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Tinkercad is a powerful and user-friendly computer-aided design (CAD) platform that allows users to create 3D models for printing or other purposes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced CAD designer, there are a variety of online courses and certifications available to help you strengthen your Tinkercad skills. In this article, we’ll explore ten of the best Tinkercad courses and certifications available online, to help you find the perfect learning experience that suits your needs.

1. Tinkercad Fundamentals – Autodesk

Autodesk, the company behind Tinkercad, offers a comprehensive course called Tinkercad Fundamentals. This course covers all the basics of Tinkercad, starting from the user interface and navigation to more complex designing techniques. With step-by-step tutorials and hands-on projects, you’ll gain a solid understanding of Tinkercad’s key features and capabilities.

2. Tinkercad for Beginners – Udemy

Udemy’s Tinkercad for Beginners course is designed for those who are new to Tinkercad or 3D modeling. The course provides a structured approach to help beginners navigate through the software, teaching them how to create simple 3D models from scratch. You’ll learn essential skills such as shape manipulation, group combining, and using the align tool. The course also covers advanced topics like creating complex geometries and working with custom shapes.

3. Tinkercad Crash Course – Maker’s Muse

If you’re looking for a short and concise introduction to Tinkercad, Maker’s Muse offers a Crash Course that covers the essentials. This course aims to get you up and running with Tinkercad quickly, teaching you the essential tools and techniques required to create basic models. The course provides hands-on exercises and practical examples to ensure you can apply what you learn immediately.

4. Tinkercad: Design for 3D Printing – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a course called Tinkercad: Design for 3D Printing, which focuses on using Tinkercad specifically for 3D printing purposes. This course covers fundamental concepts such as creating models with precise dimensions and designing for different 3D printing technologies. You’ll also learn about optimizing designs for printing, including considerations for support structures and material properties.

5. Tinkercad and Arduino Projects – Skillshare

If you want to explore the intersection of Tinkercad and Arduino, the Tinkercad and Arduino Projects course on Skillshare is a great choice. This course teaches you how to design and prototype electronic circuits using Tinkercad’s built-in Arduino simulator. You’ll learn how to connect virtual components, write code, and simulate the behavior of your circuits. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills to create your own interactive projects.

6. Advanced Tinkercad Techniques – Tinkercad Mastery

For those seeking more advanced Tinkercad skills, Tinkercad Mastery’s Advanced Tinkercad Techniques course provides an in-depth exploration of the software’s advanced features. This course covers topics like complex shapes and assemblies, working with custom SVG files, and integrating coding with Tinkercad. With real-life examples and hands-on projects, you’ll enhance your CAD design abilities and be able to tackle more complex projects confidently.

7. Tinkercad for Education – Tinkercad

Tinkercad itself offers a dedicated course for educators called Tinkercad for Education. This course is designed to help teachers integrate Tinkercad into their curriculum effectively. With a focus on project-based learning, educators will learn how to engage students through hands-on design challenges and utilize Tinkercad’s collaborative features. By the end of this course, educators will be equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to inspire their students’ creativity and innovation.

8. Tinkercad Microcertificate – Broward College

For those looking to earn a formal recognition of their Tinkercad skills, Broward College offers a Tinkercad Microcertificate. This certification program requires completing a series of online modules that cover the basics of Tinkercad, including designing and modifying 3D models. The Microcertificate serves as a valuable addition to your resume and demonstrates your proficiency in Tinkercad to potential employers.

9. 3D Printing with Tinkercad – Coursera

Coursera’s 3D Printing with Tinkercad course is perfect for those interested in combining Tinkercad with the world of 3D printing. This course covers the fundamentals of 3D printing, including design considerations and common mistakes to avoid. You’ll learn how to create models with proper wall thickness, optimize designs for different printers, and understand post-processing techniques. By the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge to turn your Tinkercad designs into physical objects.

10. From Zero to Hero in Tinkercad – Multi-CAD

Multi-CAD’s From Zero to Hero in Tinkercad course is designed to take beginners from the basics to advanced Tinkercad skills. The course includes video lessons, handouts, and quizzes to help you progressively improve your design abilities. You’ll learn how to create functional designs, work with custom components, and optimize models for 3D printing. This comprehensive course is perfect for anyone looking to become a Tinkercad expert.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced CAD designer, there are numerous Tinkercad courses and certifications available online to help you enhance your skills. From comprehensive courses covering all aspects of Tinkercad to specialized courses focusing on specific applications, you can find the perfect learning experience that suits your needs. By investing your time in these courses, you’ll gain the knowledge and proficiency necessary to bring your ideas to life using Tinkercad’s powerful and user-friendly platform. So, what are you waiting for? Start your Tinkercad learning journey today!