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Stencyl is a popular game development software that allows aspiring game designers to create their own impressive games without any coding knowledge. If you’re eager to learn Stencyl and master the art of game development, enrolling in an online course or certification program can be tremendously beneficial. To help you choose the best learning opportunities, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Stencyl courses and certifications available online. These courses cover everything from beginner level introductions to advanced techniques, ensuring that there’s something for every aspiring game developer.

1. Stencyl: Learn How to Create Your Own Games

If you’re an absolute beginner, this course is the perfect starting point. This comprehensive Stencyl course will guide you through everything you need to know to develop your own games. From navigating the Stencyl interface to designing characters and animations, this course covers all the essentials. By the end, you’ll have hands-on experience building your own games, ready to unleash your creativity.

2. Mastering Stencyl: Create a Puzzle Platformer Game

Looking to hone your skills by creating a specific type of game? This course focuses on creating puzzle platformer games using Stencyl. You’ll learn how to design intricate levels, incorporate engaging puzzles, and program logic and interactions to challenge players. By the end of this course, you’ll have a puzzle platformer game that showcases your newfound mastery of Stencyl.

3. Stencyl: Build and Publish Your Own iOS Stencyl Games

With over a billion iOS devices out there, learning how to develop games specifically for this platform can be a game-changer. This course teaches you how to create captivating iOS games using Stencyl. From implementing touch controls to optimizing performance for iOS devices, you’ll gain valuable insights. By the end, you’ll be equipped to publish your own Stencyl games on the App Store.

4. Introduction to Game Development and Design with Stencyl

For those who want a more comprehensive understanding of game development principles, this course is an excellent choice. This course provides a thorough introduction to game development and design concepts, with a focus on Stencyl. You’ll learn about game mechanics, player psychology, and how to create engaging experiences. This course ensures you have a solid foundation in game design theory while also mastering your Stencyl skills.

5. Stencyl for Beginners: Create Your First Game

If you prefer a shorter course that doesn’t skimp on content, this course will guide you through creating your first game using Stencyl. With an emphasis on hands-on learning and practical examples, this course enables beginners to quickly grasp the fundamentals of game development. By the end, you’ll have a functional game to showcase your progress.

6. Stencyl Crash Course

Short on time but still eager to learn Stencyl? Look no further than this crash course. In just a few hours, this course covers the basics of Stencyl, enabling you to start creating your own games quickly. It’s the perfect option for those who want a brief yet comprehensive introduction to the software.

7. Advanced Game Development with Stencyl

Ready to take your Stencyl skills to the next level? This advanced Stencyl course delves into the complexities of game development, equipping you with the knowledge to build intricate and awe-inspiring games. From advanced programming concepts to creating multiplayer experiences, this course is a must for aspiring game development experts.

8. Creating Mobile Games with Stencyl

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever, and this course focuses on creating games specifically for mobile devices. Learn how to optimize your game’s performance for different screen sizes, utilize touch controls effectively, and design engaging mobile experiences through Stencyl. This course provides valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by mobile game development.

9. Stencyl: Essential Training for Game Developers

For those who want a comprehensive overview of Stencyl’s features and capabilities, this course covers all the essentials. From creating game mechanics to designing compelling user interfaces, this course ensures you have a solid understanding of everything Stencyl has to offer. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate level developer, this course will further enhance your skills.

10. Stencyl Certified Game Designer

Looking for a recognized certification to showcase your Stencyl expertise? The Stencyl Certified Game Designer program is the answer. This certification validates your proficiency in using Stencyl and demonstrates your ability to design and develop high-quality games. By successfully completing the certification, you’ll have a valuable credential to enhance your professional portfolio.


If you have the passion and drive to become a game developer using Stencyl, enrolling in an online course or certification program can be a wise investment. These 10 courses and certifications provide a wide range of learning opportunities, catering to beginners and advanced learners alike. Whether you want to build your very first game or enhance your existing skills, these courses will equip you with the necessary knowledge and expertise. Start your Stencyl learning journey today and unlock your creative potential in game development.