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SAPUI5 (SAP User Interface for HTML5) is a powerful framework that allows developers to create modern and feature-rich web applications. With its extensive set of UI controls and libraries, SAPUI5 offers great flexibility and customization options. If you’re looking to enhance your skills in developing SAPUI5 applications, then taking online courses and certifications can be a great way to learn and showcase your expertise. In this article, we will explore the 10 best SAPUI5 courses and certifications available online.

1. SAPUI5 – The Complete Reference

This comprehensive course on Udemy is a one-stop-shop for mastering SAPUI5. It covers everything from the basics of SAPUI5 to advanced concepts like data binding, model handling, and deploying applications on SAP Cloud Platform. With hands-on exercises and real-world examples, this course ensures that you gain practical knowledge and develop a deep understanding of SAPUI5.

2. SAPUI5 – Build Your Own SAP Web Apps!

If you prefer a more interactive learning approach, this course on Pluralsight offers a guided tutorial experience. With step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, you’ll learn how to create SAPUI5 applications from scratch and customize them according to your needs. This course also covers best practices in building scalable and maintainable web apps using SAPUI5.

3. Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5

LearnSAP offers a comprehensive certification course that covers the fundamentals of SAPUI5 development. With expert-led sessions, you’ll dive into building user interfaces, implementing navigation, and integrating data sources. By the end of this course, you’ll have a strong foundation in SAPUI5 and be ready to tackle real-world projects confidently.

4. SAPUI5 Mobile App Development

For those interested in mobile app development with SAPUI5, this course on OpenSAP is an excellent choice. It focuses on building responsive and adaptive UIs for mobile devices using SAPUI5. You’ll learn how to leverage device-specific features and optimize your apps for performance. This course also covers app deployment and distribution on various platforms.

5. Advanced SAPUI5 Development

If you’re already familiar with the basics of SAPUI5 and want to take your skills to the next level, this course on Udemy is for you. It delves into advanced topics like custom controls, extensions, and theming. You’ll also learn how to integrate with backend systems and consume OData services. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to build highly sophisticated SAPUI5 applications.

6. SAPUI5 for Beginners

As the name suggests, this course on Udemy is designed for beginners who want to kickstart their journey in SAPUI5 development. It provides a solid foundation in SAPUI5 fundamentals, including UI controls, layouts, and model binding. The course also covers the basics of application architecture and guides you through building your first SAPUI5 app.

7. SAPUI5 Developer Associate Certification

For those looking to validate their SAPUI5 skills, the SAPUI5 Developer Associate certification is highly regarded in the industry. It demonstrates your expertise in developing SAPUI5 applications and opens up opportunities for career advancement. SAP Learning Hub offers a comprehensive certification program that covers all the necessary topics and equips you with the knowledge to pass the exam with confidence.

8. Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5 on SAP Cloud Platform

This OpenSAP course focuses on developing SAPUI5 applications specifically on the SAP Cloud Platform. It covers topics like application security, SAP Fiori launchpad, and integrating with OData services. By the end, you’ll have hands-on experience in building cloud-based applications with SAPUI5 and be ready to tackle projects on the SAP Cloud Platform.

9. SAP HCI and SAPUI5 Integration

This specialized course on Pluralsight explores the integration of SAP HCI (HANA Cloud Integration) and SAPUI5. It guides you through building integration scenarios using SAP HCI and consuming data in SAPUI5 applications. By combining these two powerful technologies, you’ll gain the skills required to develop efficient and seamless data integration solutions.

10. SAPUI5 Application Development for SAP HANA

If you’re working with SAP HANA and want to leverage SAPUI5 for application development, this course on SAP Learning Hub is a perfect choice. It covers topics like deployment options, data modeling, and integrating with SAP HANA services. By the end, you’ll be able to develop SAPUI5 applications that unleash the full potential of SAP HANA.


Investing in SAPUI5 courses and certifications can be a game-changer for your career in web application development. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, these online resources provide a structured and comprehensive learning experience. From mastering the fundamentals to exploring advanced concepts, these courses and certifications equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in SAPUI5 development. So, choose the course or certification that suits your requirements and take a step towards becoming a SAPUI5 expert.