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Self-publishing has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing aspiring authors to bring their writing to the world with independence and creative control. However, navigating the vast world of self-publishing can be overwhelming for beginners. Fortunately, there are numerous online courses and certifications available that offer valuable insights and guidance. In this article, we will explore the ten best self-publishing courses and certifications you can find online, providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your writing journey.

1. Self-Publishing School

Self-Publishing School is a leading online platform that offers a comprehensive program for aspiring authors. With a focus on guiding students through the entire self-publishing process, this course covers everything from writing and editing to marketing and launching a successful book. Their step-by-step approach and interactive resources make it easy for any writer to follow along and achieve their publishing goals.

2. Udemy: Writing & Self-Publishing a Book

Udemy is known for providing a wide range of online courses, and their course on writing and self-publishing a book is no exception. This comprehensive program covers the fundamentals of writing, editing, formatting, and self-publishing, providing students with the tools they need to create and launch their books successfully. The course includes practical exercises, expert insights, and resources to help writers refine their craft.

3. Reedsy Learning: The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing

Reedsy Learning offers a highly regarded course on self-publishing that covers all aspects of the process. From writing and editing to book cover design and marketing strategies, this course provides a step-by-step guide to help writers navigate the self-publishing landscape. With downloadable resources, expert advice, and a supportive community, Reedsy Learning ensures that writers gain comprehensive knowledge and confidence in their self-publishing journey.

4. Skillshare: Self-Publishing Your Book: A Step-by-Step Guide

Skillshare is another popular platform for online courses and their self-publishing course is an excellent option for beginners. This course breaks down the self-publishing process into manageable steps, providing practical guidance on writing, editing, formatting, and launching a successful book. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of self-publishing and be ready to take their writing to the next level.

5. MasterClass: Judy Blume Teaches Writing

MasterClass offers a unique opportunity for writers to learn from some of the industry’s most renowned authors. Judy Blume, a celebrated author herself, provides a course on writing that delves into her experiences as a successful writer and offers valuable insights. While not specifically focused on self-publishing, this course provides aspiring authors with inspiration, tips, and techniques to hone their craft, which can be invaluable for those venturing into the world of self-publishing.

6. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is an online resource founded by successful author Joanna Penn that offers a wide range of tools and resources for self-published authors. While not a traditional course, it provides a wealth of information through blog posts, podcasts, and videos. The Creative Penn covers various self-publishing topics, including writing, editing, book marketing, and author mindset, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their self-publishing journey.

7. Coursera: How to Make a Comic Book

For writers interested in self-publishing comic books or graphic novels, Coursera provides an excellent course on creating and self-publishing these visual storytelling mediums. This course covers the entire process, from conceptualization and storyboarding to illustrating and marketing. By the end of the course, students will have the necessary skills and knowledge to bring their graphic narratives to life.

8. Kindlepreneur: Advanced Amazon Ads

Kindlepreneur is a well-known resource for self-published authors, specializing in strategies to maximize visibility and sales on Amazon. Their course on Advanced Amazon Ads provides valuable insights into using Amazon’s advertising platform to promote self-published books effectively. By mastering the art of Amazon ads, writers can increase their book’s visibility and reach a larger audience, ultimately boosting their self-publishing success.

9. IngramSpark Self-Publishing 101 Video Series

IngramSpark, a leading self-publishing platform, offers a free video series that serves as an excellent introduction to self-publishing. The Self-Publishing 101 Video Series covers important topics such as manuscript preparation, formatting, and distribution. Through these informational videos, writers can gain a solid foundation in the essentials of self-publishing and make informed decisions throughout their publishing journey.

10. The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) Courses

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) offers a range of courses designed specifically for self-published authors. With topics covering writing, editing, marketing, and rights management, their courses provide comprehensive knowledge for both beginners and experienced writers. By joining ALLi, writers gain access to a supportive community and expert advice, empowering them to succeed in the world of self-publishing.


Embarking on a self-publishing journey can be daunting, but with the right guidance and knowledge, aspiring authors can overcome any challenges and achieve their publishing goals. The ten online courses and certifications mentioned above provide valuable insights, strategies, and support for writers at every stage of their self-publishing journey. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced writer aiming to refine your skills, these courses are an excellent investment in your writing career. So, enroll in a course, sharpen your skills, and get ready to embark on a successful self-publishing adventure.