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Sqoop, an open-source tool from Apache, has revolutionized the way data is transferred between Apache Hadoop and structured datastores, like Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). It enables users to efficiently import data from external systems into Hadoop and export data from Hadoop into external systems. With the rapidly increasing demand for Big Data professionals, acquiring the necessary skills in Sqoop can give you a competitive edge in the job market. In this article, we will explore the 10 best Sqoop courses and certifications available online, providing you a well-rounded understanding and expertise in this powerful tool.

1. Coursera – Apache Sqoop: Big Data Integration

Coursera brings you an excellent Sqoop course designed by Cloudera, a leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based software and services. This comprehensive course covers everything, from Sqoop’s architecture and data ingestion techniques to advanced topics like tuning Sqoop performance. With a combination of video lectures, quizzes, and hands-on exercises, you will gain practical experience in transferring data from RDBMS to Hadoop using Sqoop. Upon successful completion, you will receive a shareable Coursera certificate.

2. Udemy – Apache Sqoop with Flume and Hive

If you want to explore the full potential of Sqoop along with other Hadoop ecosystem tools like Flume and Hive, this Udemy course is a great choice. With over 4 hours of video content, you will learn how to import data not only from RDBMS but also from various sources using Apache Flume. The course also delves into integrating Sqoop with Hive, enabling advanced analytics on imported data. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

3. edX – Introduction to Apache Sqoop

edX offers a self-paced introductory course on Apache Sqoop developed by Cloudera. With a focus on hands-on exercises, you will learn how to use Sqoop to import data into Hadoop and export it back to RDBMS. Additionally, you will understand Sqoop’s integration capabilities with various sources like MySQL, Oracle, and DB2. This course is ideal for beginners who want to get started with Sqoop. Upon completion, you will receive an edX certificate.

4. Big Data University – Data Integration with Apache Sqoop

Big Data University provides a free online course that covers all the essentials of Sqoop. With a step-by-step approach, you will acquire how to import data into Hadoop, manage incremental data imports, and optimize Sqoop’s performance. The course also includes quizzes and hands-on labs to assess your understanding. On successful completion, you will receive a badge to showcase your accomplishment.

5. LinkedIn Learning – Apache Sqoop: Getting Started

LinkedIn Learning’s Sqoop course serves as a beginner’s guide to data transfer using Sqoop. It covers the basics of Sqoop, including its architecture, command-line tool, and various data transfer scenarios. By the end of the course, you will be able to import and export data between Hadoop and external systems effortlessly. A certificate of completion is awarded upon finishing the course.

6. Simplilearn – Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification Training

Simplilearn’s comprehensive Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification Training includes a dedicated module on Sqoop. This course focuses on imparting extensive knowledge about Sqoop’s architecture, integration with Hadoop, data transfer techniques, and performance tuning. The program also provides hands-on lab exercises and real-life projects to sharpen your skills. After completing the course and passing the final exam, you will receive a Certification of Achievement from Simplilearn.

7. Pluralsight – SQL Server and Hadoop: Importing and Exporting Data

Pluralsight offers a specialized course that explores the integration between SQL Server and Hadoop, with a primary focus on Sqoop. This course provides detailed guidance on utilizing Sqoop to transfer data between SQL Server and Hadoop, along with best practices for optimal performance. The course includes practical exercises and demonstrations to enhance your understanding. As a Pluralsight subscriber, you will have unlimited access to this course.

8. DataFlair – Apache Sqoop Tutorial

DataFlair’s Apache Sqoop Tutorial is a beginner-friendly, step-by-step guide for learning Sqoop from scratch. The course covers all aspects of Sqoop, starting from installation and configuration to advanced topics like exporting data to RDBMS. With an emphasis on practical implementation, this course ensures you gain hands-on experience on real-life datasets. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course.

9. Intellipaat – Big Data Hadoop Certification Training

Intellipaat’s Big Data Hadoop Certification Training is a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of Big Data tools and technologies, including Sqoop. Through instructor-led training, you will learn Sqoop’s fundamentals, data ingestion techniques, and parallel data ingestion. Additionally, hands-on exercises and projects will solidify your understanding. On completion, you will receive a globally recognized certificate, boosting your career prospects.

10. YouTube Tutorials

YouTube hosts an extensive collection of Sqoop tutorials created by experts in the field. These tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on various aspects of Sqoop, including installation, configuration, and data transfer scenarios. While not offering a formal certification, YouTube tutorials are a valuable resource for self-paced learning and can be useful for brushing up on specific Sqoop topics.


Acquiring certification in Sqoop not only enhances your skill set but also increases your market value in the rapidly growing field of Big Data. The online courses mentioned above provide you with comprehensive training, covering various aspects of Sqoop’s data integration capabilities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, these courses offer a range of learning options to suit your requirements. Invest in one of these courses today and harness the power of Sqoop to excel in your Big Data career.