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The 10 Best Value Added Tax (VAT) Courses and Certifications Online

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a complex and integral part of the global tax system. Whether you are a tax professional looking to enhance your skills or an individual seeking to gain a better understanding of this subject, taking a VAT course can be a wise investment. With the abundance of online courses available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. To make your selection process easier, here is a list of the 10 best VAT courses and certifications available online.

1. Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT)

As one of the most prestigious tax professional bodies in the world, ATT offers an online VAT training and certification program. The course covers the fundamentals of VAT, VAT compliance, and VAT planning. The certification provided by ATT is highly recognized in the tax industry and can significantly enhance your career prospects.

2. Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT)

CIOT offers a comprehensive VAT compliance and planning course for tax professionals. This course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of the VAT system, VAT accounting, and VAT planning strategies. The certification from CIOT is highly regarded and can open doors to lucrative career opportunities in tax consultancy.

3. Udemy

With over 130,000 online courses, Udemy offers several VAT courses suitable for both beginners and professionals. Their courses cover a wide range of topics, including VAT regulations, invoicing, and reporting. The flexibility of Udemy allows you to learn at your own pace and access the course material anytime, anywhere.

4. Coursera

Coursera is another popular online learning platform that provides VAT courses from top universities and institutions. Their courses cover various aspects of VAT, including compliance, regulations, and implications for businesses. With Coursera’s interactive learning experience, you can engage with fellow learners and receive feedback from instructors.

5. Global VAT Compliance

Global VAT Compliance offers a practical online course focused on VAT compliance for businesses operating internationally. This course provides valuable insights into VAT registration, invoicing, and reporting obligations in different countries. It is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to expand their operations globally.

6. Tax Management International Forum (TMF)

TMF offers an online VAT training program designed for tax professionals working in international tax environments. This course covers advanced topics such as VAT in cross-border transactions, VAT implications in mergers and acquisitions, and transfer pricing. TMF’s certification is widely recognized and highly respected in the international tax community.

7. Taxback International

Taxback International offers an online training program specifically designed for professionals working in finance and procurement roles. Their course focuses on VAT recovery, VAT compliance, and VAT implications for cross-border transactions. This course is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their financial expertise and contribute to cost-saving initiatives within their organizations.

8. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides a range of VAT courses suitable for professionals at all levels, including beginners. Their courses cover fundamental VAT concepts, compliance, and practical tips for businesses. With LinkedIn Learning, you can learn from industry experts and access course materials via your LinkedIn profile.

9. VAT Training

VAT Training offers a comprehensive range of online courses for professionals involved in VAT accounting and compliance. Their courses cover various VAT topics, including VAT returns, European VAT, and VAT for e-commerce businesses. VAT Training’s courses are well-structured, easy to follow, and designed to ensure a deep understanding of VAT concepts.

10. Tax Advisors

Tax Advisors is an online platform that provides VAT training courses tailored to the needs of tax professionals. Their courses encompass VAT regulations, VAT planning strategies, and case studies. Tax Advisors’ courses are delivered by experienced tax professionals, ensuring you receive practical insights and real-life scenarios.


Investing in a VAT course or certification can be highly beneficial, both for tax professionals looking to enhance their expertise and individuals seeking a better grasp of VAT principles. Whether you choose a program offered by a prestigious tax professional body or an online learning platform, each of the above-listed courses provides high-quality content and valuable certifications. Consider your professional goals and learning preferences when selecting the best VAT course or certification to suit your needs.