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Streamlit is a powerful Python library used for building and deploying data science web applications. As the demand for data science professionals continues to grow, the need for expertise in Streamlit has become paramount. To acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, professionals are turning to online courses and certifications. In this article, we will explore the 10 best online streamlit courses and certifications.

1. Streamlit 101: An Introduction to Streamlit

This introductory course is designed for beginners who want to get started with Streamlit. It covers the fundamentals of using Streamlit to create interactive web applications. The course includes hands-on exercises and practical examples to help learners understand the core concepts of Streamlit.

2. Advanced Streamlit: Building Complex Applications

For those who have gained a basic understanding of Streamlit, this advanced course takes their skills to the next level. It focuses on building complex web applications using Streamlit’s advanced features and functionalities. Learners will explore topics such as custom components, deployment strategies, and optimizing performance.

3. Streamlit and Machine Learning Integration

This course specifically caters to data scientists and machine learning engineers who want to integrate Streamlit with their machine learning models. Learners will discover how to use Streamlit to showcase and visualize their machine learning projects. They will learn techniques for integrating popular machine learning frameworks with Streamlit and create interactive dashboards.

4. Streamlit for Data Visualization

Data visualization is an essential skill for data scientists, and this course provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use Streamlit to create stunning visualizations. Learners will explore different visualization techniques, interactive charts, and maps using Streamlit. They will also learn how to customize the visual look and feel of their applications.

5. Streamlit for Data Analytics

This course focuses on using Streamlit for data analytics tasks. Learners will explore how to load, manipulate, and analyze data using Streamlit’s capabilities. They will learn how to apply data transformations, filtering, and visualizations to gain valuable insights. The course also covers advanced data analytics concepts, such as working with large datasets and integrating external databases.

6. Streamlit for Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a popular field within data science, and this course combines NLP with Streamlit. Learners will discover how to build NLP-powered applications using Streamlit. They will explore techniques for text preprocessing, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and language translation. This course is ideal for NLP enthusiasts who want to showcase their NLP projects effectively.

7. Streamlit Deployment Strategies

Deploying Streamlit applications is a crucial aspect of building successful data science projects. This course focuses on various deployment strategies, including cloud platforms, containers, and serverless architectures. Learners will learn how to deploy their Streamlit applications to platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Heroku, ensuring scalability and accessibility.

8. Streamlit for Web Scraping and Data Collection

Web scraping and data collection are essential skills for analyzing online data sources. This course teaches learners how to use Streamlit to scrape, process, and visualize web data effectively. They will explore web scraping techniques, data extraction, and transforming unstructured data into a structured format. The course also covers ethical considerations and best practices in web scraping.

9. Streamlit for AI and Deep Learning Visualization

This course caters to AI and deep learning practitioners who want to showcase their models using Streamlit. Learners will explore techniques for visualizing neural networks, model predictions, and advanced deep learning architectures. They will learn how to use Streamlit to create interactive demos and visualize the inner workings of AI models.

10. Streamlit Certification: Becoming a Streamlit Expert

For those seeking professional recognition, this Streamlit certification validates their expertise in using Streamlit for building data science applications. The certification exam covers a wide range of Streamlit concepts and practical use cases. Upon successfully completing the certification, professionals can showcase their skills and increase their employability in the data science job market.


Building expertise in Streamlit is essential for data science professionals who aspire to create interactive and visually appealing web applications. The 10 online Streamlit courses and certifications mentioned in this article offer comprehensive training on the various aspects of Streamlit, from beginner to advanced levels. By enrolling in these courses and obtaining certifications, professionals can enhance their skill set, stay competitive in the job market, and take their data science projects to new heights.