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The 10 Best Tor Courses and Certifications Online


The Tor network, short for The Onion Router, is a free software that enables anonymous communication online. It routes internet traffic through a series of volunteer-operated servers, making it extremely difficult to track and trace users. With increasing concerns about privacy and security on the internet, Tor has become a popular tool for individuals and organizations alike. If you’re interested in learning more about Tor and its applications, here are the ten best Tor courses and certifications available online.

1. “Introduction to Tor and Privacy Online” by The Tor Project:

This comprehensive course, offered by the creators of Tor themselves, is a great starting point for anyone new to Tor. It covers the basics of how Tor works, the ethics behind its development, and practical tips for using Tor safely. The course is suitable for beginners and does not require any prior technical knowledge.

2. “Advanced Tor: Decentralized Privacy and Anonymity” by Udemy:

For those already familiar with the basics of Tor, this course dives deeper into the technical aspects and advanced features of the network. It explores topics such as hidden services, Tor bridges, and secure communication protocols. By completing this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Tor’s capabilities and how to maximize your privacy while using it.

3. “Tor for Journalists and Activists” by Coursera:

In an era of digital surveillance, journalists and activists face unique challenges in protecting their online identities and sources. This course focuses on teaching the specific tools and techniques for using Tor effectively in these contexts. It covers topics like secure communication, bypassing censorship, and protecting against tracking. The course is highly recommended for individuals working in sensitive fields.

4. “Tor: Privacy and Ethics” by LinkedIn Learning:

This course takes a broader perspective on Tor, exploring not only its technical aspects but also the ethical considerations surrounding privacy and anonymity. It delves into the different use cases for Tor, ranging from personal privacy to political activism, and discusses the potential implications of using Tor in various contexts. It offers valuable insights for anyone interested in understanding the societal impact of Tor.

5. “Dark Web and Tor: Introduction to the Deep/Dark Web 2022” by Udemy:

If you’re curious about the infamous dark web and its association with Tor, this course provides a comprehensive introduction. It explains the differences between the deep web, the dark web, and the surface web, and explores how Tor enables access to the dark web. While the dark web has its own risks and challenges, this course provides valuable knowledge for those looking to explore it safely.

6. “Tor: Protect Your Online Privacy” by Pluralsight:

This concise course aims to equip learners with the essential knowledge and skills to protect their online privacy using Tor effectively. It covers topics such as setting up and configuring Tor, using the Tor Browser, and best practices for maintaining anonymity. The course is suitable for all skill levels and is designed to be practical and hands-on.

7. “Tor and the Deep Web: The Complete Guide” by Udemy:

Offering a more comprehensive overview of both Tor and the dark web, this course is perfect for those looking to delve into the depths of the internet. It touches on topics like cryptocurrencies, darknet markets, and the challenges of anonymity on the deep web. With its extensive content, this course provides a well-rounded understanding of the dark side of the internet.

8. “Privacy and Anonymity Online” by edX:

While not solely focused on Tor, this course offers a broader understanding of online privacy and anonymity. It provides a comprehensive overview of different tools and techniques for protecting your online identity. The course covers topics such as encryption, VPNs, and anonymous browsing, with a section dedicated to Tor’s role in ensuring privacy. This course is well-suited for beginners wanting to explore a range of privacy solutions.

9. “Mastering the Tor Browser: Techniques for Enhanced Privacy and Security” by PluralSight:

For those interested in mastering the Tor Browser, this course is a must. It explores advanced techniques to enhance privacy and security while using Tor. The course covers settings optimization, browser extensions, and add-ons to enhance your online anonymity. By completing this course, you’ll become a proficient user of the Tor Browser and optimize your privacy defenses.

10. “Tor Hidden Services and Onion Sites with Linux” by Udemy:

This hands-on course focuses on setting up and managing Tor hidden services using Linux. It provides in-depth knowledge on configuring Apache, Nginx, and other web servers to host anonymous websites. The course is suitable for individuals with intermediate Linux skills and aims to empower learners to contribute to the Tor network by hosting their own hidden services.


In today’s digital landscape, privacy and security are paramount, and understanding tools like Tor is crucial. These ten courses and certifications provide a wealth of knowledge for individuals seeking to learn more about Tor’s capabilities and how to use it effectively. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, these courses will equip you with the skills needed to navigate the online world safely and anonymously with Tor. So, pick a course that suits your needs and take your first step towards mastering Tor and enhancing your online privacy.