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Underwater photography is a captivating art that allows us to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the marine world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, there are numerous online courses and certifications available that can help enhance your skills and knowledge in this unique genre of photography. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best underwater photography courses and certifications online, providing you with a comprehensive guide to improving your underwater photography prowess.

1. Introduction to Underwater Photography

If you are just starting on your underwater photography journey, this course is perfect for you. It covers the fundamentals of underwater photography, including basic equipment, composition techniques, and lighting. The course also introduces you to the different camera settings and post-processing techniques to enhance your captured images.

2. Advanced Underwater Photography Techniques

For those looking to take their underwater photography skills to the next level, this advanced course is the ideal choice. It delves into more complex techniques such as night photography, capturing fast-moving subjects, and close-up macro photography. The course also discusses different shooting environments and provides valuable tips for managing underwater challenges.

3. Marine Biology for Underwater Photographers

A strong understanding of marine biology can greatly enhance your underwater photography. This course combines the fascinating world of marine life with the art of underwater photography. You will learn about different marine species, their behavior, and how to capture captivating images that tell their stories. This knowledge will enable you to connect better with the underwater subjects you photograph.

4. Advanced Editing for Underwater Photographers

Editing is a crucial aspect of any photography genre, and underwater photography is no exception. This course focuses on advanced editing techniques specifically tailored for underwater images. It covers color correction, removing backscatter, enhancing textures and details, and giving your images that extra pop. With these editing skills, you can bring out the true beauty of your underwater shots.

5. Underwater Videography

If you are interested in expanding your photography skills to include underwater videography, this course is an excellent choice. It teaches the essentials of capturing high-quality underwater videos, including camera settings, composition, and storytelling techniques. You will also learn basic video editing to create captivating underwater films.

6. Professional Underwater Photography Certification

For those seeking a comprehensive certification, this professional underwater photography course is a must. It covers all aspects of underwater photography, from equipment selection to advanced shooting techniques. The course also focuses on business aspects such as marketing, portfolio building, and establishing yourself as a professional underwater photographer. This certification can greatly enhance your career prospects in this niche field.

7. Underwater Photography for Scuba Divers

This course caters specifically to scuba divers interested in underwater photography. It covers the unique challenges faced by scuba divers photographers, such as managing buoyancy, approaching marine life safely, and choosing the right camera gear for diving. By completing this course, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to capture stunning underwater images while diving.

8. Underwater Photography Ethics and Conservation

As underwater photographers, it is vital to have a deep respect for marine life and contribute to ongoing conservation efforts. This course focuses on underwater photography ethics, providing guidelines on responsible behavior to minimize the impact on marine ecosystems. It also explores how photographers can use their work to raise awareness and promote conservation efforts.

9. Underwater Photography Lighting Techniques

Lighting plays a crucial role in underwater photography, as water absorbs and diffuses light differently than air. This course focuses on various lighting techniques, including natural light, strobes, and continuous artificial lighting. You will learn how to effectively control and manipulate light underwater to capture stunning and well-lit images.

10. Underwater Photography Business Essentials

If you aspire to turn your passion for underwater photography into a profitable business, this course is perfect for you. It covers the essential aspects of establishing and running a successful underwater photography business. Topics include branding, client communication, pricing strategies, marketing, and creating a strong online presence. By completing this course, you will be well-prepared to embark on a successful underwater photography business venture.


Embarking on a journey in underwater photography can be an awe-inspiring and rewarding experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, these 10 best online courses and certifications offer a wealth of knowledge and skills to help you hone your underwater photography prowess. From basic techniques to advanced certifications, there is something for everyone interested in capturing the captivating beauty of the marine world. So, grab your camera, dive in, and let these courses be your guide to unlocking the secrets of underwater photography.