salesforce DX, you’ll be well-equipped to build and manage Salesforce applications efficiently, making a valuable contribution to your organization’s success.