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The 10 Best Vmix Courses and Certifications Online


If you are someone who works or aspires to work in the television or online broadcasting industry, you are probably familiar with Vmix. Vmix is a powerful live video production software that allows you to mix multiple cameras, audio, video, graphics, and more to create professional-looking live streams. While Vmix is relatively easy to use, mastering its intricacies and unlocking its full potential can be a challenging task. This is where online courses and certifications can help. In this article, we will explore the 10 best Vmix courses and certifications available online to help you enhance your skills and take your live video production to the next level.

1. “Vmix Master Training” by Streaming Idiots Academy

With over 10 hours of video content, the “Vmix Master Training” course by Streaming Idiots Academy is a comprehensive resource for beginners and experienced Vmix users alike. This course covers everything from the basics of setting up Vmix to advanced features such as virtual sets, chroma keying, and live streaming. The instructor, Tom Sinclair, is a Vmix expert and his clear explanations and hands-on demonstrations make it easy to follow along and learn.

2. “Vmix 4K” by Church Motion Graphics

If you specifically work in a church or religious organization, the “Vmix 4K” course by Church Motion Graphics is tailored for you. This course focuses on teaching you how to use Vmix for live streaming church services, worship events, and more. It covers topics such as adding lyrics and scriptures, integrating graphics and videos, and optimizing your audio setup. With practical examples and real-world scenarios, this course is a must-have for anyone in the religious broadcasting field.

3. “Advanced Vmix Live Production Masterclass” by Video Course Center

For those looking to take their Vmix skills to the next level, the “Advanced Vmix Live Production Masterclass” by Video Course Center offers an in-depth exploration of advanced features and techniques. This course delves into topics such as macros, automation, MIDI control, and data sources. Whether you are a professional live streamer or a production team member, this masterclass will equip you with the knowledge to create professional-grade live productions.

4. “Vmix Live Streaming Masterclass” by Udemy

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular, and if you want to capitalize on this trend, the “Vmix Live Streaming Masterclass” by Udemy is a great starting point. This course covers the fundamentals of live streaming, including setting up Vmix for streaming, optimizing your video and audio settings, and integrating social media platforms. Whether you are a content creator, an event organizer, or a business owner, this course will help you live stream like a pro.

5. “Vmix in the Classroom” by Vmix University

If you are an educator looking to enhance your online teaching experience, the “Vmix in the Classroom” course by Vmix University is perfect for you. This course focuses on using Vmix to create engaging and interactive online classes. It covers topics such as screen sharing, virtual classrooms, and integrating student participation tools. With this course, you will be able to elevate your teaching and create a dynamic online learning environment.

6. “Streaming with Vmix” by Streaming Idiots Academy

The “Streaming with Vmix” course by Streaming Idiots Academy is another excellent resource for those looking to become proficient in live streaming with Vmix. This course dives deep into the technical aspects of live streaming, including optimizing video quality, integrating multiple cameras, and utilizing green screens. Whether you are streaming sports events, concerts, or other live performances, this course will help you deliver high-quality live streams every time.

7. “Vmix for Sports Broadcasting” by Video Course Center

Sports broadcasting requires unique skills and techniques, and the “Vmix for Sports Broadcasting” course by Video Course Center will teach you everything you need to know. This course covers topics such as instant replays, scoreboards, and live graphics overlays. Whether you are broadcasting amateur or professional sports events, this course will equip you with the tools to create a captivating viewing experience.

8. “Vmix Audio Mixing and Mastering” by Vmix University

Audio plays a crucial role in live video production, and the “Vmix Audio Mixing and Mastering” course by Vmix University will help you master the art of audio editing and mixing in Vmix. This course covers topics such as EQ, compression, and noise reduction. Whether you are broadcasting interviews, podcasts, or music performances, this course will help you achieve professional-level audio quality.

9. “Getting Started with Vmix” by Church Motion Graphics

For beginners who are new to Vmix, the “Getting Started with Vmix” course by Church Motion Graphics is an excellent starting point. This course provides a step-by-step guide to setting up Vmix, connecting cameras and audio sources, and creating basic productions. With clear explanations and visual demonstrations, this course will help you get up and running with Vmix in no time.

10. “Vmix Fundamentals” by Udemy

Lastly, the “Vmix Fundamentals” course by Udemy offers a comprehensive overview of all the essential features and functionalities of Vmix. This course covers topics such as shortcuts, overlays, transitions, and recording. No matter your level of experience, this course will help you build a solid foundation in Vmix and ensure that you are equipped with the necessary skills to create professional-grade productions.


Whether you are a beginner looking to get started with Vmix or an experienced user aiming to enhance your skills, these 10 best Vmix courses and certifications online offer a wealth of knowledge and resources. From basic setups to advanced techniques and specific applications, these courses cover a wide range of topics to help you become a proficient Vmix user. Invest in your professional growth by enrolling in one or more of these courses, and unlock the full potential of Vmix to create stunning live video productions.