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In today’s digital age, coding has become a highly sought-after skill. Whether you aim to build your own software or explore a career in programming, having a strong foundation is crucial. Scratch programming, developed by the MIT Media Lab, offers an excellent starting point for beginners. With its drag-and-drop interface and visual programming language, Scratch makes coding accessible and fun for all ages. If you’re ready to dive into the world of Scratch programming, this article will guide you through the ten best online courses and certifications available.

1. Scratch Programming for Kids and Beginners

If you’re new to Scratch and want a course designed specifically for kids and beginners, this is the perfect choice. This course on Udemy provides a step-by-step introduction to Scratch programming. It covers basic concepts like loops, variables, and conditionals while encouraging creativity and problem-solving.

2. Scratch: Programming for Everyone

For those who prefer a comprehensive course, “Scratch: Programming for Everyone” on edX is an ideal option. Developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, this course delves into the various features of Scratch. It also explores its applications in different fields, making it a versatile course for learners of all backgrounds.

3. The Complete Scratch Game Development Course

If game development is your passion, look no further than this course on Udemy. “The Complete Scratch Game Development Course” guides you through building twelve different games with Scratch. From simple classics like Pong to more complex adventures, this course covers all aspects of game design using Scratch.

4. Scratch Programming and Animation Course

Are you interested in creating animations and interactive stories with Scratch? This course offered by Coursera will introduce you to the magic of Scratch programming and animation. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to develop your own animated stories and interactive games.

5. Scratch: Basic Coding and Games

Coursera’s “Scratch: Basic Coding and Games” is another excellent option for beginners. This course covers the fundamental concepts of Scratch programming with a focus on developing interactive games. It provides hands-on exercises and real-world examples to reinforce your learning.

6. Scratch Programming: Create Games, Stories, and Animations

For those who prefer a self-paced learning approach, this course on LinkedIn Learning offers an extensive collection of Scratch projects. By working through these projects, you’ll not only learn the fundamentals of Scratch programming but also develop a portfolio of captivating games, stories, and animations.

7. Scratch Coding for Young Students

Designed for young learners, “Scratch Coding for Young Students” on Udemy provides a gentle introduction to coding with Scratch. This course uses a project-based approach to teach programming concepts, ensuring an engaging and interactive learning experience for children.

8. Scratch for Educators

Teachers looking to incorporate Scratch into their classrooms can benefit from this certification course offered by edX. “Scratch for Educators” explores strategies and best practices for integrating Scratch effectively into the curriculum. It equips educators with the tools to engage students in creative coding activities and foster a passion for programming.

9. Scratch 3.0 Masterclass

Whether you’ve been using Scratch for a while or are just getting started, the “Scratch 3.0 Masterclass” on Udemy is a comprehensive course that covers all the updates and new features of Scratch 3.0. From basic programming to advanced game development, this course caters to learners of all levels.

10. Scratch: Advanced Creative Projects

For those seeking a challenge, “Scratch: Advanced Creative Projects” on Coursera offers an opportunity to push your Scratch programming skills to the limits. This course explores advanced concepts, including sensing and broadcasting, while encouraging learners to create unique and creative projects.


Scratch programming courses and certifications provide an excellent platform for beginners and experienced coders alike to explore the world of programming. From introductory courses for kids and educators to advanced projects for enthusiasts, the options are vast. By enrolling in these online courses, you can develop your programming skills, unleash your creativity, and unlock the endless possibilities of Scratch programming. Start your coding journey today and let your imagination take flight with Scratch.