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If you’re looking to enhance your skills and knowledge in enterprise architecture, earning a TOGAF certification can be a valuable asset. The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a globally recognized framework for enterprise architecture. It provides a structure for organizations to effectively design, plan, implement, and manage their IT infrastructure. However, finding the best TOGAF courses and certifications online can be overwhelming with the myriad of options available. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the ten best TOGAF courses and certifications that you can pursue online.

1. TOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified Course

One of the most comprehensive online courses for TOGAF is the “TOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified Course” offered by The Open Group. This course covers all aspects of TOGAF and prepares individuals for the TOGAF 9 Level 1 and Level 2 examinations. Through a combination of self-paced learning modules, practice exams, and interactive exercises, participants gain a thorough understanding of the framework’s core concepts, principles, and techniques.

2. LinkedIn Learning – Creating Enterprise Architectures with TOGAF

LinkedIn Learning offers a highly regarded course titled “Creating Enterprise Architectures with TOGAF.” Led by renowned expert David Swersky, this course provides a detailed overview of TOGAF’s architecture development method (ADM). Participants will learn how to apply TOGAF principles to create effective enterprise architectures, incorporating business, information, and technology layers. This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.

3. Udemy – TOGAF 9.2 Certification (Level 1 & 2)

Udemy offers an affordable and comprehensive course for TOGAF 9.2 certification. The “TOGAF 9.2 Certification (Level 1 & 2)” course covers all the necessary topics for the certification exams. It includes interactive quizzes, practical examples, and downloadable resources to help learners grasp the concepts effectively. With over 25,000 students enrolled, this course has received positive reviews for its comprehensive coverage and engaging teaching style.

4. Simplilearn – TOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified (Level 1 and 2)

Simplilearn’s “TOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified (Level 1 and 2)” course is another highly recommended option for individuals looking to earn their TOGAF certifications. This course provides in-depth knowledge of TOGAF’s concepts, principles, and techniques through instructor-led training, practical examples, and real-life case studies. Simplilearn also offers a 100% money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free investment.

5. Good e-Learning – TOGAF 9.2 Certification Course

Good e-Learning offers a comprehensive and interactive course for TOGAF 9.2 certification. The “TOGAF 9.2 Certification Course” is designed to help learners understand the core principles and intricacies of TOGAF. It includes quizzes, practice tests, and interactive content to reinforce learning. Additionally, Good e-Learning includes a digital certificate upon successful completion of the course, adding to the professional value of the certification.

6. Global Knowledge – TOGAF 9 Certification Training

Global Knowledge’s “TOGAF 9 Certification Training” is a highly reputed course that prepares individuals for TOGAF certification exams. Led by experienced trainers, this course covers the TOGAF framework in detail, ensuring learners are well-prepared for the Level 1 and Level 2 exams. The course includes hands-on exercises, case studies, and practice tests to reinforce understanding and practical application of TOGAF.

7. EA Principals – TOGAF 9 Training Course

The “TOGAF 9 Training Course” offered by EA Principals is a comprehensive program for individuals seeking TOGAF certification. This course focuses on the practical application of TOGAF in real-world scenarios and covers the essentials of TOGAF, including the ADM, content framework, and enterprise continuum. With highly experienced instructors and interactive learning materials, participants gain valuable insights into enterprise architecture best practices.

8. Arcitura Education – TOGAF 9 Certified

Arcitura Education provides an in-depth TOGAF training program titled “TOGAF 9 Certified.” This course covers all aspects of TOGAF, including the architecture development method, architectural content framework, and maturity assessments. Participants gain hands-on experience by working on case studies and real-world scenarios. Completing this course prepares individuals for the TOGAF 9 Certified certification and equips them with practical skills to implement TOGAF in their organizations.

9. Good e-Learning – TOGAF Business Architecture Course

For individuals interested in focusing on the business architecture aspect of TOGAF, “TOGAF Business Architecture Course” by Good e-Learning is an excellent choice. This specialized course delves into the business architecture domain within TOGAF, covering topics such as business modeling, business capabilities, and value streams. It provides learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to analyze, design, and implement effective business architectures using TOGAF principles.

10. Architecture Center Ltd – TOGAF 9.2 Certified

Architecture Center Ltd offers a comprehensive TOGAF 9.2 certification course that prepares individuals for both Level 1 and Level 2 exams. This course covers all the necessary topics of TOGAF and includes various learning resources such as presentations, case studies, and quizzes. Architecture Center Ltd has a track record of successful candidates who have earned their TOGAF certifications through their training programs.


Obtaining a TOGAF certification can significantly enhance your career prospects in enterprise architecture. With the aforementioned ten TOGAF courses and certifications available online, you can choose the one that best suits your learning style and requirements. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, these courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of enterprise architecture. Invest your time and effort in earning a TOGAF certification and open doors to new opportunities in the world of enterprise architecture.